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The One Thing I Hate is One Direction


Time Skip 1 week:
I haven’t really talked to anyone in One Direction for a while. Which I guess is good. The best part is that I am not a depressed emo person anymore! Yay!! I am doing this. Rissa is back and we are hanging out alot. I was looking at some colleges online. I don’t really want to stay in london because on all the drama but all the schools here are really nice and the best part I would be able to afford them. I was looking at the tickets that Gray got and I only have 2 days left. this trip went by really fast. I began thinking about everything that happened during this trip. It was a lot of drama, thinking back most of it was cause by me great. Rissa just finished on the phone then came walking over.
“later today I have a party to go to with some friends, and they want you to come. Do you want to join?” She asked. That’s weird since when do her friend want to know me and how to they know me.
“Sure! why not! which friends are these by the way?” I asked.
“Just some friends, now go get dressed” She said while pushing me towards the bathroom.
When taking a shower I began to think about Harry again. We haven’t talked since that night. He seemed angry that night when I left. I missed him. He would’ve taken me out on what was kinda like a date again. I wonder if that was considered a date. I would’ve liked it to be considered a date but Harry probably didn’t want it to be a date. I then just stopped trying to think about Harry. I think got dressed I was tired of wearing dresses so I just put on some skinny jeans. I was about to put on a shirt that said ‘I heart british accents’ but I decided against that. I then just went with my usually white t-shirt. I realized that Rissa never really told me where we are going. Oh well it really doesn’t matter. By the time I got dressed Rissa was hurrying me.
"I thought you said you were meeting them later, why are you hurrying me" I said while still being pushed out the door with my shoes not even on.
"Because it is later. If someone didn't take forever to change. This wouldn't have been a problem but noo" she said. I was now outside. I was a little upset that I was rushed. I had to stop and put on my shoes. Rissa didn't even realize she just kept wallking. Guess thats a good thing for me because now I am not being pulled like a horse. We get into the car and the radio turns on and of course its One Direction. We both don't change it. I may be having a personal battle with them but their music is still terrible. Their talent is still there though. Everything I heard about them is kinda wrong. They are better than what people say. They are a lot more dramtic then people say that's for sure. I looked and saw that Rissa pulled to the side of the road. That's wierd. She then gets out and beings walking away.
"Hey did I do something wrong? Why are you walking away?" I said while confused.
"I am not mad at you silly head, the party is this way" she said while waving me to follow.
"Why couldn't we just drive to the party like normal people" I said while running to catch up to her. "Because we are not normal. Normal is for boring people, and last I checked you are not normal so become not normal again now! I command" she said while pretending to use so sort of magic on me. I just laugh and went along with it.
"Omg, I feel it. It it it feels like something is changing in me." I said that then dropped to the ground. Then rissa came closer with a worried look on her face. Then she was moving her hand to touch my back as to see if I was alive then.......
"BOO!" I screamed at her. She jumped so much it looked like she was about to pee her pants. Priceless. "Don't you darn do that again!"
"Well what you gonna do if I do it again!" I said mockingly
"You don't want to see what will happen." She said while trying to make me scarred. It doesnt work.
"Come at me bro" I said whild pretending to be all muscular. We both couldn't take it after that. We both broke into a big laughing attack. Everytime we thought we had calm down we look ay each other then start laughing again. "Why is it we are laughing so hard, it wasn't that funny" I said while laughing still.
"To be honest I dont know" she said while slowing down her laugh.
" so what is all this fun happening with out me!" I heard this guy say. I then finally see him. Its Louis.
"Where is my Boo Bear hugging and kevin loving friend?" I said.
"If you add one more word then I would have a longer name than estabon from the suite life of zack snd cody!" He said while pulling me into a hug.
"Lets not just stand here. Lets good and PARTY!!!!" He said while grabbing my hand so we can skip to the parta. We skipped the rest of the way there then I saw a food truck. "What kind of party is this? Lou I am a little disappointed in your party planning skills."
"Hey! We are going to amusement park after this! And that (he said while pointing to the truck) is the best truck food you will ever taste" he said while running to the truck. I doubted his abilities to pick good food but what the hell why not. Food is food.
I make my way to the truck they seem to have tacos. Oh great. Tacos and the mystery meat, that sounds appetizing. I decided not to eat but then Harry comes up with a taco in hand.
"You can't come to this truck and not have his famous tacos" he said while trying to hand me a taco.
"You know for a famous person, I dont think you understand that for famous to be true people have to know about It." I said while backing away.
"Come on Karli don't be a chicken, get a chicken taco." He said while coming closer.
" I am 100% sure that is not a 'chicken' taco" I said while backing up again. But this time into the truck.
"Its not that bad" he said. He was closer now. He was a little to close for comfort. He also put his arm up by my face so i couldng get away. I was just about ready to kick him but then a girl said
"Leave the girl alone Harry. If she doesn't want it, she doesn't want it." He then turned around and that was my chance. I slipped under his arm and then walked away slowly. I didn't know who that girl was but then harry said while sticking his tongue out
"Why ruin the fun" I began to laugh at this wierd moment.
"Don't worry I don't eat these tacos either.but Niall loves em" She whipsered to me. I finally sat down then thought I don't know who this girl is, but I like her.
"Its food of course Niall loves it. He loves all foods." I said while laughing.
"No lie about that, sometimes he is a pig" she said jokingly.
"I heard that" Niall says from a far. Now we both began laughing.
"Well so amusement park, that's somewhere I can eat" I said while a huge smile on my face. "Yea, amen to that" she said.
"So when are we leaving?" I said hoping to leave since I was hungry.
"Soon, I will ask Niall to make sure" she said while waving Niall to come over. Hope this isn't awkward.
"So I see you met her" Niall came over and pointed to the girl who I don’t know the name of yet.
"This her, is who may I ask?" I hope hoping to get more info.
"Well this her is my Girlfriend. Brianna" he now had his arm around her. Well I don't really know what to say now. "She goes by Bri tho." He added. I was in shock at little. I didn’t really know what to say.


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