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This Is Our Life Now

Chapter 1

Charlie's pov--- -I was upstairs in my room listening to music and petting my cat Junior. Junior is my white with black spotted cat I've had since I was seven. Anyway, I was in my room when I heard yelling coming from downstairs, which meant my stepdad was home. Ever since my mom died, he has been abusive towards me. He hurts me all the time physically and mentally because he is always drunk. I snuck out my window before he could barge into my room. After I was on the ground, I ran and didn't stop untill I crashed into someone.
I looked up to see who I ran into, and it was my best friend Harry Styles. I hug him. "Harry, can I stay at your house for a while, please!?" I asked, scared of my stepdad. "Of course love. What's the matter, are you hurt?" "No, I'm fine right now, its just I'm so scared...of..him," Harry knew exactly who I was talking about so we started walking to his house. He had another bedroom that he let me stay in any time I needed too. It was even decorated just the way I liked it, and this room was huge. Harry and I walk into the house and all the boys yell "CHARLIE!" as they come up to us and hug me. I hugged them back. I felt safe with them as, as if they were my other family.


Later that day,I decided to go for a walk. I closed the door and started walking down the sidewalk. I heard another set of footsteps. I turn around and see my stepdad with a devilish look in his eyes. As soon as I see him I bolt, me being younger and faster I'm able to turn around and go back to Harry's house. I run in, locking all the doors and windows, then closing all the blinds. I hear someone in the room say "What are you doing, Charlie?" I jump, then realize it was Liam. Harry notices I'm shaking so I run to him. He hugs me tightly and asks me to tell him everything. I told him "He f-followed me here," Harry said they have top-notch security which made me feel a little better. Then, we hear knocking on the door.


OK so here's the first chapter do you guys like it? XOXO KISSES ;)


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