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Dreams come true?


"You don't know your beautiful! That's what makes you beautiful!"

One direction pounded through ten year old Savannah Gibson's stereo. "Savvy! Turn it off! Don't you know they're gay!?" Her older brother David yelled down the hall, making her turn it up louder. Posters covered her walls, lipstick filled the posters. She paused the music switching CDs. Screaming down the hall to David, "whatever they're just so sexy!!!!" Turning of the CD portion of the stereo back to the stations, then Live while we're young, their newest song played."OMG!!!! A new song!" She screeched. Turning it up to the loudest sound. It was shaking the house. "Savannah turn it down!" Her father yelled. "Oops! Sorry daddy!" She called back. That's was just an average day for the Gibson family. Her parents scared and already knowing what her birthday party will be. "Dave, she's a nonstop kind of girl." Her mother said to her father. "I know Shell." He responded. "That band will be playing on her stereo for a long time." Her dad said in sorrow.


Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

A popstar who is put into Savannh's wish.

Savannah  Gibson

Savannah Gibson

A ten year old girl with a mistaken wish to date Louis Tomlinson.

Taylor Branson

Taylor Branson

Savannah's lifetime friend.



omg. you havnt updated in years. you really should cause its a different and interesting story.

Sophalicious Sophalicious
Ok :) yay poor u getting hacked though
@Liam Payne is mine
I have been hacked so I will be starting a new story similar to this one on this account!
CookiesDough CookiesDough
Hello to readers I have officially been hacked on my account for this story so I will be starting a story similar to this one!
CookiesDough CookiesDough