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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Two

~ Ariana P.O. V. ~
"Jenna, you're so slow! Hurry up!" "Auntie Jen, let's go I'm hungry." "I'm coming!" I sign I swear she takes too long to get ready. We're only going to Mc Donald's. "Okay, lets go." "Finally!" I feel Annabelle pulling on my shirt. I look down and see her sticking her hand out. I smile.
She just too adorable.

I grab her hand and close the door to the house.
"Mommy when we get there can I get ice cream?" "Yes but you need to eat first. Okay." She nods. She gets in the car and puts her seat belt on. I get in and see a smiling Jenna.
"Hey can Austin come with us?" "Yeah. Just no flirting too much okay? I don't want to feel like a third wheel." She laughs. "Auntie Jen can you turn the radio on?" "Of coarse baby."

"First touch, First kiss first girl to make me feel like this Heartbreak is killing me I loved you first why can't you s-"

I change the station. I look at Jenna and smile sadly. "Awwwh mommy. Why did you change it? I really like that song." I sigh.
If she only knew that was her father. "I don't like that station. I'm sorry princess." She frowns. I don't want her to know who her father is. He cheated. He the reason why I left. Left my family. Left the guys. Left Danielle. Left Eleanor.
Left my best friend Harry. The only guy I trusted. He's the reason. The only good thing, besides Annabelle, is that I found out I can sing. I also got signed two years after Bell was born.
My manger, Autumn, knows what happened so she tries not to get me close to One Direction or Little Mix.
They offered me to tour with Little Mix, but I denied.

"We're here!" Jenna yells. "Yay!!" We get out of the car and get greeted by Austin. Bell runs up to him. Once he sees her, he picks her up and
spins her around. She started to giggle."Austin! Stop!" She screams. He stops. "Hey cutie. How you been?" She giggles again.
"Good, but I feel dizzy." We laugh.He puts her down. She comes up to me and begins to drag me inside. "Go with Austin and Jen. I'm going to order." She nods. "Hello. Welcome to Mc. Donald's. May I take your order?" "Hey. Can I have a Happy Meal and a Cherry Berry Chiller?" "That will b- Oh. My. God. You're Ariana Blake!" I nod. "Can I have a autograph and a picture?" "Sure." I take a picture with the girl and sign a book she had. Once I finish I pay and get my order.
I walk to our table until I see someone outside the fast food restaurant. Someone I didn't want to see. . . . . . . .
Perrie Edwards.

She's with the rest of Little Mix. I see them walking in. I rush to the table."Jenna, Little Mix is here! Please take Annabelle
somewhere far away from her.She might see similar features of Zayn." I whisper the last time.
Jenna nods. I give her Bells meal. "Bell, Auntie Jen is gonna take you to see something." She nods.
I watch them leave."Austin I'm tired of hiding her." He smiles sadly."Its for her own good. You don't want him to see her right?"
I nod.

" Ariana Blake ?" I look up to see Little Mix standing in front of us."Yeah that's me. Little Mix right?" They nod.
"Nice to finally meet you in person!" Jade says. I nod. "Yeah. Nice to meet ya as well."I catch Perrie looking at me.
I wonder is she recognizes me or something."May we sit with you and your . . . . . .?" Jesy says while
looking at Austin and me."Friend. He's my friend." They nod. They sit and and we begin talking.
This should be interesting. . . .


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i love this story


YAY! thank you so much! :D

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I'm glad you're happy c:

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