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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Twelve

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~

" Go on a date with me? "

"Yes." He smiles. "Really?" I nod. He hugs me and begins to spin us around. I giggle. He sets me down. We look into each other eyes. We slowly start to lean in. As our lips were about to touch someone ruins the moment. . . AGAIN! "Hey want to- woah." Stupid Harry. " REALLY!? " We turn to him. He smirks. " What? Were you going to kiss? Or give Annabelle a little brother or sister." We both blush. "So were you?" I glare at him. "Shut up pinky!" I tackle him to the floor. " AT LEAST I DON'T STALK A GIRL." I yell for everyone can hear. He tries to push me off, but fails. I sit on top of his back. Annabelle comes and spanks Harry butt. She keeps on doing it while saying, " Bad Uncle Harry! Very bad." I smile at her.

" Good job baby." I spank his butt this time hard. "OUCH THAT HURT!"

"Good. So. . . . what's her name?" His face turn red. "I don't know." He mumbles. I laugh. Everyday Harry takes Annabelle to the park just to see a girl. Sometimes he goes alone. He doesn't know her name. He's too shy to ask her. He's the flirt in the band and he is shy to ask a girl for her number. He definitely has a crush on her. Cute!


~ Perrie's P. O. V ~

" Hey Star." I say as I walk into Starbucks. " Hey Perrie. The usual?" I nod. I walk to a table and wait for my order. Star comes over and hands me my drink. "It's on the house." She says smiling, handing me my drink. " Thank you." I met Star over a month ago. She works in Starbucks, then during her break she sings in the park. That's how I met her. She a really good singer too.

" So how's your mum?" She rolls her eyes. "Same. Still drinking and calling me a worthless whore." She sighs. Her mum is an alcoholic. " Hey how about you movie in with me? We're not touring for a year and a half." She smiles. " Really?!" I nod. "Yes. When is your day off?"
"Tomorrow. I can ask for a few days off. I'll be back." She goes to I guess her boss. She comes back smiling. " He gave me the rest of the day off and three days. Lets go!"

~ Star P. O. V. ~

We reach my house. I hope she's not drunk. I open the door. "Come in." We walk into the living. I see my mom watching tv with a bottle of beer in her hands. " Mom? " She turns to our direction with a annoyed face. " What do you want you worthless slut?" I roll my eyes. My mom has been calling me that since her and my dad got divorce and found out he got remarried. " I'm moving out. "

" Oh yeah? Where are you going to live? In the streets?"

" No with me." Perrie speaks up.

" Haha. You? Well thanks for taking her with you. I don't want a whore living with me. Now I have to go. When I come back your ass better be gone." She gets up and leaves the house.

"Come on lets go to my room." I get out my two suitcases and place them on top of my bed. " I'm going to change quickly."

" Okay." I grab some clothes and run to the bathroom. Stars Outfit


"Ready?" Perrie asks. I nod. "Ready." I close to the door of the house I grew up in. Finally no more of my mom calling me names. I look down at the necklace mt dad gave me before he left. " Let's go Perrie." She starts the engine. We drive off without me looking back.


I wanted to update before Hoot Festival (: Bye!

Please comment (: x


i love this story


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