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Disturbia {Niall Horan}


Three vampires of the famous boy band one direction, Harry styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson, are living under cover as regular teenage humans. The other two members, Liam Payne and zayn malik, are human and so far have no clue. But when two innocent girls come to London from America to their school, things get a little too hard for them to hide, Lou, Haz, and Niall, fall for the same girl! Not to mention how Niall gets feelings for the other and becomes confused and realizes Liam likes her too! However there is two other vampires out there that want to take those girls and kill them, (for their blood ya know) or change them into vampires as well. Will the boys be able to save them in time? Will their feelings for the girls force them to come out the closet? I don't know. You tell me....


Abbie Tomlinson

Abbie Tomlinson

Chanel's best friend, moves in with her brother Louis Tomlinson,as soon as they move in she becomes Niall's best friend and begins to hate Harry,she however knows that zayn and Chanel are adopted siblings. She also begins to like Liam.

Chanel (Nel-Nel or Nelly) Cooper

Chanel (Nel-Nel or Nelly) Cooper

A 16 yr. Old girl, dark and mysterious. Gets called an emo and does self-harm because of bullies. She is random,sweet,loving,and caring when she's around her friends. She also has a secret talent for singing that harry, niall, and Louis all fall for. She's also Zayn's adopted little sister. Which is why she moved down to London after her parents passed.She is also best friends with Abbie.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

1/5 of the boy-band. vampire. Falls for Chanel. Doesn't know about Lou and Niall's feelings for her.

Jennifer (Jenny) Tanner

Jennifer (Jenny) Tanner

Niall's Ex. 1 of Chanel's bullies. Abbie's new friend, who plans on turning her against Chanel.

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

1/5 of One Direction is human starts to fall for Abbie and is very over protective of her but has Tiffany as a girlfriend but doesn't want her much anymore

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

1/5 of one direction Abbie's older brother starts to fall for Chanel but doesn't know of Niall or Harry's feelings for her

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

1/5 of one direction has feelings for Chanel but doesn't know of Harry and Louis' feelings also starts to fall for his best friend Abbie

Tiffany Youngblood

Tiffany Youngblood

Liam's girlfriend to begin with and hates Abbie with a burning passion

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

1/5 of the boyband, human, Chanel's adopted older brother. He's very protective of her and is always behind her to make sure she's alright. He's worried of her behavior and doesn't know that she does self-harm. He's always trying to make her smile and feel good about herself, he was the one that volunteered to take her in and take care of her.


  1. Chapter 1

    One way ticket, two best friends, best trip to London!

  2. Chapter 2


  3. Chapter 3

    Home sweet home?

  4. Chapter 4

    Why don't you talk to someone else?

  5. Chapter 5

    Making new friends

  6. Chapter 6

    Over protectiveness, making out, and birth control

  7. Chapter 7

    Romeo and Juliet? (Chanel and Harry semi-naughty moment)

  8. Chapter 8

    Louis and Liam

  9. Chapter 9

    Louis becomes Loubear(Chanel spills out all her troubles to him. EXCEPT the adoption.)

  10. Chapter 10

    Hiding something but what?

  11. Chapter 11

    'fresh meat'

  12. Chapter 12

    Can I hang out with Liam?

  13. Chapter 13

    U little rebel

  14. Chapter 14

    Start acting like it

  15. Chapter 15

    You open up to me, I open up to you....

  16. Chapter 16

    My whole life's a lie

  17. Chapter 17

    Girls and boys and what happens when they're alone

  18. Chapter 18

    2nd day of school, the mall, and Liam's house

  19. Chapter 19

    Flashback, and the discovery of self harm

  20. Chapter 20


  21. Chapter 21

    What are they talking about?!

  22. Sorry I Died! xc

    Authors note from Chanel

  23. Chapter 22

    He is my saviour<3

  24. Chapter 23

    Zayn's Anger

  25. Chapter 24

    Pure Insanity

  26. Chapter 25

    Through the dark c;

  27. Chapter 26

    A little taste of the unknown world

  28. Chapter 27

    Bradford Sweet Bradford

  29. Chapter 28

    Calling Quits

  30. Chapter 29

    Getting closer c:

  31. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!


  32. Chapter 30

    "I died?"


yeah, working on it now, sorry to keep you waiting, I'm having issues, in and out of hospitals

Love it!! Are you going to continue to write it?

thank you,im updating tonight

Fucking nice story

@I love my louis
i need to re write the summary but you'll understand it if you just start with the first chapter and if you want, continue from there.