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The bed

After many hours of flying, we finaly made it to the LAX airport.
I was so excited to be in a great city with a great new love and great friends.
I am so excited to start a new life with my Zayn. He is the sweetest most loving boy i have ever met.
I used to have girlfriends but they never felt right. i guess my life wouldnt be right until i shoved my dick into another man's ass. I am so happy that man is Z. i know we will be together for a very long time.
I hope congress passes the law about gay marrige, because i can see Zayn being my husband.
we walk to the baggage claim and Zayn cathces my bags befor they get a chance to even make it around the carosell thing once. He is so thoughful.
I just stand back in admiration, watching a wonderful guy do such a simple thing that means the world to me.

I got Ni's bag for him, then i grabbed mine.
we started walking to the limo where Harry was waiting for us to hurry the fuck up, but he still had a happy grin on his face watching us walk to the car hand in hand.
i put the bags in the trunk and got into the limo to see Liam and Louis wearing two little evil smirks as i sat down and Niall placed his legs in my lap. i started to massaged his feet as he feel asleep.
He had the sweetest little face, i hope he is dreaming about me.
we started to pull up the driveway to our new house. The windows in the limo were really tinted so i could only see the ouline of the masion. The car stopped. We all got out and our mouths fell open.
The house was even better in person! it was incredible.
i go over to Niall and pick him up bridal style and run into the house like newly weds.
i set him down as we got inside, it is absolutely beatiful.
I looked over at my boyfriend tears welling up in his eyes. "we're home baby," Niall said with a sort of calmness.
"yes baby... we're home, and i cant wait to explore it with you by my side." i said, my voice filled with passion.

Niall- "Harry if you drop my bag i will kill you!!! My sex toys are in there!!!"
Harry- "Fuck off Ni, your butt plug will be just fine! i promise!"
Niall- "HAHA very funny! hurry up before i tell everyone that you take shits naked!"
Harry- "sucks for you... but everyone already knows! so sucks to suck"
Niall- "Actually i really enjoy sucking, Zayn likes it too!"
Harry- "EWWWWW! fine i'll be carefull"
Niall- "Thank you! by the way that bag is just filled with my tank tops and board shorts!"
Harry- "you fucking suck!!!"

Niall- "yes...yes i do and i do it very well!!! you know you love me!"
I found me and Zayn's room. We got the biggest bed since 2 people would be sleeping in it obviously.
It was the largest room too.
Before I even had a chance to put my clothes in the droors, Zayn pushed me on the bed.
We have to break the bed in duh! he slipped his warm, wet tounge into my mouth.
we kissed passionately and it was making me really horny.
" are you ready for our first time babe??" he whispered in my ear. I bit his ear then leaned in close,
"FUCK ME HARD BABY!!" I pulled off his shirt. His body is amazing.
my fingers slowly run down his stomache followed by my tounge.
I pull off my shirt and throw it to the floor. Zayn unbottons his pant and does the same to mine.
He sits at the edge of the bed and i get on the floor and to my knees.
i grab his dick with both hands like im holding a microphone.
I lick his head then i put him in my mouth. he Tates delicious!
I suck hard and he is groaning like a mad man. His sweet cum fills my mouth and i swallow hard.
When i stand up he pushes me on all fours and now i am on the bed.
he is standing behind my with a hard dick ready to enter me. he slowly goes into my ass and i clentch.
He pulls out very quickly. "are you ok baby??" he says with a concerned voice.
"yes baby its good pain, i love it keep going!" He thrusts into me and i scream!
its like heavan in my ass right now! i have wanted his dick for the longest time! I can feel his fluid enter my behind. He slaps my ass and pulls out! i feel amazing, like a new man.
we collapse onto the bed and we start to spoon under the covers.
Louis- *knocks on the door* "hello?"
Zayn- "yes?"
Louis- * bursts the door open* * he sticks 2 fingers in his mouth and whistles like an animal*
( Harry and Liam are standing behind him)

Harry- "we could here you moaning from downstairs!!!"
Niall- "Oh my god! guys get out of here!!"
Harry- "Liam go get the popcorn befor they start round 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Niall- " GO AWAY! we are kind of in the middle of something"
Harry- "whatever it was getting boring anyway!"
(the boys leave and close the door behind them)

" sorry babe." i whisper to Zayn. All he does is giggle.
He wraps his arms around my waiste and pulls me in close.
I put one hand on his cheek and kiss his nose.. "... and i will aways love you" he sings in my ear like whitney houstin. I just laugh and lay in his warm, muscular arms.
"you're mine forever. and i am yours" he says sweetly in my ear. we spend the night talking, laughing, and cuddling.
I fall asleep in the warmth of his embrace.

I love him more than i could ever love anything...


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Zaynlove Zaynlove

Woah this story has a lot of twist and turns one moment I am squealing and the next I am cring

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Zaynlove Zaynlove
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have you seen your one shot yet??
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