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I can't handle it

Zayn POV~ 2.5 hours later~

I feel like I've been in the waiting area for ages and I keep getting more and more restless and aggravated. Right as I am about to explode from my anxiety, the doctor comes out into the waiting room.
"Zayn Malik?" oh please tell me he is alive! I can't live without him...not again.
"Yes... th-thats me" I cant help but stutter, I am so scared of what the doc will say to me.
"Oh hello Zayn I am Niall's surgeon and I'm a glad to tell you that he is out of surgery and everything went perfectly..."
A sigh of relief slipped from my lips and I guess it was a little too loud cause the doctor kind of laughed at me.
"Niall is awake now and you can go see him if you want, but just to warn not all of the anesthetic has warn off, so if he happens to fall in and out of sleep during your conversation, don't worry he is just tired."
I am so overwhelmed with happiness and joy I just want to scream towards the heavens.
"thanK you doc. so much!! you have saved the love of my life!! I can never thank you enough"
and with that Harry and I ran towards Niall's room.
We made it to his door and I had to stop and catch my breath, not because I was tired from the sprinting, but because I was terrified of seeing my baby in so much pain.
I took a deep breath... I can do this.
"Hey mate I know you probably want to go in there by yourself first so i'll wait here until you are ready for me to come in."
I'm so happy Harry gets what i'm going through.
"thanks Haz, that means a lot."
He patted me on the back as I slowly opened the door to Niall's room. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this... Niall can't see you scared it will just make him worry.
I opened the door all the way and saw Niall's pale, sickly pale, body laying on the cold medical bed. His head slowly turned to the sound of the door being opened and he carefully opened his beautiful blue eyes. WOW... I thought I would never see those pools of blue ever again. "Hey babe" I said quietly as to not startle him
Niall spoke with a tired raspy voice "Zayn! you're here!"

"Yes of coarse I am I love you I hope you know that."

"I do know, and I love you so much it pains me to think of life without you, thank you for saving my life"
I can't help but start to tear up a little. he is just so strong.
I looked into his eyes and grabbed his hands in mine when I felt something peculiar...
I looked down...Is that what I think it is? I can't be... Niall was heartbroken to lose me, he said that, he wouldn't lie to me...again...
"Niall?" "yeah babe" he replies with a peppy mood.
"is that a...a w-wedding ring?"

Tyler POV~

I walked into Boss's office with my head held high. I finished the mission, and ahead of schedule too. He will be so proud of me!
"hey da- I mean boss.." He glared at me, ugh he's already mad. but he wont be when I tell him my great news.
" boss I have great news... I killed our newest client he's dead, I did it ahead of schedule, are you proud of me??"
I waited in anticipation for his reply.
"great" he spoke with a harsh sarcastic tone, that hurt.
"you did your job, woopie, would you like a medal"
his words stung.
"why do you always do this to me DAD!! you know i'm your best guy why cant you just appreciate me for once?!" I am screaming at my father now and i'm on the brink of tears.

"because your a piece of shit that's why! your brother was supposed to be the great one in the family but his other parents didn't want to get him involved in this type of work!"
ugh my father is so freaking stubborn !

"DAD! It is not my fault that you and my dead beat mother decided to put Niall up for adoption when we were little so stop blaming all of your shit on me! I know Niall would have been your perfect son! you tell me that every fucking day, but he is gone! I killed him like you told me to do! If you thought he was so amazing why did you want him dead?! what was your plan in all of this?!" hot tears started running down my cheeks.
I felt a sharp pain hit me across my face, he hit me...

"Tyler stop fucking crying! I wanted Niall dead because people, very bad people were asking about "my other son"
they were convinced that they had seen him so I had to do the only thing I could, and that was to kill him. Niall was the one person that could have connected me to your bitch of a mother so he had to disappear... for good!"
I have to get out of here. I went for the door but heard something on the TV that broke my heart.

news anchor: Breaking news! a young man has been rescued from an apartment complex balcony buy his boyfriend. He was found with a knife in his abdomen. he was rushed to the hospital just hours ago and went under surgery earlier this evening. He has recovered very well. We are not permitted to reveal any names at the moment but we can inform you that police are doing everything they can to find this attempted murderer...

before the women could say anything else my father slammed the TV off and started yelling again.

"you piece of shit! how could you let this happen! you had one job!"
His fist met my face and I fell to the ground. his boot repeatedly connected with my stomach and chest.
the last thing I saw was my dad grabbing his pistol and walking out the door.
"I'm going to the hospital finish what you should have" he shouted as I fell into unconsciousness... what have I done...


holy crap! Niall and Tyler are brothers?!.....eww gross they had S.E.X..
This is all too much for me to handle.
how will Niall explain to zayn that he is technically engaged to the man that just tried to kill him and not to zayn.

sorry about leaving you guys with not one but two cliff hangers:/
but I hoped you all like this chapter I really enjoyed writing this one!

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Woah this story has a lot of twist and turns one moment I am squealing and the next I am cring

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