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don't let it be too late

Zayn POV~

In the midst of my tear I hear my phone going off I don't bother to look at the caller ID and I answer...

Zayn: Hello?
Niall: Zayn? is that you
Zayn: Niall? god
Niall: wait Z don't hang up I need you... I..It's Tyler he was bad like you thought. I need you Z. I'm dying...
Zayn: what?!! Niall no you're not stop joking

I hear coughing on the other line

Niall: He...he. sta-stbbed me Z. I need you *cough* I need your touch to be the last thing I feel. *cough cough, ghasp* Im on the balcony of Tyler's apartment. *cough, gag* go into my room and you will find his address taped under my old desk...*cough cough* Pleas Zayn I need you.... I need you.... I nee you... I love y...........

The line goes quiet.

Zayn: Niall? Niall?! NIALL?!! oh GOD i'm so sorry Niall I didn't want to be right, i'm coming, stay strong, I still love you.

I grab my keys and run to the car. I call 911 to have them meet me at the apartment. Please Lord let my love live. Please?...
I can barely see out of the car. My vision is being blurred by the heavy flow of tears that are coming from my eyes. I need Niall to be ok.
Why did my gut have to be right?
Why did Tyler try to kill my baby? What kind of maniac is he??
I never imagined someone would want to even lay a finger on that beautiful boy's body., let alone stick a knife through it.
Oh god!
I almost crashed!
Pull yourself together Zayn! you can't die before you see Niall again. He needs you.
Great now all of this madness has got me talking in the 3rd person.
"Niall is safe, he is just fine, he is only puling a really mean prank that's all..." I chant in the car, trying to convince myself that everything will be alright.
building 307...308...309!!! Tyler's apartment. I don't even park the car as I jump out and run towards the lobby, when something catches my eye...
Is that...blood?? "Niall" I silently whisper to myself...
A small puddle of blood has accumulated on the sidewalk, but where did it come from?
I look up and a small red drop hits me right on the forehead.
I wipe it off and stare blankly at the bloody, red smudge stained on my hand.
I look up once more and see a balcony on the 9th floor.
I can tell that blood has slowly dripped over the edge.
now I'm more determined than ever to find Niall.
I sprint towards the doors of the building and run straight up the stairs surpassing the elevator.
I reached the top, I never knew I could run up 9 flights of stairs with such ease.
I run up to the door and without hesitation I break it down.
My eyes go straight to the lifeless body of the boy I love slowly bleeding out only 50 feet from me.
I run to his side.
"Niall!" I scream at the top of my lungs.
Thank god he's not dead, his eyes slowly open.
A week smile grown on his face.
"You *cough* came for *cough cough* me!" He says weakly.
I can't help but smile.
A single tear rolls down my cheek. "Of coarse I did, I love you Ni!"
I lean down and give him a kiss on his forehead...
"Oh shit! Niall" I looked down and forgot about the knife.
"Niall he paramedics are coming and you will be ok...ok?"
I slowly pull the knife out of him.
the pain filled expression on his face breaks my heart.
He groans and squirms but I finally get the blade out of him so I can apply pressure to the wound.
I whisper sweet nothings in his hear so he stays awake while we wait for medics to get here.

*10 minutes late*

"NOOO!" I scream as the paramedics pull me off of Niall.
"It's ok sir, we can handle it from here"
"can I at least hold his hand in the back of the ambulance?" I ask cautiously.
"I'm sorry sir, but you can't. he is in critical condition and we need all the space we have to work on him, I'm so sorry." the paramedic says they push Niall's stretcher into the back of the ambulance.
Tears start flowing down my cheeks.
I run towards where I left my car so I can meet Niall at the hospital.
SHIT! Its been towed!!!!!!!!!
I need to get to the hospital!
I grab my phone out of my pocket and call Harry...

Zayn- Harry I need you now, It's Niall!

Harry- UGH not that little bastard again!

Zayn- don't say that
about him!! he's dying!!

*the line goes quiet*

Harry- I'm soo sorry, what happened?!

Zayn- Tyler happened, He stabbed him and now Niall is on the way to the hospital. I was gonna follow him but my car has been towed and I need you to come get me and take me to the love of my life, can you please forgive him enough so I can see him before he dies???


I tell Harry where I am so he can pick me up and I hang up on him and wait.
Harry and I finally make it to the hospital.
Harry and I run to the receptionist and ask her for Niall.
She tells us we need to wait for him in the waiting room because he was just admitted into surgery.
I protest but it fails and I am forced into the waiting area.
Harry and I sit there as he, once again, consoles me while I cry.
I know
I'm not a Christian or catholic or anything like that, but God, please save the love of my life!!!!


NIALL PLEASE DON'T DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about that, please don't hate me for leaving you with another cliff hanger...whoops

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