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A Fresh Start

Zayn's POV~

we were becoming more and more distant from each other. I felt like the only one i could talked to now a days was Niall.
Today im taking Smantha out for a date night, i need to see if we have the same spark.
we went to diner at Nandos, i rented out the whole place just for the two of us.
then, we went to see a movie.
As we got back into the car to head back to my our lift she couldn't leave her hands off of me. I liked it.
I started to feel a buldge coming on. She grabbed me.
I almost lost controll of the car. She started rubing and massaing me and it felt great.
I pulled into the parking and we ran to the front door. Right as we got trough the door our shirts were off.
----------skip now if you don't like smut----------

We fell to the ground and my hands found their way to Sami's breasts.
I squeezed them and she made the little moaning noise she makes every time i do that to her.
Her skirt came off and i carried her to my bedroom. I Threw her on the bed and pinned her down.
My fingers found her opening and i was wrigling them inside her while she was biting hard on my neck with pleasure. I dicided that my dick was hard enough so i took it out and i entered her.
We were thrusting slowly back and forth. We steadily were getting faster and faster.
she was screaming and she yelled " babe i' gonna come!!!" i didnt feel the same way so i faked a climax and i let her finish.

---------smut is over-------

We layed next to eachother and she had the biggest grin on her face, but i felt nothing.
it wasnt the same. I had to say something.
"Sami, i think we should...um.... well... i think we should.. well i don't feel the passion anymore."
She Turned to me with a relieved look on her face. I was confused.
"I feel the same way," she said sweetly. we talked about how she had thought that i still loved her so she stayed in this just for me. We got dressed and she left with not fighting or arguing.
It was nice. We ended on a good note. She promised that we would still be friends.
once i actually belived it.
I want a new start. I want something new. I called niall to tell him my plan.
Zayn- let's get out of this place
Niall- what do you meen love?
Zayn- lets start a new life. You, me, and the boys. Let's move to LA!!!
Niall- Wait what?!?!?!?! are you serious?!?! I would love to. As long as i'm with you i will be ok.
Zayn- Ummm... ok GREAT!!
Nilall- i will call the boys and we will come over tomorrow to do some house hunting.


i woke up this morning feeling great about moving to Cali with Zayn... and the other boys too.
I took a shower and got dressed and headed to Zayn's place.
I couldnt stop thinking about what me and Zayn would do the... I mean what we would all do our first day in LA. I felt like the drive to his house was taking forever, my mind is in so many different places right now
I finaly made it to Zayn's lift. i nocked on the door and out he walked.
He welcomed me with a huge bear hug. He had a cheeky little grin on his face.
Our eyes met and i saw something in his beautiful hazel eyes that i had never seen befor.
I was walking inside and i saw Harry, Louis, and Liam, they all yelled a quick hello as they were fully concentrated on their video game. i walked over to the kitchen table where Zayn had layed out a bunch of home brochures and magazines. We stayed for hours siting and reading panflets and blogs about new houses.
3 mounths later
We found a house!!! it is absolutely perfect!!! It has 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a pool, a gym, a tennis court, and access to a private beach. it was wonderfull. The boys and i decided to move our stuff there and we would all fly out together once everything was in California.
2 weeks later
Its flying day!!!! we got to the airport, through security and on the plane pretty quickly.
I am sitting next to Niall like i always do, Louis, Harry, and Liam are sitting in the seats right across from us. we took off. After about 3 hours into the flight it started to get really terbulent.
i was scared. I aready didnt like flying, and now this?! the palne took one big jolt and i grabbed Niall's hand. He knew i was afraid of flying and he said everything would be ok.
The plane started bouncing up and down. things were falling off of the trays and some of the over head bins had popped open. i am terrified at this piont and my face is burried in Niall's chest.
We hit one final bump and the shaking stops. i look Niall straigh in the eyes.
we are close enough were i could count every single one of his eye lashes if i wanted to.
then all of sudden..... i PRESS MY LIPS AGINST HIS!! i can longer controll myself.
Niall is kissing me back. I feel his warm tounge slip into my mouth.
i feel a hard one coming on but i must pat it down. We seperate to take a breath.
We had forgatten about the boys! we both slowly turned our heads to see Harry about to jump out of his seat and Liam was high fiving Louis. they are chanting " WE KNEW IT, WE KNEW IT!!!" as loud as they possibly could. i turned back to Niall who had the most perfet little grin on his face.
He pounced on me. we were going at each other as hard as a person can on a plane filled with stangers!
I feel happy again. I felt the spark that i was trying to find in Samantha in My Ni!!!! I think i might have found.....................the one... this could be..... a fresh start...


This i my first time ever writing any thing like this. i hoped you guys like it a lot. i promise i will update often and i will make great and inviting chapters every time i get the chance. give me feed back about my first fanfic ever. i really hope you enjoyed this as much as i enjoyed writing it.


aww thanks I didn't know anyone was still reading it. Could you please read my story Visiting Hours?? It's soooooooo much better

Zaynlove Zaynlove

Woah this story has a lot of twist and turns one moment I am squealing and the next I am cring

HEYY I just posted your One Shot!! I really hope you like it!! here is the link


Zaynlove Zaynlove
@give me time and a crayon
have you seen your one shot yet??
Zaynlove Zaynlove