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Snake Eyes (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)


**Next Afternoon**


I was riding high from my big win last night at the casino. That felt amazing! When I woke up this morning, for a moment, I wondered if I dreamed it. I was piss drunka bit last night after drinking all day and into the evening, but there sat the cashier check on the night stand. Harry I and went to the bank after breakfast and had the funds deposited and wired to my bank account back in London.

When we got back to the yacht, I made good on my promise to Harry. We spent hours online searching for Ferraris and, finally, we found a reputable broker back in England to secure the deal. In the end, we found two matching vintage 1959 250 GT Series 1 Cabriolet Ferraris - one in black and one in red. Both cars would be shipped from the western United States to London. My black Ferrari came from a private collector in Scottsdale, Arizona and Harry's red one was purchased from a luxury dealer in Palm Springs, California. The grand total, with shipping and insurance, was £4.1 million. I hadn't really planned on spending all the winnings, but this was too good to pass up. I might even go get a GTO tattoo to commemorate this special occasion!

Unfortunately, this little indulgence put me on a budget for the rest of the trip. The public thinks we have cash pouring out of our pockets because me and the lads are the top selling group in the world. That's just not the case. We are put on salary and our royalties and other commissions from sales and our other ventures are paid only to us on a quarterly basis and we split our share five ways. Don't get me wrong, we make a lot of money, it's just I, in particular, am strapped until next quarter. Between the gambling and the exotic car purchases, you might think I'm irresponsible with my money, but that's not the case.

A few months ago, I decided to buy an old estate in Doncaster across town from my mom's house. It's the house, while growing up, that I always daydreamed about would be mine if I was rich. The estate sits on five acres and it's nearly 200 years old so it's required a great amount of money for renovations, fences and gates, security systems, and the interior decorating. This is the place I will raise a family and grow old with my wife, whoever she might be. I wanted to pay cash and own it outright while the group still is at the top of our game. That way, it will always be mine if our careers slow down and my earnings down the road are significantly less. See? Responsible.

Speaking of my beautiful estate, I currently am on my laptop looking at the latest pictures of the renovations to the master bedroom suite the superintendent sent over for my approval. It's stunning. I'm anxious for Harry to get back on deck so I can show him the latest progress.

"Hey Lou, whatcha doing mate? Buying us matching Ferrari leather jackets?" I can't help but laugh at the absurdity of that idea.

"I draw the line at matching cars Hazzah. I'm no hipsta, please. No, I'm looking at the latest house renovation pictures that were just emailed to me. Come have a look."

Harry sits down and studies all two dozen pictures looking quite serious.

"Lou, the master suite is nothing less than spectacular! I can't imagine what it will look like with the furniture in it. It's finished now?"

"Thanks. Yes, one room down and 19 to go! The crew is going to clean up the suite tomorrow since I just approved the work and over the next two days the window treatments and furnishings will be installed. I'm so excited to actually get to spend the night in my house soon after we return home. It's been a labor of love."

"I still can't believe you bought that huge mansion for yourself, considering we've all lived in our flats a total of maybe one week in the past two years."

"It came on the market and there was no way I was going to pass it up. I dreamed of living in that house for a good 15 years. Now, I have somewhere to raise my family."

"Um Lou, is there something you need to tell me? Last time I checked you didn't even have a girlfriend. Do you have illegitimate little Tommos running around I don't know about? Have you been banging fans in every city when you said you were going off on your own to play footie?" Harry plasters a mock horror look on his face and becomes extremely animated. I wasn't kidding in that interview when I said, "We're idiots."

"Cute Harold. When the time comes, I'll be ready for a wife and family."

"So mature of you Lou to plan ahead. I just don't know if I can share my BooBear with another woman though."

"You most truly are an idiot and if you call me BooBear again you are going overboard without a life preserver."

"That would be a more effective threat if you were talking to Zayn," we both laugh knowing Zayn literally could not swim if his life depended on it.

"True mate. I'm tired of being cooped up on deck, What you say we take the jet skis out for a bit before we get ready for tonight?"

"Let's do it!" Harry jumps up enthusiastically.

"Okay. We have dinner reservations made?" He nods his head in the affirmative.

"Then, let's go back to the casino and see if we can get a repeat performance of last night. Gemma text me she wants a speed boat!"

"Harry, tell Gemma to get her arse here and win it herself or be a good little brother and buy her one. My spending spree is over. I'd bank anything I win tonight. Now, let's go hit the water."


A little more story foundation. I promise that in chapter three things start to get a little more exciting.

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Omg this story is AMAZING!!!! Please tell me you're still writing. I may die if there are no more chapters. You're awesome keep it up!!


Sorry it took long to load now it's like this

Elicya Elicya

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Elicya Elicya

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Elicya Elicya

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Elicya Elicya