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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Fifteen

Third Person P.O.V
Zayn watched with an expression of amusement as Kat paced in front of him. They were at her apartment and were supposed to leave for San Diego hours ago. Kat’s sudden panic was the hold up. She was wildly moving her arms as she paced and spoke so rapidly Zayn couldn’t catch a word.
“What’s wrong?” he asked her as he stood grabbing her hands to stop the mad pacing.
Kat huffed, “You,” she answered in an angry voice. Zayn released her hands and took a step away from her.
“What did I do?” he asked suddenly confused. Kat was distraught when he arrived that morning.
“Look at you,” she waved a hand in his direction. “You’re practically covered in tattoos. You have an earring and I know you don’t smoke anymore but the fact that you once did is enough.”
Zayn shook his head, “I’m not understanding you Kat.”
Kat rolled her eyes dramatically, “You are a classic bad boy. The exact type of guy my parents are not fond of. Do you not have a shirt with longer sleeves?” She went back to pacing until a knock on the door startled her. “Go find that shirt.” Kat ordered as she made her way to answer the door. Zayn walked off towards her bedroom. Once again some of his clothes had collected there. He riffled through the neatly folded stack Kat had set in the chair in the corner, but the shirt he was looking for was nowhere to be found.
With a shrug Zayn made his way back to the living room, “Babe I could have sworn…” he trailed off as he realized the addition of three guests. There was a woman who resembled Kat who he assumed was her mother and two males. One was close to his age so Zayn knew he had to be Kat’s brother. Awkwardly he smiled and stopped where he was. Kat looked back at him with wide eyes and a round mouth. When the younger guy cleared his throat, Kat shook her head quickly taking a step aside so that her family could come into the apartment.
“Zayn these are my parents Miranda and Keith and this is my brother Karlos. Guys this is my boyfriend, Zayn.” Kat introduced them in a small voice.
“Hello,” Zayn spoke extending his tattoo covered arm towards the balding Keith. Keith shook his hand with a stern expression. When he stepped back Karlos stepped forward.
“Sick ink,” he complimented in an excited voice.
Zayn gave a nervous chuckle, “Thanks.” He shot a look at Kat who looked ready to come apart.
“What are you guys doing here?” she asked as they all walked into the living room.
Miranda smiled at her daughter, “I called you earlier this week to tell you that we were coming to visit, but Sammy said you were busy.” Kat slapped her hand to her forehead.
“You still haven’t learned how to return calls.” Karlos commented causing Kat to fix her mouth in a snarl.
“How long do you plan on being here?” Kat asked forcing a polite tone. Karlos snorted as he scrolled on his phone.
“All weekend,” Miranda answered. “That’s enough time to catch up.”
Zayn cleared his throat, “I should go.” He decided standing to leave. Kat opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by her dad standing up as well.
“Oh, no, don’t go just yet. We haven’t learned anything about the boy from the magazine.” His voice was low causing Zayn to gulp. Kat began to bite her nails nervously. This was not how the day was supposed to go.

Kat’s P.O.V
Automatically I knew my luck had run out when I opened the door to my family. Trying to stop my dad’s constant questioning of Zayn: where are you from, what do you do, how often do you date random girls; I suggested that we go to the pier. My parents rode in their own car and Karlos joined me and Zayn in mine.
“Sorry about that man. Dad is kind of protective of Kat.” Karlos explained in a light tone.
Zayn chuckled slightly, “It’s okay.” He was surprisingly calm about this whole thing. Even when my dad was questioning him.
“Where’s Sammy?” Karlos asked me suddenly.
I shrugged, “She’s your girlfriend. You keep up with her.”
Zayn looked between me and my brother, “Sammy has a boyfriend.” We both nodded slowly. “Harry is going to so disappointed.”
Karlos leaned forward, “Who’s Harry?”
“A friend of mine,” Zayn answered vaguely with a shrug.
“Maybe I should meet this Harry.” Karlos decided.
I shook my head, “Not going to happen.” It was best to keep Harry and Karlos far away from each other.
“Actually,” Zayn piped in. I stopped at the traffic light turning to look at him.
“You didn’t. Please tell me you didn’t.” I practically begged.
“The lads are already there. It was their plan for the day.” He informed me. It was funny how he neglected to mention this when I suggested we go to the pier. It was too late to change my mind now. Besides as long as Liam was there the guys would behave. That’s what I told myself as we parked. The pier was filled with people as usual.
As we made our way onto the pier Louis and Niall appeared out of nowhere. They jumped in front of me causing me to stop suddenly. Zayn gripped my waist moving me aside so that he didn’t run into me. It did not go unnoticed by my dad.
“What are you two doing here? You’re supposed to be San Diego. Did you lie to us?” Louis rattled off not noticing that we weren’t alone.
My mom cleared her throats, “Kat do you know these young men?”
A forced smile spread across my face, “Mom, dad, Karlos this Louis and Niall.”
“They’re friends of mine.” Zayn added.
Niall smiled, “Nice to meet you.” He said shaking my mom’s hand and then my dad’s.
“Oh you’re Kat’s mom,” Louis’s face brightened. “Your daughter…” he was cut off by Zayn slapping a hand over his mouth and shaking his head. Nothing good was about to come out of it. Niall fought his laughter as my parents looked at them curiously.
My mom turned to Karlos, “Did you get in touch with Sammy?”
He nodded, “She’s on her way.” He responded in a dry tone.
“Louis that’s Karlos. He’s Kat brother and Sammy’s boyfriend.” Zayn spoke in a suspicious voice as he moved his hand from Louis’s mouth.
“Sammy has a boyfriend?” Niall asked disappointedly. He had a slight crush on Sammy as well, but it wasn’t as obvious.
“Sammy has a boyfriend.” Karlos nodded as Harry skipped towards us. I’m not even joking, he was skipping. Louis and Zayn exchanged a look. Zayn stepped aside so that Harry would be between him and Louis. He reached up to his ear scratching it. A telling sign that they were up to something.
“Hey Harry, meet Kat’s parents and her brother.” Louis smiled politely. It was a mischievous smile. Harry said hello to my parents. When he turned to Karlos, Zayn nudged him. “Karlos is Sammy’s boyfriend.” Harry pulled his hand away turning to look at me.
“Sammy has a boyfriend?” He asked the popular question of the evening as Sammy herself appeared. Harry blocked her path to my mom. “You have a boyfriend,” he demanded. Sammy’s eyes widened as she looked over his shoulder at Karlos. Harry didn’t wait for her to respond. He walked away mumbling something. Louis and Niall followed teasing him. They passed by Liam.
“Ow lads leave him alone!” he called, but they ignore him. “Hello,” he turned smiling at everyone. I didn’t bother with the introduction ritual. Liam had it cover. After he had met my parents, they decided to go explore on their own. Liam waited until they were out of earshot before looking at Zayn. “What’s got Harry upset?”
“Sammy has a boyfriend,” Zayn shrugged. He was suddenly beyond caring.
“Sammy has a boyfriend?” If one more person asked that question I was going to snap.
“That would be me.” Karlos spoke up drawing attention to him. He looked at Sammy suspiciously. “Did you tell him you were single or something?” he asked sounding annoyed.
“Hey, let’s go check out something far from here.” I suggested in mock excitement grabbing Zayn’s hand and pulling him forward. Liam followed us. “Remind me to never introduce you all to anyone else.”
Zayn smiled slightly, “I won’t.” I fought a smile rolling my eyes. This day was going to be interesting.

Luckily for me we made it through the day which was all I needed since my parents were going out with friends that night before going back home. Karlos planned on staying to get some time with Sammy. As we left the pier it was me, Zayn, and my parents. Everyone else had dispersed.
“Well Zayn it was nice to meet you.” My mom offered him a hug which wasn’t all that surprising. “Next time we’ll have to go to dinner.” She pulled back stepping aside for my dad who offered Zayn a handshake.
“Nice to meet you sir and you too Mrs. Beltran.” Zayn spoke in a way I was sure I never heard before. He even smiled, not a genuine one, as my parents waved bye and walked to their car. When it was just us Zayn turned to look at me. “That wasn’t so bad.” I cocked my head and folded my arms. “I think they like him,” he spoke confidently before touching his lips to mine.
I pulled back, “Did you really have to tell Louis about Karlos and Sammy?” His cheeks reddened like a child who was caught sneaking a cookie. It was cute. “You’re evil.” I laughed.
“Naw,” Zayn shook his head as we walked hand-in-hand to the car. Today was actually a good day.


Love it!
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