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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Sixteen

Third Person P.O.V

The boys of One Direction were excited. They had been invited to perform at an exclusive music festival. It would be an opportunity for them to try out some new material and perform the old songs as well. Management had only informed them thirty minutes ago. They had a week to prepare.
“This is going to be fun.” Liam smiled placing his arms on the shoulders of Harry and Zayn. Granted for them performing was always fun. Something different always happened.
“Why, because you may be able to pants Haz again?” Zayn asked in a light tone.
“No he won’t.” Harry interjected moving from under Liam’s arm. “I’m prepared for any prank you try to pull on me.” He warned them both. Zayn and Liam exchanged a look and shrugged.
“That’s old anyways,” Liam shrugged, “I’ve got new plans.”
Zayn looked at him with an amused expression, “You have new plans, have you been talking to Louis?” He was still standing under Liam’s arm. They were discussing Liam’s pranking capability as Harry listened trying to prepare himself whatever was to come. “Yeah, but that’s not funny.” Zayn commented on a prank Liam suggested as Louis and Niall joined them in the hallway.
“What’s not funny?” Niall asked as he put his cell phone away. He had been texting his friend Anna. The lads still hadn’t met her, but he wasn’t sure how long he could keep it that way.
“Liam is trying to come up with pranks again.” Harry informed them.
Louis patted Liam’s arm in mock sympathy, “You just don’t have it mate.” He took a step back and folded his arms. “Who’s going to be the victim this time anyways? We always torture Harry.”
“We can’t really plan this if all of us are discussing it.” Niall pointed out.
Harry nodded, “yeah, but whoever leaves will automatically know they’re the victim.”
“He has a point.” Niall stated scratching his fading blond hair. They stood around silently wearing thoughtful expressions. Their silence was broken by Zayn’s phone sounding. He pulled out of his pocket quickly seeing that it was Kat calling. Instead of dismissing himself to answer he took the call right there refusing to be a victim.
“You know you almost caused me my life.” He answered the call instead of using a proper or normal greeting.
“What?” Kat asked clearly confused.
“Nothing, what’s up?” Zayn asked eyeing each of the lads suspiciously. They were moving closer to each other as they attempted to begin their plotting.
“Sammy’s birthday is Friday and I’m thinking we should all party to celebrate, but an actual not party. None of that clubbing stuff.”
“Cant, we have rehearsals all week.” Zayn informed her making the mistake of turning his back.
“Oh,” the disappointment in Kat’s voice could be heard. “Well then I’m out of ideas.”
Zayn chuckled, “I’ll help you think later. I’ve gotta go, bye.” He ended the call and quickly burst into the boys’ huddle. “What are we discussing?” Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall groaned collectively causing Zayn to feel like a winner.
As the boys made their way to the exit Mitchell, a member of their management team, stopped them.
“Oh we forgot to tell you. You’re performing right after Little Mix.” He announced with a smile before walking away. The lads stopped turning to look at Zayn.
“Did he say Little Mix?” Zayn questioned although he knew the answer. They all nodded. Zayn exhaled through his nostrils, “Great.”
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last time you saw Perrie…” Louis began. He trailed off when Zayn nodded answering his unspoken question.
“And you haven’t talked to her since?” Liam questioned. Zayn shook his head in response. Niall coughed in the awkward silence.
“Are you inviting Kat to the performance?” Harry asked scratching his hair. He assumed the answer would be yes, but they all needed to hear it out loud.
“That’s my plan.” Zayn answered rubbing his chin in thought. More silence followed. This was turning out to be a sticky situation.
Louis broke the silence, “Maybe nothing will happen.” He spoke optimistically. The lads nodded and mumbled similar agreements. Zayn looked at them all with a doubtful expression. He had a feeling that something was going to go wrong.

Kat’s P.O.V

“You learn interesting things when you work at a radio station.” Sammy rambled as I entered apartment home from work. It was two days after Zayn informed me that they had rehearsal all week. He didn’t call me back later nor did he the next day, but we do text each other from time to time. It was weird. Suddenly it was like he was trying to keep something from me which was ridiculous. “Did you know that One Direction is slotted to perform at the Fuse music festival next Saturday?” She asked leaning against the refrigerator as I rubbed my aching feet.
“Nope,” I answered not really paying attention to her. She rambled quite often and I had learned to tune it out.
“Well they are and so is Little Mix. You know the girl group that Zayn’s ex-girlfriend is in?”
I looked at her with an exasperated expression, “What’s your point?”
Sammy shrugged, “The girls flew in Monday night and Zayn was photographed at the airport. Even better, there’s a picture of him and Perrie together from today.” She handed me her cell phone with the picture pulled up on the screen. “When was the last time you actually talked to him?” She asked taking a swig from the water bottle in her hand. I was too busy staring at the picture to respond. It was Zayn and Perrie hand-in-hand.
Zayn: Want to come over?
The text message came as I handed Sammy her cell phone back. My lips were pursed as I thought carefully on my response.
Kat: Sure. Be there in 10.
I believed in giving the people the benefit of the doubt. Plus I hate being that girl who sees her boyfriend’s ex and instantly bugs out. I knew that Zayn and Perrie were still friends and when the paparazzi are around you need to hold onto to someone. It wasn’t anything serious. Zayn wasn’t hiding anything from me, right?


Love it!
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