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New In Town


Harry's POV

After a very long flight to London I finally landed and the first person I saw was my little, sweet grandmum. She has been more than a mother to me than mum has ever been, as sad as it may be. I don't get to see her as often as I would like, so I really enjoy the time I get with her. She's always there for me, whether I'm with her or she's comforting me over the phone. She knows how my parents can be so she's always making sure okay.

"Hi gran!" I say excitedly as I drop my bags and hug the old woman.

"Oh Harry, I've missed you so much! Look at you, so grown up and handsome!" She coos while she pinches my cheeks.

"Thanks gran, how have you been?"

"Great, now! All the boys are at the house, let's get you home to see them!"

I'm so happy to be home. Yes, I said home. Even though we moved to America when I was six, I've never felt more comfortable anywhere but here. My gran's home will always be my home.

"So how is California? Are you liking it there?"

"I really like it there, the people are pretty cool"

"Does a girl have anything to do with that?"

"Why do you say that?" I smile.

"I can tell, I know everything sweetie"

"Well maybe"

"Harry! What's her name?! Is she nice?"

"Aubrey is very nice gran! She's just, really great."

"Oh darling, I'm so glad! Ever since Rachel..."

"I know, but I'm happy now, and nothing like that will happen with Aubrey, she's not like that"

"What a beautiful name, Aubrey.. I need to talk to her sometime"

"Okay gran" I laugh. She's very persistent, so I know she means it.

"Still looks the same" I say as we pull up to the large house.

"Well go get inside, the lads are waiting!"

I hop out and run inside, not worrying about my bags in the back of the car. I'm too excited to see my best friends. We've been mates since before I moved to America, and every time I come to visit we always have a great time.

"Hazza!" I'm greeted with multiple hugs from my friends.

"How are you? Man it's been so long!" Liam says.

"I'm great! How are you lads? How's school going?"

"You know... School" Niall says with a disgusted look. Other than Liam, the boys weren't into school as much as they're into sports, music or partying.

"So I heard you have a new bird" Zayn chimes in and the rest of the boys 'ooh' and 'ahh'

"Yep, Aubrey" I smile proudly. I wish she was here to meet them.

"Is she hot!" Louis asks.

"Lou, you have a girlfriend!" I laugh. "But yes, she is very beautiful and very mine" I jokingly warn.

"Okay boys, I'm off to go visit Poppy to go over some things for this charity event, have fun!" My gran says as she walks into the kitchen where all of the boys and I are.

"Bye gran, love you" I kiss her cheek before she leaves.

"So, down for a party, Haz?" Niall asks while nudging my shoulder.

"Sure, where at?"

"My place, parents went to visit my aunt back in Ireland" Niall says.

"Sounds good"


Later that night we all went to Niall's house. And of course, it's no party with out alcohol! I decided to let loose, I mean I never see my friends so I want to have fun while I'm here.

"Damn Haz, she's gorgeous" I glare at Louis while showing him pictures if Aubrey on my phone.

"Lou! Eleanor is right over there!" I laugh.

"Oh come on, I can still think she's fit" he chuckled. "Speaking of" he says as he hands me the phone.

"Hey babe sorry I didn't answer your call, I met up with my friends!" I answer.

"That's okay! Are you still with them?" I look at Louis who is motioning for me to give him the phone.

"Yeah, and Louis wants to talk to you" I cover the mouth piece the phone and tell him not to be an idiot like he always is. I press the speaker button so I can hear their conversation.


"Yes this is Louis" His cheeky self greets her. "You must be the infamous Aubrey!"

"That's me!"

"Well Harry has not shut up about you since he got here!" I roll my eyes and punch his arm. If I wasn't drunk right now I would not let him still be talking to her.

"Oh God, what is he saying!?" I hear her giggle.

"I don't know he is very intoxicated but we all are so it's okay" I motion Louis to give me the phone before he says anything else ridiculous, and to my surprise, he obliges.

"Well your boyfriend is making me give him the phone back"

"Okay, bye Louis!"

"Bye love!" Louis says before handing me the phone. "Sorry about Lou"

"It's fine, I like him! Who else are you with?"

"Just some of my friends, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn"

"Fun, well I'll let you go be with your friends!"

"Okay, I love you babyyyy"

"I love you too Harry! Don't drink too much" She giggled before hanging up. I miss her so much..


Question: I still have many chapters left in this story, but when the time comes, should I write a sequel? I definitely have some ideas that I could turn into a sequel, but the question is, would you guys read it!? Please let me know!

And please comment, vote & subscribe :)


Oh my God I love everything you write! I've read all of your stories and girl, you're AMAZING! I wrote a story which I posted over a week ago yet it's not being really succesful haha I got a comment the other day which made me so happy and that's why I'm commenting here for you so as to make you happy as well! You're so talented and creative!! Thanks for writing and posting!!!

LoudSuitLover LoudSuitLover

How could she do that??!!! And in the middle of that EXTREMELY romantic setting!!! Actually, I do understand why she did it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it!!! just read this whole story today in under 3 hours!! Now on to the sequel!!

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HOLY COW :( this made me cry soooo sooo hard :( they were soo perfect :((( perf story babe, i love it <3

onedirectionlyf onedirectionlyf