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surviving the bite

chapter 74

Niall’s p.o.v
The werewolf was had my arms pinned to the ground as he tried to fight me his only defence now would be to rip my throat out, it bit down on my neck and I screamed out in pain, but I heard a snap and the werewolf went limp landing on my chest. I looked up to see Louis standing there.
“thanks man” I said as Rachel helped me up.
“is your bite healing?” Louis asked I looked over to see it completely healed.
“yeah it’s completely healed wait was that an alpha or was it a beta?” I asked.
“a beta you’re lucky” Rachel said.
“come on we need to go” I said we walked down the corridors leading out to the big room where everyone was facing the stage once again.
“go around the back” Rachel said through my mind and I nodded, we walked around the back of the room discreetly and ran throughout the rest of the building until we were out into the woods.
“that was a waste of time” Louis said.
“I know it was but we know where it is Lou we just need to plan a bit more and then we can get to the bottom of what’s going on” Rachel said.
“home?” Louis questioned.
“weren’t you meant to go and visit your family” I said.
“shit” Louis mumbled. “I need blood first”
“we have some in the car it’s not exactly nice but it will do you to get through the night” Rachel said.
“that will do” Louis said.
I’m going to phone Liam up and ask what’s going on at home” I said the two of them walked up to the car and Louis sat in the back with his legs out of the car drinking some of the blood whilst I called Liam.
“Niall it’s about time!” Liam shouted into the phone.
“liam remember vampire hearing that hurt like hell” I said.
“what’s been going on none of you would pick up and Harry passed out and he was in agony for no reason at all what the hell has happened?!” Liam once again shouted.
“well we got captured Louis was knocked out and this witch person she was causing that pain to Louis and then Louis got took away whilst we were stuck in a room with this other person .” I said briefly.
“but your all ok right?” Liam asked.
“completely, but Louis little sister Lottie spotted us so now we have to visit his family so we will be back later ok I’ll tell you when we’re leaving ok” I said.
“ok just be careful” Liam said.
“ok bye Li” I said.
“bye Ni” he said and he hung up.
“this tastes awful” Louis said with a digusted face.
“I know it does but you can’t exactly turn up to your family looking practically dead” Rachel said.
“we can’t exactly turn up with blood on us too” I said pointing to my top.
“that is why I brought us some spare clothes” Rachel said pulling out a bag from the car.
“here’s a top” she said chucking it at me I took off my bloody shirt and put on the clean one and Louis did the same.
“how did you not get blood on your clothes” Louis asked.
“I know how not to get blood on my clothes now come on we need to go” Rachel said.
Wait Lou have you been invited into your house?” I asked.
“yeah when I was a new vampire I came here and I got invited in but you haven’t” Louis said we all got into the car and drove to his house and when we arrived Louis went slightly paler.
“what’s wrong Lou it’s just your family” I said.
“whenever I come back here from when I first became a vampire I always get nervous that they are going to notice something is up.” He said.
“they won’t now come on let’s go in” I said, we walked up to the door and Louis knocked on the door.
“I’ll get it!” I heard someone shout through the house Louis chuckled slightly and motioned for us to hide at either side of the door out of sight and Lottie answered it.
“who’s there darling?” Louis mum asked.
“no one?” Lottie said confused.
“boo” Louis said jumping out in front of the door and Lottie squealed slightly.
“Louis!” Lottie shouted angrily but then she started laughing.
“surprise” Louis said jay came to the door to see what was going on.
“Louis?” She asked.
“hey mum I thought I’d pop by whilst I was here for the day” Louis said.
“are you two hiding or making out” Louis said as he pulled us in front of the door.
“what?” I asked and Louis laughed.
“are you day dreaming or what” Louis said.
“I blanked out sorry oh hey Jay, Lottie” I said waving.
“oh mum this is Niall’s girlfriend Rachel I actually don’t think you have met her” Louis said.
“hello oh but for the record I knew you first” Rachel said.
“indeed you did but Niall of course stole my friend” Louis laughed.
“I didn’t steal anyone she just likes me better” I laughed.
“well I don’t like you” Louis said crossing his arms we heard two people laughing and forgot that Louis mum and sister were standing at the door.
“Niall how on earth are you wearing a t shirt in the middle of winter come on in all of you it’s freezing out” Jay said we stepped through the door and sat down in the sitting rooms.
“so what were you guys doing up here?” Jay asked.
“well we came up just for a day trip you know we had a walk around the woods, visited the local star bucks and just wondered around really” Louis shrugged.
“and you left us until last” Lottie said sounding shocked.
“well I’ve been a bit pre occupied today” Louis said as Louis and his mum were in conversation I couldn’t help but look around the sitting room taking in everything like all the family pictures which made me miss home a lot.
“Niall” Louis said.
“yeah” I said snapping out of my thoughts.
“my mum asked if you wanted anything” Louis said.
“no thanks I’m fine” I smiled.
“are you ok?” Jay asked.
“yeah just you know looking at all those pictures make you miss home you know” I said.
“I bet that’s why Louis wanted to come up here” Lottie said.
“not really, well of course I miss it here but I had other things that I needed to do” Louis said the rest of the night they all chatted whilst I sat half listening to the conversation but others thinking about everything else until we finally left and started to make our way home.
“tonight was really fun” Louis beamed.
“I guess you missed them a lot” I said.
“of course I did” Louis said. “it’s funny I actually feel tired now”
“lack of blood” Rachel said as she drove the car I pressed my head against the cool glass watching as the droplets raced down the windows.
“you ok Ni?” Rachel asked.
“yeah I guess after seeing Louis go home and that I feel home sick myself” I said.
“don’t worry we will visit soon I miss your family and I miss good old Ireland “ Rachel said. I ended up shutting my eyes but I was jolted awake by screeching of tires, the beeping of a car horn and the crunch of metal until I blacked out...



I love it

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty

@Harry's kitty kat
Thats what i have named it and i have posted the first chapter i would update but im at school unfortantly haha

Emmaaaa Emmaaaa

I think immortal life sounds really good!! <3

@Harry's kitty kat
aw i'm happy i'm making another one it's fun writing i've always had a passion for writing i suspose and aw i'm glad it is your favourite fanfic i literally looked back at the begining of the first story and i can tell that it's improved like my writing was shit at the beginning haha i still don't know what to call the next one i have an idea and it's immortal life but i'm not sure any ideas? <3

Emmaaaa Emmaaaa

Ahahaha I'm so glad you're making another story and yes, your really good!!! This is my favourite fanfic <3