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surviving the bite

chapter 55

Rachel’s p.o.v
I sat down on the settee at Niall’s along with everyone as we relaxed and watched a bit of breaking bad for once everything actually seemed normal no one was worrying or stressing there was no one worrying about vampires or trying to hide about who they were.
“guys” Liam said.
“what?” everyone asked as Zayn paused the tv.
“he’s deffinatntly gone right?” Liam said.
“of course he is this time we burned his body that’s it he’s gone he was near enough alone so I’m sure he has no tricks up his sleeve” I said.
“Rach can I talk to you for a minute” Niall said.
“sure” I said he took my hand and took me into the other room.
“what do you thinks going to happen now” Niall asked.
“what do you mean?” I asked.
“like with everyone I mean me, you Louis and Harry are vampires right what about their girlfriends whats going to happen I mean when you think about it El and Emma will be 30 one day right but Louis will still be 21 and Harry will be 19 it just isn’t going to work out do they know that?” Niall said.
“they will both figure it out when the time is right” I said Niall was about to talk but Harry and Louis walked in.
“we overheard what you were saying” Louis said.
“and?” I said.
“what will happen with El and Emma I don’t want to be 21 and El to grow up and eventually die “ Louis said.
“you will need to talk to her about it and ask her what she wants to do and give her plenty of time for her decission and make sure if she wants to do it that she has thought about it and her deccision is final” I said.
“I don’t want her to become like me though I want her to stay herself but I want her to be immortal at the same time” Louis said.
“like I said talk to her about it I mean you don’t have to talk to her about it now but just don’t leave it too late” I said.
“ok thanks” Louis said he walked out of the room and we all went into the sitting room.
Louis p.o.v
“El can I talk to you” I said walking into the kitchen.
“sure what’s up?” she asked.
“can we go somewhere, where non of them can hear” I asked.
“ok let’s go out then” she said she put her coat on and a pair of boots and I pulled a beanie over her head and a scarf since it was dark out and it wasn’t that warm today and of course the tempature would drop even more through the night.
“I don’t need the scarf Lou” she said taking the scarf off.
“I just want to make sure your warm” I said and put it back on.
“well shouldn’t you be bundling yourself up to keep warm?” she asked.
“i can’t feel the tempature difference” I said.
“you still need to wear a jacket though you don’t want to get any weird looks as to why your only wearing a t-shirt jeans and some shoes.” She said passing my coat off the coat rack.
“thank you” I said and kissed her cheek I took a hold of her hand and we left Niall’s house to go for a walk.
“so why did you want to be alone?” she asked.
“I just wanted to talk about us” I said.
“these usually end really bad” she said I turned around so I was facing her.
“this is nothing bad I can promise you that, I just have some questions about us and the future” I said.
“ok then ask away” she said.
“what will happen with us in the future like do you know what I mean since I’m a vampire” I said.
“it depends on what you mean by that” she said.
“like I’m to sum it up I’m forever young” I said.
“oh you mean what will happen to us since I’m going to be like 50 and your still going to be 21” she said and I nodded.
“like would you end up leaving me for someone who you can grow old with or would you, you know- “
“Become like you?” she said.
“yeah” I said it was her turn to stop us walking and she faced me and took a hold of both of my hands.
“I don’t care what happens to me in the future as long as I’m with you I’m happy even if I am growing old” she said.
“so would you become like me or would you stay human?” I asked.
“if I became like you it would mean I would basically have forever with you and I would have a few of my friends like Rachel I think for you it would be worth becoming a vampire” she said I smiled.
“you don’t have to rush into it you don’t have to make you decision now It would just be nice to know what could happen” I said.
“your not alone with that my mind has been thinking about this a lot lately and I didn’t really know how to approach it” she said I fake gasped.
“make me do all the work why don’t you making me seem like an idiot and like I’m being too pushy” I said she playfully slapped my arm.
“I did not make you seem that way at all it was nice to see you care for me” she said.
“I always care for you, I mean I did risk letting the vampire get away to save you” I said oh about that she hit my arm again.
“what was that for?” I said.
“for almost risking the vampire getting away and your friends getting killed just to save me” she said.
“what else was I meant to do let you get killed?” I said.
“no yes I don’t know “ she said stumbling over her words she started to walk away but I ran vampire speed so I was in front of her startling her.
“Louis!” she shouted but she started to laugh “don’t do that”
“do what?” I said acting innocent.
“you know what” she said through her laughing.
“fine I’ll just walk away now” I said I started to walk away and when I didn’t hear her following I quickly ran between some trees out of sight.
“Louis” she called. “come on stop being such a vampire it’s creepy” I ran at vampire speed making sure she didn’t see me and I stood behind her and snaked my arms around her waist making her jusmp but I pulled her into me so my chin was resting on her shoulder.
“your an idiot” she laughed.
“but I’m your idiot” I said and I kissed her on her neck causing her to giggle.


I love it

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty

@Harry's kitty kat
Thats what i have named it and i have posted the first chapter i would update but im at school unfortantly haha

Emmaaaa Emmaaaa

I think immortal life sounds really good!! <3

@Harry's kitty kat
aw i'm happy i'm making another one it's fun writing i've always had a passion for writing i suspose and aw i'm glad it is your favourite fanfic i literally looked back at the begining of the first story and i can tell that it's improved like my writing was shit at the beginning haha i still don't know what to call the next one i have an idea and it's immortal life but i'm not sure any ideas? <3

Emmaaaa Emmaaaa

Ahahaha I'm so glad you're making another story and yes, your really good!!! This is my favourite fanfic <3