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Lilas' Laws - Comments

Take your time if you're busy but yay :)
@dork_central I've got the next chapter in progress but things have just been so hectic lately :) I will try to get it out real soon! And I'm so glad you like the story :)
are you going to update anytime soon because i really do love this story :)
dork_central dork_central
@DianaGoesOneDirection I'm just gonna refer you to the bright red "R" rating that is displayed when searching for this story. Can't say I didn't warn you.
@Nialler_ I agree!
Love the newest chapter OMG pls update sooon
@Nialler_ Sorry I'm from Washington I like drugs.
out of the 45 stories ive kept track of on here yours is by far the best and i really appreciate the frequent chapter updates! well done keep up the great work
The drugs in this story make me feel uncomfortable reading it... I like the other parts were they aren't getting high.. :c
yeay! brilliant as usual
this is my absolute favorite story, please update soon! :)
I just found this story and I'm already hooked! I've literally read all 10 chapters in and hour. Please update ASAP!
oh my god i rlly rlly love this pls update soon omfg
Gorgeous. Absolutely a new favorite.
great chapter, your writing gets better each time well done cant wait to read whats next xo
update update update :)
Love it ! Update soon please!
@aggie's Thank you!
aaah very good chapter! love it