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The Happiest Place On Earth - Comments, page 5

Cant wait to read more
@Orangeystyles Hahaha! I like the way you think! ;)

@bkathleenvn Seeing as Disneyland is a major part of this story and I'm going to Disneyland on Saturday, hopefully I can get some inspiration for the next few chapters! :) Thanks for your opinion!
i say do both to show whats going on with haylani and with the boys
U should hide all the game stuff
U should hide all the food in your house away from niall hehej
no problem... its great!
I like it! Update soon pls :)
I've been super busy with school work lately and I had family events this weekend, but starting tomorrow it will be updated regularly! :) <3 Thank you for reading!
Please update soon!!!
I like it... More soon? :)
Can't wait! Am I the only one who actually heard Jason Maraz sing and Ed Sheraan? LLN really good! Can't wait for more! I'm too excited!!!;););)
CqntCannot wait for more
Love it! Can't wait for chapter 5(:
CnyCan't wait 4 chapter 4 5 6 7 so on
Oi. Ch 4 is going to be amzing. I can already feel it. ;) #MorePlease
I hope ch. 3 comes soon Love! :)
Yay! I love this! Please write next chapter soon. :)
Ireally really love it pls right more