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One Direction Funny Imagines - Comments, page 2

I'm not sure if I'm just crazy , but did anyone else notice at the end of best song ever that Harry had his right leg out while everyone else had there left out while they were doing the pose at the end. Go to chapter 117 if you don't believe me. LOOK

you mean 51

paynis paynis

chapter 23 wtf

paynis paynis

Everyone knows what that word in chapter 50 means right? It's shit in spanish

MelzLove MelzLove

Hey I love thus thing its hilarious I have coppied so many photos to my tablet I have 4 different folders for them lol

Rachael123 Rachael123

Ahem, if i join your conversation ;) I think the comment was rude and disrespectful, and febreeze, did the right thing and did not just stand by.
but, your comments that both of you are making are a bit rude

just my opinion
I think you two need to sort it out, don't just let it go

Kait Kait

That's no excuse for the way you acted.
and I don't care what your friends think. They way you acted is not ok. And it deserves an apology.
yeah, I'm probably overreacting. But you act like it's no big deal and its pissing me off. I really don't care if I get on your fucking nerves princess, it's something that you bad no business saying to anyone.


p.S your the one being rude she could stand up for herself she could message you can atleast be nice. I know I'm being rude too and I admitted but let's just stop this because alot of pwople are reading if ya want take it to the messages


Alright you listen here. I am very nice unless you get on my nerves. Ask my friends. Especially one named Austin. It was just a comment. So what. I admit I have read worse but just leave me ALONE. Right now you are sponge Bob and I'm squid-ward just leave it

@Amina Styles
It's my concern because that comment was not very nice
and I'm not going to stand here and listen to you being rude.

people's usernames are what they want, if you don't like, that's too bad.
but you don't have to comment about it...its rude


What is my opinion your concern? Just asking.>:(

@Amina Styles
Can we not be nice?


I am sorry but that name of yours is pretty gross if you ask me

@Amina Styles
Thanks! :)

It happens to me all the time... its as annoying as fuck

katy7629 katy7629

@Embers at Midnight

I did!

this is amazing

Hi, I love this story so much.
I rated and subscribed, would you please return the favour and check out my story? Thank you :)
Bye x

I loved al of these!! The annoying thing tho, I was reading this on my phone and it kept switching to the App Store to advertise shit.
Me: just...just..STAHP NOW