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I'm Angelina Castagna. I'm very weird, funny, and artistic. Im almost 14 and i have been with 1D since day one on the x-Factor. I just uploaded my first story and even though i love writing i have issues on staying focused so that is why my chapters arent that long. But i will upload as frequently as i can. And i will definitely do more storys. And im totally okay with criticism as long as it is constructive criticism. I would rather you all not comment things like "You suck" or "stop writing" because it just gets annoying. And i am warning you my story Nightmare has some violence and cursing so please dont say that i scarred you. And even though Zayn isnt part of 1D anymore he is still my boi so he will be in my storys. And i would recommend reading my Wattpad story because i changed a lot of stuff from Nightmare. I only have one story so far and it is Nightmare. Its a lot better on Wattpad so i suggest going to there. The beginning is a lot better but i will still do my story on here and i will make sure it is good, but when i first stared writing it was not the best, and on Wattpad its pretty good. And on Wattpad i changed some characters but i cant do that on here because its to late.

Im on Wattpad to My names is im_gross
Instagram: Angie_4_lyfe
Twitter: Blurryface_life
Snapchat: Auntie_amc




PG Romance Mystery Teen

Bay Malik is being abused by one of her roomates(Liam Payne,Louis Tomlinson,Harry Styles,Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan)but which one of them is abusing her?


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