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Sometimes only paper will listen to you ...
The writer is by nature a dreamer. - Carson McCullers
TO WRITE means more than putting PRETTY WORDS on a page; THE ACT OF WRITING is to share A PART OF YOUR SOUL with the World.
What people are usually ashamed makes a good story. - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hi everyone and wellcome to my profile. As you might notice I belong to that group of people who are called Directioners. As most of you here. I love all five of them but if I have to choose then I choose Zayn. Why?

That's why!
Yeah, I'm disappointed for everything he's done, but this is stronger than me. Don't blame me!

Next on my list is Hazza or Harry or HazzaBear :). Why?

That's why. Mostly.
Anyway, the rest of them take the same place in my heart. I didn't forget them :)

I had to put this one! LOL

P.S. You know that feeling when you have for example 99 views and then you say: I will post the next chapter if I get more one.

2 hours later ...

You look and see 99 and then you're like:

Please one more wiew!

3 hours later ...
You look and see 100 and then you're like:

No need to explain :)

Anyway, tnxx to everyone who read my story and of course if not you're free to start :D


How I saved One Direction

How I saved One Direction

R Romance Thriller Teen

When clumsy girl finish in the wrong place you get this story ...


9.9 14 Votes
Black & White (Coming soon)

Black & White (Coming soon)

R Romance Drama Thriller

My wedding dress will be black and white. White for happiness of my family, and black because of my sorrow.


- 2 Votes