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hold my hand

hold my hand

hold my hand

Hey Hey Hey peeps..

So I can't tell my name ( I have my reasons ) but as you know I am @hold my hand ! I'm Å normal student in school and study very hard to resieve the good grades I get every term and year. I'm quit sassy, insecure but still carefree at the same time.. Is that weird ?..

Anyway, moving on.. I have always read others story's and one day I had an crazy idea that I should begin writing story's too... If you know @dancin in the dark, then we both know her because I'm in her school and she's my best friend ever ! I asked her if she also wanted to write and that's how it all started !

During the day I do dancing and play first team hockey along with @dancing in the dark, I also to debating.. I won't say that I'm popular in school, but I'm not Å nerd, at least I don't think so. I'm not at all good with relationships, for nobody ever likes me so I don't fall in ١٥٧٤ because its dumb when I fall so hard for Å guy, that I won't get up !

I apsalutely LOVE eating.. Although I never pick up any weight.. I read and write a lot during my spare time.. My fav member is Little Nialler.. Just because he stands out and he's blond and Irish and cute and has blue eyes and eats a lot like me and.. Well ya get my point ! Loves ů lots and gubye for now...


OH sh*tT

OH sh*tT

PG Romance Sci-fi Teen

I can't stop thinking of you, wherever you are ! I need Å voice to eco, I need Å light to show me the way, I kinda need Å hero - Is it you ? Love is never ever simple, there's nothing we can do ! If I fall for you, I'll never recover, If I fall for you, I'll never be the same.


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