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I feel like there should be a place where we can all post about ourselves, get to know each other, or promote our stories so I guess I'll start:)

I'm Katelyn, I'm from the US. I've been writing fanfictions for a little over 2 years now:) I'm currently writing my first One Direction fanfcition. It's a Harry Styles fanfic:) If you like Harry you should check it out:) It's called Fall For You and I currently only have the first chapter posted on here.

You guys can leave comments promoting your stories or just talking about yourselves:) Whatever you want.
IShipNiam IShipNiam
Hey, love. :)

I'll bite whatever it is floating infront of my face. I can say this is a better call than HarryStylesFanFiction to be honest. :)

I am Stephanie, but people call me Bambi. I am 20...21 in a few days. I am 3 days older than Louis. While he was forcing himself into the world, I was being brought home and wrapped up under the Christmas tree ;)

I have been on mibba for...5 years, I think. I was the 1056th person to sign up. My best friend was number 13 :)

I have been writing for a good amount of that time. Though please don't look back that far.

I live in the "wonderful" US of A. Connecticut. I am on my 13th One Direction fan fiction, not including the one I wrote on paper, the one I have sitting on my back up drive hoping to be finished or the one I am plotting. (or the one I am deleting due to not being able to get past chapter 2 haha) a good amount of that 13 happens to be one-four shots. But I have 2 chapter stories finished, a Harry and Liam and 2 currently in the works, a Niall and Zayn. I am scrapping the Louis chapter one until I can finish Niall or Zayn. (Oh yes, I am getting kinky now) I've only been writing 1D fan fiction for about 6 going on 7 months

I love people, so feel free to message me and talk. (reading my stories is NOT mandatory to becoming my friend ♥)
BambiWithLove BambiWithLove
Hey everyone! I'm Skyler, Skye for short :) I live in the US as well. Just posed a story; Wonderwall. I have few more chapters to post but not quite sure which boys I'm going to make the main focus just yet... definitely open for suggestions :) Also, love making friends, so friend away!
VanillaSkye VanillaSkye
Hello, everyone! My name is Aly, Aly Jones. I am fifteen years old.

I first discovered One Direction over the summer. I find their music addicting. 0.0 Anyway, as I became a Directioner I decided to write my own story, "Affection For An English Guy." (I have yet to post it up on here yet. Sad face.)

I will talk you to death. I'm sorry. Other than One Direction, I love Ne-Yo, Kerli, Rihanna, 2NE1, The Ready Set, Paramore, Ciara, Plain White T's, Conor Maynard, Ed Sheeran, Megan & Liz, Linkin Park, Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez & The Scene, Matt Nathanson, Kat DeLuna, Akon, Beyoncé, Auburn, The Stunners, Miley Cyrus, Shontelle, Carrie Underwood, Evanescene, Leona Lewis, and many, many, many more! My favorite song right now is "Give Me Your Hand (The Best Song Ever)" by The Ready Set. ^.^

I am the Bunny Queen. :P Worship me.

None of my friends really like One Direction, but I've made a lot of friends online that do. So all's good.

Oh, and I bet you've already realized that I'm Southern. I'm from Kentucky, USA. I am a published author. ;) You jealous? 'Course you are.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah.

Well, I forgot it. So, I guess that means I'm done.

Aly Jones Aly Jones
howdy ho! I am Tori, I'm sixteen and i"m from a small town in Boone County, Indiana, USA. I like writing fanfiction. I use Mibba (been there for about 4 years), All Time Low Fanfiction, and this :)

Thats about it. :)
vic-TORI vic-TORI
Hello, my name is Marissa. I'm twenty and I've been writing fan fiction for a long time, for about seven years I believe. I've been on a writers hiatus due to my brain lacking the means to concentrate. I'm a big reader on the one direction fan fiction, I read when ever the mood strikes me which has been a lot lately. I am opening my own animal rescue soon hopefully, once we find a place to move we're going to set it in stone.

I am a easy person to talk to, even though I really hate being around large groups of people - even if I've known them my entire life. I give realistic advice and I enjoy the feeling when I open someones eyes, if you ever want to talk I'm here :) My username on Mibba is Rick Grimes. <-- period included.
I'm Kelly, I'm pretty younger, I'll be fourteen later this year! I'll have been writing fanfiction for a year now on the 17th of Jan.! I'm a ginger, random, love to talk, and I love to listen to people! I'm Southern, I live in N.C. of the U.S.A! :) I just posted my newest fanfic on here, I also write for Alex Rider and Percy Jackson and the Olympians!
I don't like my name much. So can you all just call me Louis? That's the name I usually go by. Odd, yes. But whatever.
Erm, basically, I'm too young to know my way around gay smut. I'm a Cali girl, 909 all the way.
I have yet to upload a picture on this site so wee, check my Mibba. I have the exact same username.

I write fan-fiction for all kinds of things, including: Big Time Rush, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Conor Maynard, Joe Brooks, IM5, Alex Evans, Suicide Room, Jakub Gierszal, and yeah.
I wrote my first fic on this site called Pictures. It's a Larry Stylinson so deal.
To actually be able to talk to me you have to get over the fact that I can be very rude, and that I talk about Bruno Mars a lot.
Questions? Come at me, bro.
carlos pena. carlos pena.
Hey guys! I'm Kay, I"m 19 and from the US. The only fanfiction I've written is about The Clique books, but I'm writing a 1D fanfic right now for a competiton on Mibba and I'm having a lot of fun with it. My favorite 1D boy is Zayn. I've been a member of Mibba for a couple of years but I just posted my first story at the beginning of this year. It's been slow-going but I like it. <3
Zaynie_for_Zayn Zaynie_for_Zayn
  • Hi beautiful Directioners <3 I'm Diana and I'm 13 years old. I recently found out about this website and I think it's FREAKING AMAZING. Finally a good website where I can share my fanfics! I am from Canada and I'm in grade 8. I would kill to see 1D live, but they never come to where I live :( Check out my newest fanfiction or just visit my page [ DianaGoesOneDirection ] <-- yup right thuuur!

  • I love reading every single fan fiction on here, especially ones that have P.O.V. I HATE it when someone writes a great fanfiction then suddenly dissapears and never writes one again/never continues the story. Don't ever do that :') I never will <3 Okay, I should go now. PLEASE check out my story! It's called "Love Gone To Waste"/"Falling Hard" and I knoooww you will enjoy. Love you beautiful people <3

Hellurr ~(^-^)~ . I love the One Directon boys cx I found this website and totally fipped! Everyone is so good at writinf here ^-^ I would love it if you guys checked out my story ^-^ I'm new at this though and I haven't written much. I'm basically rusty right now! Haha cx I'm open to any opinions!c:

HEY! PLEASE check out my fanfic called That Girl! It's about Harry and a girl named Marnie... <3 Please read and comment!

bubbles345 bubbles345
Hey there :) I'm Sian I'm from Australia. I'm 16. I have been writing Fan Fictions for about a year now and at the moment I'm writing a Niall fan fic but I'll post it soon :).
I've got 4 sisters and I'm the youngest. I live on a farm with my grandparents who own horses and also own some race horses :). I've been riding since I was 13.
Wanna know more? Feel free to message me :) x
factorie101 factorie101
I just joined, Check my first chapter of my fan fiction called "Love Sucks"
Glendy1D Glendy1D
hello! my names Lauren and i'm from the US. i'm 15 in about 2 months.i joined a couple of days ago and wrote my first ever fanfic! it's caled, we accept the love we think we deserve, and you should read it and tell me what you think so i will think about writting more!:p
Hi! My name is Katelyn, I'm 16 and I'm from the US. I joined yesterday and have posted the first few chapters of my fanfic "Unexpected" and I've already got almost 100 views :) Please check it out and tell me what you think!
stylinsecrets stylinsecrets
Hi! My name's Cathryn. I'm 18 and I live in the US, Indiana specifically. I've been writing fanfics for years, but I just recently got into One Direction, as in less than a year ago and I have a few other one-shots I've written about them, but this is my first full-chaptered one that I'm actually going to finish. It's called Dreamcatcher, it's a Niall/OFC, and if you all would check it out and add me as a friend, I'd really appreciate it. Leave some feedback, it's the only thing that keeps me writing!
tomlinsmut tomlinsmut
Hi my name is Samantha I live in the US I am twenty-four years old. I Have been writing fan fiction for the past seven years but i currently written my first fan fic for one direction.,Its a harry styles fic..So check it out,Its called Love is possilbe if you believe.it has 9.0 votes and it has three chapters.
I guess im the youngest and the first asian user... Yo people Im P. yeah as in like P-Diddy. Just kidding I just newly made that calling for the past ten minutes. Im real name is Patricia. Yeah just like fat Patricia. Im thirteen. I live in Philippines. Proud to be me and proud to be a Filipino. Im not a good writer at all okay. I only do them when Im bored because what I do every day and Night is to play my guitar... Okay My first story here is "I am Titanium: The Cover Girls and the Popstar's Sister" its a niall fan fic..
elevatetothesky elevatetothesky
Hey guys! So, i'm Amy! I'm 14, 15 next month... i from Nothern Ireland, so that makes be British like the amazing boys themselves and i live like and hour away from Niall!!! Awesome i no!! Lol:) I really like this website and im sooo glad i found out!The others people dont really comment on the stories much :/ talking of stories... i have one up on this site, its my first one EVER! It's called ~Behind The Scenes~ Check it out if you want! Would appriciate it alot!! I have seen the boys live before at the Take Me Home Tour, t'was in Belfast when i first seen the boys live! Zayn started to cry during Summer Love and it broke my heart! Was soooo Cute!!<3 I'm really easy to talk to and would love to talk to other directioners!! I have followed and loved the boys since the XFactor in 2010, i watched them every saturday and sunday! and was gutted they didnt win, but if they won they might not be where they are today..

So umm, about me ~ Im a christian, and in a Christian band.. We dont exactly have a name yet, so we have the Name ~ The Barn Band~ for now until we decide.. The barn is my youth group btw..im one of the main singers.. so yes i can sing! Might audition for the XFactor someday, if i pluck up the confidence... um follow me on twitter! @_Amy_McFarland_ and i will follow back!
Kay, i think thats me done.. so yeah:) Bye Petalss!!
~Amy<3 x
AmyMalik! AmyMalik!