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I give up

Hey everyone. I'm Jay-Jay and I'm kind of new here, I've been lurking for a while and reading people's stories

But I've also seen that you give out advice and I need some right now

So quick story: My Mum's in Hospital and Dad's taken time off work to be with her. I told my boss that I couldn't do extra hours tomorrow (21st) or Friday (22nd) because my brother also works (Longer hours than me, he wouldn't be able to drop me home and let me in) I explained what was going on but my Boss didn't seem to care

She's now threatening to fire me (She has no basis. She's just pissed because I informed her I couldn't do the overtime for someone else)

I work in retail. I work Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and half days Sundays. my shifts are 7 till 3. My brother works in the same place I do but he works two shifts, he also never takes breaks so he wouldn't be able to take me home.

You guys. It's ten fifty five am where I am in the world. And I have officially given up hope that my boss will become a nice person