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Mood Boards?

I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff on my Instagram about “mood boards”. What are they? Does anyone use them? Are they helpful? Is there anyone that makes them?
All commentary is welcome!


morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

They look something like this . You just put a bunch pictures with similar colour theme together. They are mostly used to depict a character's interests and/or give like a general idea of story. For example, if my character's a bookworm, likes coffee etc I'd put pictures relating to that. The similar goes for the story as well!

I hope I make sense lol x

cataclysmic cataclysmic

Honestly, I spend way too much time making these. They're a creative and visual way to sum up your characters/relationships/settings. I find them extremely helpful when I need to find a sense of the character or determine what makes them unique/quirky/tick. While I sometimes make the ones that are on Tumblr that are all colour coordinated I mostly use Pinterest to make a board for my story and a bunch of subboards for the mood boards. I just find it easier because instead of having to coordinate colours or find an app that can make them I just find a picture that I think would fit my character when I'm browsing and I just drop it in the board :)

ontheedge ontheedge