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I am honestly so upset right now

I bought myself a cardigan. It was just a simple grey cardigan, with pockets on either side. It said on the label not to machine wash it so I stuck it on the kitchen counter and put the rest of my laundry in my basket by the washing machine

My Mum's friend said she'd do my washing. I told her no. Yes I still live at home at 27 but I can do my own laundry and I pay my own way in the world (I do my parents groceries, help out around the house. I've even learned how to administer my Dad's diabetes and Arthritis medicine)

This friend of my Mum completely disregarded me, she put the cardigan in the washing machine - AND DRIED IT. And now it's shrunk. Right now I just don't have the money to buy a new cardigan (It was expensive. But my Mum said go for it because it was warm)

How do I unshrink this cardigan of mine? In all my years of doing laundry I've never shrunk anything.

Any help would be greatly accepted

notinuseanymore notinuseanymore