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Kidnapping/Abuse/Rape .... It has no place in Fanfiction

I love you all. I love reading your stories and conversing with you, but I feel I have to say something.

I am writing a Historical Fiction where Harry is more the Villian than the good guy. But I am not writing about Kidnapping or Rape/abuse - I draw the line at that. I've had to rewrite the "Goodbye Berlin" plot altogether. Not that I mind, I've had a serious creative flow lately

We live in 2019. We shouldn't be writing about things like kidnap and rape, we should be striving to end things like that

I'm sorry. But I had to say something, please let's just not write about our boys in those kinds of situations anymore

All the Love:
CJ/Rosie/Whatever ya want to call me

notinuseanymore notinuseanymore

I have been saying this for YEARS. Not only in 1D fanfiction but in all fandoms and original stories on wattpad. You wouldn't believe the prevalence it has in other fandoms. It's just as bad
. I've never understood the appeal that these stories have at all. There is nothing at all remotely romantic about kidnapping and rape and those fics have an odd mission to romanticize serious and illegal acts that have damaged the lives of so many REAL people.

The trend seems to have died down within the past couple of years but I never understood how anyone could read those fics and actually enjoy them in the first place. The same goes for fics like "Dark" and "After" that strive to romanticize and normalize unhealthy and abusive relationships. The amount of adoring and dedicated fans that "After" has attracted over the years has disgusted and saddened me. The fact that girls/young women(many of which are way too young to be reading a story like that) look to the relationship of the characters as "goals" and something to strive for is very sad and its even more sad that the writer thinks the relationship between the characters is normal. . .

I'm not saying that all fics should future fluff and perfect lovey-dovey relationships(Harry and River from "Crossroads" are certainly not the ideal couple) but the writer should be completely aware of the flaws of that relationship and make a point to emphasize why that relationship is unhealthy and not encourage their often young and impressionable readers to strive to mirror the relationship of the characters. But I don't even think there is a justification or a message for the two stories because the relationships are so overtly unhealthy and the authors never acknowledge that and present them as normal. It is never okay to abuse anyone.

DO NOT even get me started on the fics that future underage relationship/sex. We will be here all day. Sorry I went on a rant, I have just always been very passionate about unhealthy messages in fanfics.

CrumpetsAndTea CrumpetsAndTea


AMEN. I could not have said it better if I tried, thank you
(And don't mind, I like to rant myself)

notinuseanymore notinuseanymore

It absolutely sickens me to see that some writers willingly produce content with that kind of stuff for the audience to read about and romanticize and when it gets popular everyone just jumps into the bandwagon like they've no mind of their own. No one realizes how disgusting it really is to see real victims being shushed down and demoralized and when it comes to fiction everyone's promoting it like it's normal??

Then there's a character's introversion, depression, anxiety etc suddenly "cured" when they meet the "love of their life" like no sweety those are NOT character flaws (depression is some serious shit don't mess with it). AND then there is our beloved hero with severe anger issues who treats his love interest pathetically. That's solid emotional abuse right there. And the writers throw in some past trauma to justify his behaviour???


I could list a thousand more things that don't belong in fanfiction whatsoever and not get tired. But I feel like the more we try to reason against something the more popular it becomes...

twoghosts twoghosts


-hands out golden tickets for all your points of views because you're spot on-

notinuseanymore notinuseanymore

This said EVERYTHING. I certainly couldn't have said it better. Also, glad to see you back!

CrumpetsAndTea CrumpetsAndTea

I don't agreen when people romanticize these concepts. I mean if you want to put it in there to raise awareness that's one thing. Another thing that I feel like people romanticize in Fanfiction is self harm. Raising awareness is fine, but I feel as though people do take these things to a disgusting level. Not only that but our boys are not rapist, or anything of the nature, and I would hate for them to think that we put them in such a light.

JasperRenee JasperRenee

My 2 cents goes as this. If it pertains to the narrative of the story and doesn't glamorize it as "sexy" and "accepted" then it's fine. Otherwise, it's not my type of story to read.

prismdreams prismdreams

My Very first story i was writing from the poiint of view of what i had been through, i dont think i romanticized or glamorized abuse and such. it was more of raise of awareness which i put in my notes at the end of an update phone numbers for different countries for abuse hotlines and suicide hotlines. i hope nobody sees me as a terrible person for including it in my first couple stories, but that was almost 4 years ago

Allie Miller Allie Miller