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Crossroads update

Hi all!

It's been ages since I've updated but I just wanted to let you all know I've updated "Crossroads"! In case you can't find it on the recent page here's a link:http://www.onedirectionfanfiction.org/Story/90746/Crossroads/9/

Thanks for reading!

CrumpetsAndTea CrumpetsAndTea

Hi guys!

Hitting the two-month mark of not updating and wanted to give you an explanation. I'm at a very very very hectic time in the semester and I really can't make Crossroads a priority right now. I'm on the process of writing an update but have only been able to write bits and pieces. I'm really hoping to get the update out the first week of December as not make it three months because I'm super excited about all the things to come!

In case you haven't seen the chapter preview on my tumblr page, here's a link:

Also, here's a link to the previous chapter to catch up:


In the meantime, I'd love to hear any thoughts and predictions about the story or what you think Harry and River will have. It's coming soon!

Thanks so so so so so so so much for investing in my writing and bearing with me! It means a lot! Also, big thanks to everyone who nominated me and my story for the fanfic awards!


CrumpetsAndTea CrumpetsAndTea