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Someone with no life bringing down rates?

This baffles me and makes me laugh at the same time. lol

I don't get how someone has the time to just make new accounts just to bring down everyones rates lmao. Guess they are mad they cant write stories themselves or really don't have anything better to do with there lives lmaoo

so how is everyones day?

Truth. Truth.

I love this too. It really gets under my skin. :( People work so hard but someone just has to be a jerkface.

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

I know. My story got down rated recently. Like I know my writing's bad but you don't just rub it in by doing that. I seriously don't understand these people sometimes...

starship starship

This kind of thing just seriously gets on my nerves. And usually its not even the bad stories that end up getting down voted. It's usually the best writers and the best stories while I suppose it's the same people who do it up vote crappy writing. It makes it hard to find the good writing.

It's nobody else's fault if some people just won't put in the effort to try and become a decent writer.

ontheedge ontheedge

I've seen it happen to mine. The length of the rant I texted to my sister in law after seeing my rating plummet is embarrassing, but... ughhh! It's frustrating!

cera85 cera85

I have also noticed that even if you give someone a hugh rating but they have a few other low ones, the way the maths for the rating system works it could still lower their rating. Its really weird.

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

It could be averaging the votes. Like the system recognizes that oh well now that there's x amount of votes, time to come up with the average. But this could easily be argued because I've seen things that make me question like...how it works >.>

Regardless, I personally don't care about rating. The way I see it either A-someone's not blindly rating it 10 to make me feel good about myself or B-that person's just an assmunch and I'm taking it a totally different way than they meant for me to (see option A). A perfect 10 on my stories just makes me feel like whoever's reading my work doesn't really care and they're clicking stuff just to click :S

@Where is Call_Me_Godot?
The maths of their averages is all kinds of wonky I think. I've seen some weird things for sure.

I'm the same way. I'd rather someone be honest because they care about the story than just giving it whatever score just to give it a score.

But when you notice a bunch of stories ratings drop in succesion it does make it look like someone is being a cockass.

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

I've not had it happen to me yet (knock on wood), but I'm sorry it happened to you. It's honestly not fair that it does. I know some of the work I have, I'll never understand how its a 10, so I def understand ya on that. Just don't worry about it and keep on writing. If you love doing it, then ratings shouldn't matter. I love to write, so for me, ratings don't mean much - but I have gotten one bad review on another site asking me why my one story was 'gay' and it turns out gay also means stupid, but she couldn't tell me what made it so bad when I asked. She just started being a troll and I just blocked her, but you'll get people like that, don't let them get to you, if you do, they won. So keep calm and write on as they say :-)