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extremely random but important

Ok, so a couple days ago one of the best baseball players off of my hometown team passed away in a car accident. The whole town is pretty torn up, and I felt so bad about it, as I would about any death. But, this one hit a little closer to home because he was so, so young, only 25, and a really promising player to boot. One thing determined from the accident was that he wasnt wearing a seat belt. So please, please, wear a seatbelt, I wouldnt want anything to happen to anyone! ♡

Ps sorry if this is weird, but I just cant get it out of my head

LivinLikeLarry LivinLikeLarry

I read about this, it's so so terrible. Makes you realise that life is too short and we just need to make the most of it. I understand it's hit you harder, I hope you're doing okay.

Yes I agree and thank you for your caring message - always wear a seat belt. Sending love your way! Xx

xRock_Mex xRock_Mex