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The Silence That Screamed


Sophia Lorelei Stone was the eldest daughter to Daniel William Stone. A man who had outstretched his resources to buy more time with the dark leader of London’s most dangerous underground. A man he owed a substantial amount of money to and has for the past twenty-five years. Now Damien wants what he’s owed – and at any cost. Damien’s son was his predecessor for when Hell finally came to swallow the old man whole. Harry Styles, a man of very few words was more than happy to take on the job of kidnapping Sophia to get her father to cooperate. However, what they didn’t expect was for it to go as far as it had. Now with no more words, it was time for action and Sophia could only shield herself in the darkness for so long before the silence screamed and, in the process, take everything she’s ever loved.



I try to update every week, so there will be more soon for sure. I'll be on chapter 4 tomorrow. I'm glad you like the story, this is my 4th version of it. The next chapter will take me about 3 to 4 days. I'll be starting on the next one tomorrow :-)

Lucky334 Lucky334

I just read all four chapters and cried a whole damn tonne. Is there any more coming soon? Keep up the good work

LovelyLeelah LovelyLeelah