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Rome: The Forsaken

Three - Temporary Freedom

She walked behind the wagon the eyes of the captured slaves in her view. Robin knew they were watching her, they probably despised her now that the blond had compared them to her. What they couldn’t see was her heart beating faster than the horses pulling this cart could run. Her breathing was uneven but it was soft, her hands were shaking, but the shackles made it look like it was just movement form her walking.

Robin was scared, even more afraid of her future than the monsters she had encountered in her dreams. That was a lie, they would always scare her than any real person or thing could. She felt the pain in her feet shoot up her leg with every step. They had been walking for 2 hours easily, well she had, while the other slaves slept.

She was still covered head to toe in grime and dirt. She was amazed to see a house 10 time bigger than she had ever imagined. She could tell by the detail carved into every brick and pillar of stone, that someone very powerful and very, very rich lived here.Robin was out of breath and tired not hesitating to fall flat on her butt as soon as the cart stopped.

“Alright men...and you....” The blonde said turning towards Robin slightly expecting to see her. He looked down and his lips twitched up. “Lou 2 pieces!” They all could hear Louis’s response.

“WHAT!!!?” The cart shook with great force as he got off and scrambled around. “Well shit..” He muttered staring at the girl and throwing two gold pieces at the slave buyer. “Good for nothin little....” He didn’t finish the sentence. She looked up at him and he stumbled the words out. “L-little....bitch.....’ He felt the unnerving feeling as her eyes bore into his like spears. They sent shivers down his spine.

“Lets go Ni...” They grabbed the front to men in line and they led the group of men and Robin to the large house. Instead of going through the normal entrance they went around and entered through the side servants doors. They all still looked like they belonged on the streets, filthy and dirty, but they were led to a room with paintings of gods and goddesses. It was simple but the room was spectacular. Robin’s eyes shot around the room inspecting everything. A door opens as they were halted mid step. The shackles felt 10 times heavier than they were, as a few men and women walked in. There was a girl around her age with who Robin assumed to be her mother. She looked her in the eyes, something a slave should never do.

The young woman’s eyes widened slightly before looking away and looking back before whispering to her mother. She went back to looking ahead. “I knew I could trust you two” A kind deep voice spoke. Her eyes flicked to a man with short dark hair.He was a little bit pumper than the average man, but you could still see some muscle. His eyes were a grayish green color like clouded jade, “Ahh you managed to find one Niall. How much?”

“2000 under expected Sir.”

“Split and add it to your next trip”

“Yes sir”

The man’s attention was now on the woman. “Do we have a translator?”

“No need” Robin said coolly, a tone of respect clear despite her inward attitude. “I can understand Romans.”

“Saves me money, thank you for letting me know” The man smiled warmly at her. He seemed kind.

“I want her...” The woman spoke looking at the girl with a hard but kind stare, as if she had cared for the girl she hadn't even met. “She will be Gemma’s head slave” Robin wanted to cringe at the word, she wanted to take something and clean out her ears. The word made her skin crawl.

“But mother....” The other woman's voice was gentle but complaining. “Alexa has a Egyptian princess, and I get stuck with her?” The man looked at her.

“She is what I chose Gemma, you just have to wait and see for yourself.” There was a soft smile with a glint in his eye as if he knew something they all didn’t. “Send them off before my son gets he.....” The door had burst open and in walked two more men. They were both in riding clothes. “Ahh Harry, Liam...How was your ride?”

“It was wonderful father...” The taller man said sarcastically, his eyes turned to the lines of newly bought slaves.“I want him.....him...” He continued down the line picking 4 men until his eyes fell on a few of the girls who had been purchased. He laughed the mockery was clear in his voice. He turned towards his father and mother.

“They look like scraps” He had not even looked at all of them before choosing an Egyptian girl and pulling her towards a group of servants. “Clean her up” and with that he man was gone as fast as he arrived. Robin let out a breath, she was glad the man hadn’t even looked at her, he hadn’t even come close.

Robin looked around at the people who were quietly talking to themselves, but she could hear them loud and clear.” Have them cleaned up and sent to the quarters, from there we will divide them into their groups and they will start tomorrow.”

Robin shifted her feet the shackles connected her wrists and feet started to clank. Her ankles were bruised and her wrists were close to bleeding. She chewed on the inside of her cheek as Louis split up the slaves and moved them to a bathhouse away form the main house. The stone and marble building was at least five times bigger than her hut back with the Tramono tribe. Everything her was clean and precise and you could even smell the disinfectant in the air as they got closer to the baths.

The females were led to one side while the males were led to the other side. Female servants started to take the new slaves one by one in to the baths and Robin was almost up. She looked at the Egyptian girl who the man had selected and she could see mixed feelings on her face as she was put in a private room in the baths. “I wouldn't try escaping, there are guards at every exit.” Robin looked at Louis and she saw his eyes were on her as if he was specifically speaking to her. She didn’t give him a second glance.

The men left to guard the exits as promised and the women looked at each other, it was clear a lot of them were uneasy about the strange looking woman with shackles. Robin immediately took to the exit Louis had left by.

“They said you couldn’t leave...” One of the younger girls spoke in broken Latin. Robin simply kept walking as the other woman started talking in their own languages and started to undress and get in the water. Robin turned the corner to be met with Louis and a particularly large group of guards.

“I thought I told you to stay inside. It wasn’t an option either.” The man looked a little annoyed before the woman lifted her hands slightly the shackles clanking and making the man realize what she was getting at. He gave her a look, would she try to escape? “Order another 10 men to guard this exit.” His voice was demanding as he forcefully pushed the woman back into the baths. He moved to the entrance and took out a ring of keys. “You try anything and you will regret it.” The serious look on his face and the look in his eyes let Robin know he wasn’t joking around.

“I don’t need you to tell me twice.” Robin spoke as the shackles fell from her wrists. He knelt down to unlock her feet as thoughts ran through her mind. She had every opportunity to hurt him and get away, so why didn’t she? The shackles clanked against the ground before he warned her one last time and headed back in the direction they came from while she headed back to the baths.

Robin was in the same clothes she had been wearing for the past few days and she was glad to get out of them. She walked into a stall not finding the public pool a good idea, she wanted to stay alive for now. She undressed and slipped into the wooden tub with warm water and dunked her whole body under.

Time stopped as the warmth engulfed her. Her muscles relaxed as a false sense of safety was put into her mind. Her thoughts were cleared as the water surrounded her, it was dream like. The burning in her lungs was the only thing that made her head come up.

The colder air bit into her skin, as her calm demeanor was shocked back to reality. The crushing feeling in her stomach returning as she laid her back against the side of her tub. She started to clean herself scrubbing the grime and blood off her skin. By the time she was done the water was almost as cold as the air surrounding it. She sighed and ran her hand along the surface of the now mucky water. She stood up and put on a robe that was by a few towels. Robin huffed, as the man came to her mind.

Louis seemed like the kind who was as loyal as a dog, just like the Niall guy. Niall seemed like the nicer of the two, she could use that to her advantage. She began to walk back to the other women in the main part of the baths. Louis had threatened her and she was sure he had meant what he said. There were guards along the walls now as the women had began to gather the smell of flowers and fragrant oils filling her nose.

It reminded her exactly where she was, Rome the most disgusting and cutthroat city in the world where only the strong survive.

And she would thrive.



This chapter is ddicated to you!

So it looks like I got it up earlier than expected. I hope everyone is still enjoying the book so far. If you have any feedback or comments at all that would help a lot or if you wanted to see something happen any ideas are appreciated.

Have a good night!(Or day where ever you live!)



PerciaxXXx PerciaxXXx

I hope to see more from this, it's written quite well so far and the content is quite original!

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