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She Talks To Angels


Charlie stared back at her father in shock, stumbling back into Harry as he took a step forwards.

"No... No this can't be happening. I I'm having another nightmare." Charlie said as she started pacing the room.

"Charls. Calm down, love. Just sit down so we can explain." Harry said softly as he tried to grab her hand but she pulled it away from him.

"We? You knew? You've known he was alive this whole time? You knew what happened and you didn't tell me?!" Charlie exclaimed through angry tears.

"Charlie, I-"

"Don't. I can't... I can't handle this right now."

Harry watched as she practically ran out the front door. He let out a deep sigh as he looked at Micheal who nodded, giving him the okay to go after her. Harry immediately ran after her and spotted her throwing up hear a tree from all the stress she was feeling. He could feel her anxiety rattling her bones and she was so overwhelmed with everything that had happened the past twenty four hours.

"Charlie..." He said softly once she finished.She spit out the rest of the vomit from her mouth then stood up and turned to face him as she leaned against the tree for support.

"What's going on?" She whispered.

"I... I need you to trust me okay? I promise I'll explain everything. Just... please."

Charlie stared up at him for a long moment wondering if she should trust him after he had kept such a huge secret from her. She still had no idea how she even survived being stabbed by that... thing, but no matter what she knew that she would always be safe with him. Once she nodded Harry carefully lifted her hands to cup her cheeks and closed his eyes. Charlie was confuses at first but then it was as if a projector turned on in her head, playing through her memories like a movie.

Harry showed her the real memories that her father had changed so she could live a normal life. How she met Harry when she was six years old, but he looked the same as he did now. She looked up to him like a big brother, but as she grew older and he stayed the same her feelings changed. He started going to her high school and spending more time with her, eventually developing feelings of his own. Even though he was only supposed to protect her he couldn't help but fall for her smile and her compassion. She cared so much about people and it made sense that she would eventually become a nurse once she moved to London. All of the memories were happy ones until it came to the night of the accident...


Charlie walked home with Harry by her side after they had spent the day together, skipping school to head up to the old railroad bridge. It had been such an amazing day and they had shared their first official kiss so she was distracted and on cloud nine as she walked close to him down the path that led back to his car.

"I think we should skip school more often." Charlie smiled as she moved to walk backwards in front of him until she stopped him so she could be closer.

"If we did that your dad would murder me." Harry chuckled as he smiled down at her.

"That's only if we get caught." Charlie smirked and grabbed onto the collar of his jacket, standing up on her tiptoes to kiss him deeply.

His hands wrapped around her waist while hers wandered up into his hair, both of them becoming blissfully unaware of their surroundings. Before either of them could react Harry was suddenly ripped away from her and thrown a good ten feet into a tree. His body hit with a sickening thud and he fell limply to the ground below.

"Harry!" Charlie screamed as she tried to get to his unconscious form, but the man who had thrown him gripped onto her arms and smirked as she struggled to get away from him. "Let me go!"

"I don’t think so sweet cheeks. You’re far too valuable to let out of my sight. Your uncle will be excited to see you.” The man grinned.

Charlie’s eyes widened as his pupils dilated until his eyes were completely black… whites and all. She let out a loud scream and fought against his arms, but it wasn’t until the sound of powerful wings flapping overhead distracted him that she was able to kick him in the shin. He let out a growl of pain and hit her hard enough to send her falling to the ground in a daze. She could barely keep her eyes open as she saw two blurry figures fighting each other. One light and one dark. More wing noises could be heard and she heard other men shouting at her father to take her and run while they held him off. The next thing Charlie knew she felt the wind in her face and it was as if she was flying through the air, but in her dazed state she wasn’t sure what was real or not. Thunder boomed overhead signaling that it was about to rain and she could smell it on the wind.

“Stay awake, Sweetheart. It’s going to be okay.” Her father’s soothing voice told her over the wind.

When she woke up they were in a car speeding back towards town and it took all but a moment for everything to come flooding back to her.

“Dad, what was that?” She asked her father. “How did you know where I was? H-His eyes were black. Why were they black?”

“Charlie, look at me! I'll explain everything later but right now I just need you to be quiet so I can focus!”

The man suddenly appeared in front of them and Charlie screamed as her father pressed the gas, yelling at her to hold on. The man shifted positions so he was now in the opposite lane, standing right in front of the oncoming car. The car swerved to miss him, but instead of hitting the man it slammed into the car Charlie and her father were in. Her body jerked forwards, getting caught by the seat belt but it was enough to knock the wind from her lungs. She barely remembered the car flipping over from impact, sending it rolling down into the ditch.

When she woke her body felt sore and she was lying in the grass next to the car. A whimper fell from her lips as she tried to move, not knowing where her father was or what happened. It all happened so fast and she wasn’t even sure if what she saw was real or not. It seemed like something out of a horror movie and she was sure that her eyes were playing tricks on her.


Harry landed on the pavement and ran over to her, quickly assessing her injuries. She immediately reached out to him and let out a sob.

“Harry. What’s happening?” She choked out.

“We’ll explain later. Right now you need to lie still so I can heal you okay? Love, just trust me.”

Charlie nodded and before Harry could start healing her Micheal walked over with his clothes covered in blood.

“Harry, wait. Let me… I have to erase her memory of tonight. I can’t be around her anymore because they can sense me so you’ll have to protect her from now on.” He said.

“But-” Harry started, but was cut off when he held his hand up to the younger man.

“It has to be done. It’s the only way to keep her safe. I’ll return when it’s time but for now you and the boys need to look after her and Laura.”

Harry sighed but nodded, stepping back as Charlie’s father took his place beside his confused and terrified daughter.

“I know this is a lot right now, sweetheart, but I promise you that I’ll come back and explain everything. I need to keep you safe. I love you so much.”

He knelt down and kissed his daughter’s forehead, both hands cupping the sides of her head as they glowed a white light which healed her wounds and altered her memories. She no longer remembered the accident, only knowing the memories that he planted in her head of him drinking all the time and being a bad father. He knew that if she left the good memories that she would try to find him so this was the only way to keep her safe.

“I’m sorry, Charlie…”

Once she was healed he left, leaving Harry and the other soldiers to get her home safe.

*End Flashback*

When Harry opened his eyes Charlie was in tears. Now that she remembered everything she realized that her father left to protect her from whatever monster was after her. She stared at Harry, finally knowing that he had been there the whole time looking over her ever since Micheal assigned him to protect her.

“What are you?” She asked when she finally found her voice.

Instead of answering Harry just allowed his wings to unfold and be seen. They were usually hidden from human eyes, but now he finally allowed her to see them. They weren’t normal wings that she would have expected that resembled a bird’s feathers. No. They were made of light. Pure light that moved through the shape of wings like lightning. She reached out to gently touch them, feeling nothing but warmth and energy flowing through her fingertips. A soft laugh fell from her lips as her eyes looked up at him in wonder, amazed by this new information.

“You’re an angel.”

“I am. And so are you. Well, partially anyway. Your mother was a human.” He explained.

“So I’m half angel half human then? Why are those things after me?”

“Because you’re what some would call a nephilim. In a way you have the potential to be the most powerful being heaven and earth, which is why Lucifer wants you so badly. He can poison your mind and turn you against us, which will give him the leverage he needs to win this war that’s been going on for centuries.”

“War? What war?” Charlie asked, feeling nothing but more confused.

“Come inside. Your father will explain everything.”

Harry held out his hand for her and she stared at it for a moment, feeling a bit of hesitation but she finally grabbed hold and followed him back into the cabin in hopes of finding the answers to all the questions she had.


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