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"C'mon Jess... you've gotta come out! Everyone is gunna be there!!"

"Uhh, I dunno Liz. I've gotta go to work tonight, and by the time I get out I just know Ima be tired, and then I also have an exam tomorrow and I wanna get a good nights rest before."

"You suck, you know that? You're the only person in college who hasn't been to a single party this whole semester! C'mooooooon!!! Nolan's gunna be there..." My roommate liz giggled while nudging me and winking. Nolan was this guy down the hall who has repeatingly showed interest in me, but it'll never happen, because I am disgusted by him. He's gross and arrogant, and that's the complete opposite of the guys I go for.

"If that guy's going that gives me more of a reason, NOT to go."

"UGH! I do not understand why you won't give him a chance! He's so hot AND he's president of the associated students, which means he's going to be something big someday."

"Please stop hyping him up... If you like him so much why don't you date him?" I asked, starting to get annoyed.

"Because you're the one he's after, and he won't let me forget it! Do you really think I haven't tried to get his attention?!?! I've been trying since we met him sophomore year in ENG 220!! And all he's a ever talked about since then is YOU, and I'm sick of it! Ya know what? I don't care what you say, you're fucking going tonight!"

"No, I'm not, and that's final."

*Later that night*

"I can't believe I let you drag me to this dumb ass frat party." I complained.

"Shut up and look cute! Here comes Nolan." Liz whispered slapping my arm before yelling,"HI NOLAN!" In the most fakest voice.

"Hi, Liz. Oh, hey Jess. I didn't think you were coming tonight." Nolan claimed staring at my chest.

I knew I shouldn't have worn this provocative ass dress.

"Yeah, neither did I," I confessed,"Anyways, I'ma go get a drink."

"H-hey wait! I'll go with ya!" Nolan exclaimed following me down the hall. "Sooo, how was work?"

"It was fine."

"Anything eventful happen?"

"Eventful? In a hospital? Nooooo." I answered sarcastically.

"Yeah, same here. Just another boring day at the office. Sooo, I was wondering... when can I take you out?" He asked putting his hand around my waist.

"Nolan, two things. First, get your hands off me, and second, never. I'd rather get hit by a truck than go out with you! You're degrading and rude! You have no consideration for others, and you only care about yourself! So if you could please leave me alone!" I responded, storming out of the kitchen and over to my friend Liz.

"Liz, I came, I saw, and I am disgusted! I'm sorry, but I've gotta get home. You coming?"

"What? No. If you wanna be a party pooper go ahead! But I came to have a good time, and I'm not leaving just because you wanna be a stick in the mud!"

"Fine. I'm sorry, that we're in college, and I want to study and get a good education instead of wasting my time partying." I yelled at her before walking away.

It was a cold night, and I didn't bring a jacket. Perfect. The frat house wasn't far from our dorm, and even though Liz and I originally took an Uber there, I decided to just save money and walk back. I walked through campus since it was a little bit of a short cut, and I didn't want to be out in the cold very long. I walked passed the football field, and then past the Chemistry and Bio labs, and then to the Grand Amphitheater which my university was known for. Tons of famous bands and artists have performed there like: Beyoncé, One Direction (when they were One Direction), KISS, Kanye West, and lots of others. We were actually setting up to have 5 Seconds of Summer come perform there in a couple of days as part of their "Meet You There" tour; I wouldn't call myself a big fan, but I do like some of their songs. Anyways, as I was passing by I heard a couple of voices... First some laughing, then some whispering, and then a loud"SHHHH I THINK SOMEONE'S COMING!"

"Well, actually. Someone's already here, and I can hear you... whoever you are." I laughed while looking around to see who was there. After I had answered it all went quiet; almost as if whoever the mysterious voice or person was, had left. I figured I could go look around and find out who the voice was or I could go home and sleep... after debating with myself for 5 minutes I decided, this is college and I barely get enough sleep as is, so instead of wasting time checking this thing out, I continued walking back to my dorm.

*Calum's P.OV.*

"This, is a terrible idea. Like, one of our worst." I claimed.

"No, this'll be fun! I mean when do we ever get to go out and check things out on tour?? Anyways, we're just going to check out the venue for Thursday night!" Luke pleaded.

"Yeah, but if we get caught or any fangirls see us we're fucked!"

"Then, we just won't get caught!"

"Fine... I'm in."

"Yeah, me too!" Ashton and Michael said at the same time.

Luke came up with the GREAT idea of sneaking out of our hotel and checking out the concert venue at some nearby university in San Diego, a city we are unfamiliar with, and also in the middle of the fucking night. Since everyone agreed to the stupid plan, we all found ourselves in black pants, black hoodies, black shoes, and some sun glasses in the back of an Uber on our way over to the school. The Uber dropped us off in front of the University, leaving us to navigate our way to the "Grand Amphitheater."

"This is sooo cool! I wish I went to college!" Michael exclaimed looking at all the buildings.

"I know right!?! Imagine just being a normal college student?" Luke asked. It then went quiet for a bit, while we all followed our nobel leader Luke to the venue.

"THERE IT IS!" Luke yelled running over to the amphitheater.

"Luke! SHUT UP!" I whisper-yelled chasing after him; Michael and Ashton followed us giggling like a bunch of hyenas.

"Okay, this place does look pretty cool." I admitted.

"YEAH, it does! And just imagine what the inside looks like!" Luke said looking at all the Amphitheater's features.

"HAHA. Guys, this reminds me of when you're playing hide and go seek and you're hiding and you have to pee even though you just went pee... does anyone else feel like this?" Mikey laughed.

"DUUUUDEEEE! MEEEE! And I can't stop nervous laughing!!" Ashton added.

Just then, before anyone could say anything else, we heard foot steps; we all hid behind some pillars and looked too see what it was... it was just some girl walking all alone.

"What is it?" Luke asked loudly. She then stopped and turned around into the light; she had a tight black dress on and her arms crossed as if she was cold, long curly brown hair, and the most beautiful face I've ever seen. She began looking around and then she began walking in the opposite direction, until Ashton yelled," SHHHH I THINK SOMEONE'S COMING!"

She then turned around quickly and yelled,"Actually, someone's already here, and I can hear you... whoever you are." She was laughing and had the cutest voice and smile. She looked around for a bit, but then shrugged her shoulders and continued walking away.

"That was a close one! Let's get the fuck outta here!" I whispered as we all began running in the opposite direction as she walked. While we were running to our new pick up spot for the Uber; I couldn't help but think of the mystery girl who almost caught us. Who was she? What was her name? Why was she out so late. But most importantly, will I ever see her again?

Author's Note: Hello and thank you for reading the first chapter of my story! I hope you all enjoyed it. I will be trying to update every so often! So, until the next update, please favourite and lemme know what you think! Have a great day everyone, and thank you again!




I love this story already <3 can't wait to read more!

Ty means thank you. I’m sorry I don’t understand why you are upset... I was saying thank you for your help.

monaliisa_ monaliisa_

.... "Ty" seriously?
Okay then...

notinuseanymore notinuseanymore

Ty :)

monaliisa_ monaliisa_

Can I say something. AU means Alternate Universe, this isn't an AU if Calum's still in the band

notinuseanymore notinuseanymore