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Pick Me Up

Chapter 7

It was an hour till closing at Coffee Goblin and Harry was staring at the clock. He swore time was going by slow on purpose. It was Saturday night and he was meant to be out with his friends, getting ready and pre-drinking before the club, but no, here he was, sat at work covering yet another shift for Ashton. He was mindlessly wiping down the espresso machine when the door chimed, meaning someone had entered the empty place. All Harry could think about was how annoyed he was that he was going to have to clean the machine, again, after he already did it.

“Hey, we’re almost closed up for the nii—“ Harry looked up and saw a vision in front of him. It was Percy, all done up, ready for the night. She was wearing high-waisted black shorts with double buttons, a black lace crop top with a black bando under it, and shoes that would kill someone if you walked over them and her hair was wild in loose curls. The only word that came to his mind was ‘Damn’.

“Hiya!” said Percy cheerfully. She had a small bag in her hand that was attached at her wrist, for the obvious purpose of not losing it while intoxicated and dancing.

“You look like a walking felony… you know that right?” He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her, and he could help but smile either. A little monster inside of him stirred when girls looked like she was looking, but somehow, she looked better than any other girl he could possibly think of.

“Is that a running thing with you boys? I’m just going to take that as a compliment even though you basically told me I look like a prostitute.” She said, walking up the counter, leaning over, showing way too much cleavage, not that Harry minded at all. “I’m here for my tips this week, please.”

“Going out tonight then?” he asked, while opening the safe and taking out the envelope with Percy’s name on it, then handing it over to her.

“Yes. Niall has been begging me for the past few weeks to go out with him so I can put on my act and find him another girl.”

“Well aren’t you the best friend anyone could ever ask for?”

“I know, I should win the Nobel Prize for getting Niall laid.” She stood back up and counted the notes in the envelope. “Only 52 pounds? For the whole week? This is shit.”

“Yeah, well, come to work on time and maybe you’d get more”

“Shut up Harry.” She didn’t really mean it. She had grown to like Harry more and more over the past few weeks. “You coming out tonight as well?” she asked hopefully. She was starting to like his presence more and more lately.

“Yeah, once I close up I’ll be heading to meet up with you all.”

“Alright, text me later.” She said, turning and leaving the store, waving her hand in the air as a good-bye. All Harry could do was stare at her walk away. He hated to admit it to himself, but Percy was becoming more and more appealing to him.


As soon at the clock struck 11pm, Harry was out the door and in his car, a quick change of clothes, his tight black jeans and a button up, and headed out to meet up with everyone. He got out his phone, he would usually text Zayn or Louis, but something possessed him to look for Percy’s number. He didn’t have to scroll very far to reach her name. He hesitated for a moment before sending anything, his fingers paused and hovered over her name for a minute before he decided to go ahead and do it.

To: Persephone Appleyard
From: Harry Styles
“I’m in the car park. Where are you guys at?”

He waited patiently until his phone buzzed again lit up, his heart jumped a bit, seeing that her name pop up on the screen.

To: Harry Styles
From: Persephone Appleyard
“We’re at Fab. Hurry.”


She wanted him there, or so he thought. He walked over the club and made it to the back by the bar where he saw everyone at a VIP table, because Niall never partied any differently. It wasn’t even midnight and everyone already had a bit too much to drink.

Jo and Kyle weren’t talking because if either of them drank too much they would find something to fight over. Louis and Liam were over at the bar, buying drinks for people they didn’t know while Zayn, Niall and Percy were sitting in the booth talking strategy for Percy to work her magic to get Niall a girl for the night.

Percy noticed Harry immediately and lit up when she saw him. She had her half drunk face on, meaning she was having a good time. Zayn wasn’t too much of a drinker, so he was sipping slowly. And Niall, oh Niall the little Irish man, was holding his drink better than anyone else in the room.

“Hiya!” greeted Percy when he finally reached the table.

“You lot look a few drinks ahead of me.” Said Harry, taking a seat next to Percy on the edge of the booth. He was very aware how close he was to her. He could feel how warm she was. He took the bottle of whiskey off the table and poured himself a full glass.

“Some of us have a better priorities than you, like that blonde bird over there.” Said Niall, motioning his head left to a girl surrounded by her friends. She was in a short black dress, her hair in loose curls. “God help me, I do love girls in little black dresses.” He took a drink from his glass, not tearing them away from his target.

“Alright Perce… It’s show time.” Said Zayn, rubbing his hands together “Let’s see if this can work twice in a row.”

“Oh believe me, it will work.” She said, standing up, taking out a tiny mirror in her purse, and holding it up to her face.

“What the hell are you doing?” asked Niall, annoyed. He obviously didn’t want Percy loosing focus.

“I’ve got to look the part Niall. I am a method actor, have to get into character.” She also ruffled up her hair, and smeared her eyeliner. “Watch the magic happen.” She said winking as she picked up her drink and stumbled over to the table with the girl Niall wanted.

“Genius, that’s what she is.” Said Zayn to Harry as all three boys watched her pretend to fall and spill her drink.

“Evil genius, more like it.” Said Harry, pouring more whiskey for himself, thinking that even as she tried to make herself look like a mess, she still looked good.

“Good thing she likes us, don’t want to ever see what her evil genius could do when she is angry.” Laughed Niall, Percy was in the drunk crying phase of her plan, and as far as he could tell, it was working like a charm. The girls were huddled around her, helping her up and obviously listening to what she had to say. “Do you think I owe her if this works again?”

“You owe her big time.” Laughed Harry.

“Damn, I thought so.” Niall shook his head, he didn’t really mind owing Percy. He straightened up and poured three extra drinks in anticipation. “Oh, she’s on her way back boys, faces on.”

The girls were holding onto Percy, helping her walk back to where the boys were sat. She was shaking her head and tearing up, apologizing to the girls for having to help her.

“I’m so sorry.” She said, rather convincingly. “Thank you for bringing me back to my friends. They’re trying to help me have a good time, but I just can’t. I’m bringing them down.” That was Niall’s cue.

“That’s not true darling, you’re fine. We loving having you out with us.” Said Niall, holding out his hand to ‘help’ Percy back to sit down at the booth. “Thank you girls for bringing her back. She is having a bit of a hard time.”

“Oh, it’s no problem.” Said the girl he had picked out earlier. “It’s sweet, you guys taking her out. We’ve all been through break-ups.”

“Why don’t you sit down and have a drink with us?” asked Zayn, “As a thank you for helping out Percy.”

“Oh. That sounds nice.” Said a girl with short fire engine red hair. “Doesn’t it Hayley?”

“Yeah, sounds great.” Her friend replied.

The girls sat down, Niall and Zayn were working their part the act. Again, it worked swimmingly. Percy was now free to drink and just people watch, she had almost forgotten that Harry was next to her. He looked very subdued, drinking his whiskey.

“So, how was closing tonight?” she screamed over the music, trying to make small talk.

“Good. Fast.” Said Harry shrugging. “Pretty boring.”

“Ah, good old night shift.” She said, smiling, sipping her cocktail. They sat in silence for a few minutes. But the silence wasn’t awkward, it was electric. There was something buzzing between them, but neither of them knew what to say about it, so they just sat and listened to the music and watched people dance. They were long forgotten by Zayn and Niall, but someone now approached them. It was the same guy who had been there the last time.

“Hello gorgeous, fancy meeting you here again.” He said, trying to be charming, it just made Harry scoff.

“You sure you aren’t stalking me or something?” asked Percy, half jokingly.

“I might be.” He said winking, taking a seat on the other side of her. “Hi, I’m Olly.”

“Percy.” She introduced back.

“Percy? Does it stand for something?”

“Nope, just Percy.” She lied, making Harry smile. He knew damn well that her name was Persephone and how much she hated it.

“Cute.” Harry rolled his eyes, like she hasn’t heard that one before. “So tell me, how come you’re always surround by this pack of guys?”

“They’re my friends.”

“None of them are your boyfriend?”

“You sure do ask a lot of questions for someone I have only met twice.” She raised her eyebrow at him, and to be honest Harry was a bit relieved when she didn’t answer the boyfriend question. He was growing more and more agitated by this kid, Olly’s, presence near them.

“Well, you’re a cute girl. Might as well get to know you before we shag.”

Percy nearly spit her drink out of her mouth; she couldn’t believe the boldness in his comment. Harry was immediately on the defense, friend or not, that was not how you spoke to a girl, ever.

“Excuse me?” asked Percy, clearly offended, but before she got too angry, Harry butted in.

“Want to dance Percy?” he asked, standing up, trying to save the day.

“Yes.” She said quickly and got up with him, took his hand and they both got to the dance floor. They kept walking, not looking back at the creep that had just offended her, but once they got there, they stood still. There were people grinding and dancing around them, music blaring, lights flashing. Percy could feel the vibration in her feet and as it began to spread through her. She loved to dance, not that she could, but she didn’t care.

“Eeerr…” said Harry, awkwardly. “I don’t really dance.”

“It’s easy. Watch.”

Percy grabbed Harry’s hands, turned around, and put them around her waist as the club remix version of ‘Talk Dirty To Me’ came on, pulsing through the speakers. Percy had placed Harry's hands on her hips as she slowly began to dance. Her body in sync with the music, she lightly ground her back into him. She was hoping that it would have some kind of effect and he would begin dancing on his own, but that wasn't happening. She turned around to face him, he looked like a deer caught in headlights. She put her arms around his neck and pulled his body against hers. She began to sway her body rhythmically, enjoying what the song had to offer.

Harry got the hint and began to try and move with her. At first it was awkward and offbeat, but as the song progressed he got better. His hands were still on her hips, he slid them to her lower back and pulled her pelvis into his and began to grind. This was way more fun that he thought. Plus, having Percy dance up on him wasn't the worst thing in the world. She even smelt nice, like lavender and lemon. As they continued to dance, Percy decided it was time to turn around again. She did it slightly to not disturb Harry's rhythm. The song changed to a dance version of ‘Slow Motion’ and now his hips were grinding into her back.

It was getting hot, so she took her hair and pulled it to the side for some sort of cool relief, Harry noticed and all he wanted to do at the moment was kiss her right behind her ear, but he hesitated. Instead he lightly brushed her neck with his fingers. They both felt the tingle of their skin meeting and it lingered long after the touch had gone. Percy wanted to see his face, so one lasts time she swung around and peered at him. Her hands running up his neck and into his hair, pulled it slightly and moving his head closer to hers so that their foreheads touched.

They both were breathing hard and could feel the electric static between their lips. Both of them wanting to kiss right there on the dance floor, but Harry hesitated and missed the moment and to ruin it even further, Niall and Zayn, along with the girls Percy snagged for them came their way. She and Harry quickly let go of each other, like that had been doing something wrong and didn’t want their parents to see.

“The girls and I were just discussing how loud it is in here, no place to talk.” Shouted Niall and he leaned into Percy and Harry. “We’re going back to mine to finish the night off with some drinking games. You guys in?”

“I’m down.” Said Percy, jumping at the chance to maybe get away from Harry. She still was having the lingering feeling of being close to kissing him and she wanted to drink and forget about it.

“Yeah.” Said Harry, “Me too.”

“Alright, lets go then.” Said Zayn, taking the hand of Hayley’s redheaded friend. Niall whistled really loudly towards where Liam, Louis, Kyle, and Jo were. They all turned and headed out into the cold night air. There was a total of 10 of them walking to the cab pick up spot. Everyone with a partner was huddled close together, holding hands or arms around their shoulders while Harry and Percy stood in silence, trying not to look at each other.

“What about your car?” Percy asked Harry, breaking the silence.

“Oh.” He was a little shocked at the sound of her voice. He wasn’t expecting her to talk at all, at least not until they got to Niall and Zayn’s. “I’ll get it in the morning.”

The cabs arrived; they barely fit into 3 of them. They took the 20 minutes drive back up to the mansion. Harry and Percy were stuck sitting next to each other, having that static charge between them the whole time, but they kept their hands to themselves and their eyes down. They all stumbled up the long pathway of Niall’s drive and into the house den where they all took stools and sat around the pool table, since it was the only place big enough to host all the people.

Niall poured them all drinks and took his seat at the head of the table.

“We are going to play ‘Never Have I Ever’ but with a twist.” He said, drunk and in the mood for some light hearted fun.

“What’s never have I ever?” asked Hayley’s friend.

“Good question there, Lissa.” Said Niall, “We all go around and say things we have never done before and if one of us has done them we take a drink, and whoever is left standing with the most drink wins.”

“Sounds simple.” Said Hayley, who was sitting next to Niall, admiring his Irish charm.

“But the twist is, if you lie and one of us around this table knows that you have lied, we call you out and then you have to do a dare, no questions asked.” He had a smirk on his face, as everyone glanced at each other. “Sound like fun?”

“Sounds like a challenge.” Said Zayn, winking at Lissa.

“Right, let’s get going. Who’s first?” asked Louis. “Niall, you should do the honors, it is your house and your rules, after all.”

“Why thank you Louis, you’re so considerate.” He said back, bowing his head. “Hmmmm, never have I ever had sex in a room full of people.”

Everyone looked around at each other, and saw Jo and Kyle take a drink. Everyone hooted and hollered.

“What the hell! When did that happen?” asked Percy, slightly drunk and amazed that her bit of a prude best friend would even do something so scandalous.

“Errrr, last year when we had that girls night in my old dorm room.” Said Jo, blush a new kind of red.

“What?! How did Kyle even get in there with out us waking up?” screeched Percy.

“I am very very sneaky.” Said Kyle, winking.

“Ugh, Gross.” Percy was thoroughly disgusted.

“Right, your turn Jo.” Said Niall.

“Alright then, never have I ever flirted with a professor to get a good grade.” She had a mile wide smile on her face knowing full well that Percy had to drink, which she did, along with Hayley and Lissa.

“Naughty girls.” Said Louis, laughing.

“Hey, it was a hard test and I was hung over,” said Percy, defending herself. “Plus, these are good for better grades and free drinks.” She said, pointing to her breasts, which were larger than any of the other girls there. Everyone laughed along with her.

“My turn.” Said Percy excitedly. “Okay. Never have I ever… gone drunk to class wearing the same clothes as the night before.” Almost everyone at the table drank except for Liam.

“Oi!” said Harry, pointing over at Liam. “You have! I was with you. The night after my birthday party we had class and you were still so drunk you fell asleep.”

“Damn!” said Liam, “I didn’t think you’d remember that one. You were just as drunk as I was.”

“Now you have to do a dare!” said Jo. “Rules are rules.”

“Fine. But nothing to embarrassing.”

“No promises.” Said Harry. “Hmmmm, what can I make you do. I know. Every time someone lies you have to remove and article of clothing.”

“What? No way!” said Liam in protest.


“Niall?” whined Liam, hoping to get out of it.

“House rules man. Sorry.” Shrugged Niall. “Okay Louis, your turn.”

“I’ve got the perfect one.” Louis had gleam in his eye, and evil gleam that wanted out. “Never have I ever… slept with anyone in this room.”

Fuck. Fucking shit, thought Percy. No one was supposed to know about her and Zayn. Harry only just found out against her will. Her and Zayn’s eyes met as if you say, shit, we can’t lie or we’ll be punished, might as well drink. Both of them slowly lifted up their glasses and drank from them. The whole room went silent for a few very long seconds.

“I knew it! I fucking bloody well knew it!” screamed Louis, excitedly sitting up from his seat and banging his hand on the table. “Both of you acting so coy as if nothing had ever happened. It was that night, the party. You dirty little liars, keeping it from us.”

“Percy! You didn’t even tell me and I’m your best friend! I feel betrayed, utterly betrayed!” said Jo, huffing.

“We like to pretend that it never happened.” Said Zayn, trying to take the heat of Percy for a few minutes.

“Yeah.” Percy agreed, “We’re better off friends anyway.”


“Whatever. I knew it.” Said Louis, triumphantly. “Zayn, you go.”

“Okay, Never have I ever… went to take a piss outside in the pouring rain, naked, and got a picture from it.”

“That sounded very specific.” Said Kyle. No one at the table drank, but Harry’s eyes narrowed and glared at Zayn. It was something he didn’t like to bring up, but he stood his ground and didn’t drink.

“Harry. Anything to say about that?” asked Zayn, playfully.

“Nope.” Answered Harry, straight faced.

“Liar!” exclaimed Zayn. “You’ve got to do a dare.”

“Wait… there is a picture?” asked Percy, “Come on then, let’s see then.”

“No.” said Harry.

“Yes. I have it right here on my phone.” Said Zayn, taking out his iPhone.

“No you don’t” Harry shot up fast and grabbed Zayn’s phone before anyone could even think about looking at it.

“Either you do the dare or I show the picture, I have more than one copy.” Said Zayn.


“I dare you to kiss Percy.” Said Zayn, with a smirk. Harry had not too long ago just admitted he had some kind of feelings for Percy, not sure exactly what kind, but they were there and Zayn was going to try and exploit it. “I’m talking a real kiss, not a peck like you give you Nan.”

“Hey, do I get a say in this?” asked Percy, a little offended that she needed someone to kiss her on a dare. A spark ignited inside her, the very near memory of their almost kiss on the dance floor, and that was when no one was looking. But now, she was in a room full of her and Harry’s friends. She didn’t want her first kiss with him, let alone anyone else, to be in front of people, let alone a dare. If Harry wanted to kiss her, she wanted it to be because he wanted to, not because someone was daring him.

“Nope.” Said Zayn, still smiling.

“Harry won’t do it…” said Liam.

“I’m calling your bluff Styles.” Said Zayn.

“Oh really?” asked Harry with shaky confidence. He was thinking the same thing as Percy had been, but he didn’t know it. Their almost kiss, it would have been perfect, but now, it’s all messed up. This isn’t how it should go down. He wasn’t sure he had enough confidence to do it, but, Zayn was taunting him and he wasn’t about to let him get to him. Plus, he wanted to kiss her the best he could so it would make her forget she had ever been with Zayn.

“Yeah, really.”

Harry was fuming, so he swallowed his pride, got up, took a few giant steps over to where Percy was sitting, leaned in and crashed his lips onto hers. He kissed her like he had never kissed anyone before. It was powerful and perfect. It was the kiss that should have happened while they were dancing alone and not in a room full of people. The static sparked in both of them, it was a first kiss to remember. Their mouths opened and tongue’s massaged each other lightly while their lips remained firm. They finally broke a part when Louis stated making howling noises.

Their eyes met and searched each other for some type of response, but Percy was just in shock, she had never been kissed like that before and she wanted it to happen all over again. But they said nothing, just labored breathing, and returned to their respectful places around the pool table.

The game continued on until everyone’s drinks were gone. People started leaving here and there. Zayn and Niall took their girls up to their rooms and Kyle and Jo fell asleep on the floor. Louis passed out in the recliner chair while Liam took it upon himself to make a bed on the pool table, and then it was only Percy and Harry left. They took to the couch and put on a movie, ‘Avatar’.

They both sprawled out on the couch, making sure not to sit too close to each other. The ghost feeling of their kiss weighing on both their shoulders. They were both too drunk and too tired to talk about it, so they just look at each other in small gazes when the other wasn’t paying attention and let the night go on. But at some point, their hands touched under their shared blanket, they both glanced at each other, hearts racing and confused feelings, and neither of them knew who initiated it no would they ever admit it to themselves if they did, their fingers intertwined and were locked together. Both of them never knew holding hand could be so exciting and it was just enough to make them comfortable.


Percy didn't remember fall asleep on the couch, but waking up was a different story. Her head was pounding and her mouth was dry. And she was hot. Really, really hot. She began to stir and opened her eyes to notice a blurry Harry draped over her. His leg over hers, trapping her under him. He had one arm under her neck and the other locked onto her body, holding her tightly to him. His head was nuzzled in the crook of her neck and he was breathing steadily, still asleep. She didn't know whether she should wake him and move or stay in his embrace and not escape the heat.

It wasn't a bad thing that he was there snuggling with her unintentionally. After their kiss last night and the teenage hand-holding, she was slightly confused by him. This tall indie weirdo made her feel like she was 13 all over again and in love with Justin Timberlake. She felt giddy the rest of the night after he kissed her, but she didn't want to show it. She had to keep her cool, because she was scared that if the guys caught her being a bit too girly they wouldn't want to hang around with her anymore. So, basically, she was determined to remain one of the boys, and that meant no crush on Harry. No longing glances from across the room or brushing to against him accidentally and feeling that charge that was long gone from their kiss and in need of a power up. She was going to be a nun. Plus, she was pretty sure that if Zayn or Niall caught wind of a live interest being in her life they would be kind of over protective to the point of embarrassment and scaring the kid away.

As she was thinking all of this, she laid still, allowing herself to momentarily get lost in the comfortable hold on Harry. She could imagine several morning like this if she let herself, but she heard footsteps coming into the den, which turned her attention. She was used to the voices of Zayn and Niall, but these were two girls, Lissa and Hayley, maybe? They were giggling. She turned her ear to listen.

“Last night was…” said the voice she believed to belong to Hayley.

“Fun.” Said the girl who was Lissa. “ I can’t believe we did that, going home with Niall and Zayn.”

“We did more than just that.”

“Speak for yourself, but I am a lady.” Hayley scoffed at Lissa. She heard the fridge door open and the kettle put on.

“Yeah, right. Lady. Lady that let Zayn in her pants.” They both laughed, she heard them rummaging around the kitchen, probably in hopes of finding biscuits. Percy knew there wasn’t any, they vanish right after their bought. “That Percy girl, what luck, having that Harry bloke kiss her. He is right fit, it’s a drag I didn’t get to bag him.”

“I don’t think either of us would stand a chance, from my point of view he only had eyes for her.” The kettle went off and whistled and Percy heard cups clanging and water being poured.

“Wait…” paused Hayley. “If she and Harry have a thing, what was that whole ‘my boyfriend and I broke up’ thing?” Ding. Ding. Ding. It hit them.

“Shit.” Said Lissa, “She played us, and played us well.” Percy tried to hold back her snicker. Took them long enough to figure it out. “Clever bird.”

“Can’t be too mad at her, the sex was pretty good.”

“Yeah, but what’s the chance they’ll call us back?”

“Hmmmm…” pondered Hayley, “Slim to none.”

Both girls laughed, took what Percy thought could be mugs and went back up to the boys bedroom. If overhearing these conversations with Zayn and Niall’s conquests were always going to be this amusing and enlightening, she didn’t mind staying over more often. But, now, she was thinking about what the girls said about Harry, how he had eyes for only her all night. Could it be possible? Their dancing, the kiss on a dare, holding hands during the movie, and now Harry hanging on her while he slept, it could be true, although, she was pretty sure that this whole thing was going to get more complicated than needed to be. There were so many red lines and tape for them to get through. He was her boss, they worked together, they had the same friends, Percy was one of the boys and she didn’t want to mess that up. But she couldn’t find it in herself to deny that there was something, not matter how small it was, there and it would be there until one of them nipped it in the bud or decided to peruse it. I guess the choice was theirs and she would have to watch it unfold.

Once the girls went back upstairs, Harry began to stir. He was groaning and trying to regain his limbs back. Percy decided it was time to get up, slowly she slipped out from under him, stood up, and stretched. She looked around the room, noticing they were the only two in there. Liam, Louis, Kyle and Jo must have all gotten up early and went home. Percy looked at the clock over the TV, it was nearly 11am. Shit. She had work in a few hours and had to go all the way back to her dorm and shower before she could go anywhere. She looked down at Harry who was still trying to wake up. She kneeled down and shook him lightly.

“Harry.” She whispered, no response. She shook him again, “Harry.” Still, she got nothing. “HARRY!” She yelled. Harry’s eyes burst opened and jumped up.

“Jesus Christ Percy, you didn’t have to fucking yell.” He complained, trying to throw the small blanket over his face in hopes of darkness and more sleep.

“We have to go.” She tried to reason.


“Because we have work in like 2 hours.”


“My thoughts exactly.” She said, getting up and trying to put her shoes back on. “C’mon.” Harry reluctantly followed her lead as they walked outside. They both squinted their eyes are the sunlight. Harry looked around… Damn.

“My car in the parking lot by the club in town.” He went to grab his phone out of his pocket, “Aaaand my phone is dead.

“Here,” Percy said, grabbing her phone form her purse. “Use mine.”


A few moments later they were in a cab to the car park, grabbed Harry’s car, he drove her back to her dorm to drop her off.

“See you in a few?” he asked, it was kind of awkward, he knew he was going to see her, obviously, he made the schedule and knew when she was working, but it was kind of his way of asking if she was okay. Okay with what happened the night before and hoping it would be okay for them working a shift together.

“Yup.” She waved as she walked away. Again, he watched her walk away, knowing he seeing her in few hours, still didn’t make him want her to go. This was becoming more and more of a habit.


Not too much later, both Percy and Harry were at Coffee Goblin. It was a slow Sunday afternoon so basically, all they did was pretend to clean while watching TV. Neither of them had spoken much about anything really and especially about last night. It was calm and peaceful, actively avoiding running into each other, but Harry couldn’t take this being too polite thing. He had to break the ice.

“What did you think of Avatar?” he asked as Percy was leaning against one of the many coffee tables. “It was you first time seeing it, right?” She was a bit weirded out by his question. She hadn’t expected to speak much at all.

“Eerrrr…” She hesitated, “It was fine, I think we started it too late. I can’t really remember much of the plot.” Because she was too busy realizing that Harry and her were under the same blanket and holding hands. “I’ll have to give it another go sometime.”

“You can always come watch it at mine.” Shit. He didn’t mean for that to be like a date, he just wanted her to see the movie because it was a good film, but he wouldn’t mind reliving the handholding. He also didn’t mind the cuddling on the couch.

“Yeah. Maybe.” She glanced over at him. He seemed to be cleaning every single glass surface he could find. “You know those girls that Zayn and Niall hooked up with?”

“Yeah.” Harry paused.

“I over heard their conversation this morning.”

“Oh really? Do tell.”

“They thought you were quite fit.”

“Well, I am.” He half joked. “You saw my Halloween outfit.”

“Ugh.” She grimaced, “Don’t remind me. I’m still trying to get the image of the coasters and your arse out of my head.” They both laughed, and just like that, the tension had been broken. She leaned back and stretched her neck; she was a bit tense from sleeping on the couch. She was looking forward to going back to her dorm bed but not to her dorm mate. “I really don’t want to see Donna. After a few days with out her around, having her back is going to be torture.”

“You really can’t stand her, can you?”

“Not at all.” She shook her head and let out a frustrated cry.

“Come on then… let it all out while you can. Tell me.”

“She is a spoiled rich brat who gets everything she wants. She uses up more than half of my room, practically is pushing me out. I don’t know why she just doesn’t move out and live in some fancy apartment.” Percy was really starting to get flustered. “She always says rude things when she think I can’t hear her. Like, she calls me a loser and an idiot; she says she doesn’t know how I even made it to Uni. She makes fun of all my clothes and the fact that I can barely afford anything. She won’t let me turn on the lights when she is sleeping so I have to stumble around my room when I get home late. I just want to stab her in the eye or something, maybe hit with a giant plank of wood and knock some sense into—“

He took a few steps towards her, grabbing her face in his hands, and kissed her. It was the kind of kiss that could make your heart skip a beat, or ten. He quickly pulled away, leaving both himself and Percy a bit stunned.

“Why did you do that?” asked Percy, touching her lips where Harry had left the residual feeling of buzzing.

“To make you shut up and forget,” said Harry. He turned away from her and ran his hands through his hair, shaking his head. He honestly couldn’t believe that he had just done that. He wasn’t even thinking about it until was watching her vent, watching her lips move and remembering how good they felt on his own lips. This should have been their first kiss, alone and not having to be forced.

“Forget what?” she asked, dazed.

“Exactly.” He went back, closer to her and kissed her again. It was better than the last two times. If these kisses kept getting better he was sure he was bound to get addicted. This time she wasn’t as surprised and let herself melt into it. She let his hands go from her face to the back of her neck, slightly into her hair. She lightly grabbed his arms, he was warm and it gave her Goosebumps. The kiss lingered longer than either of them had intended, only the dig of the bell on the door shook them from it. The both quickly pulled away, Harry let Percy stay there while he helped the customer, she wasn’t sure if he did it because he had to or because that Percy could literally not move in fear of falling when she took a step, that’s how good it was.

She couldn’t do anything but smile the rest of the shift; Harry seemed to be doing the same thing. They barely spoke, but it didn’t matter the two kisses spoke for themselves. They closed up quickly and were out in the cold.

“Want a ride?” he asked

“Yeah. Sure.”

They got into his mini and drove to campus, he was about to watch her leave again, and this time he knew it was going to be the hardest. He parked in front of the dorms and let the car idle for a few. Neither of them spoke, the just glanced over each other with tiny smiles.

“What to come up? Meet my roommate and show you I was right about her?” She asked as a ploy to spend more time with him. “It will drive her mad if you’re there, it’s really a win-win situation.”

“Yeah.” He quickly agreed. “Sound great.”

Harry parked his car and they walked into the building, up a few flights of stairs and into Percy’s dorm room. He had honestly never seen a room so small, even prison cells had to be bigger than this. There were two twin beds on each side of the wall with very little middle space. One side was color coordinated and tidy while they other was just a jumble and mishmash of different things, it only took him a second to realize which side of the room was Percy’s, especially since she had so little.

Donna was at her desk, headphones in, typing away. She barely glanced at Percy when she walked in. She only really noticed when Harry walked in with her. She pulled out her headphones in a huffy, ready to complain.

“Uhhhh…” Donna started, turning her attention away from her laptop. “What do you think you’re doing Percy?”

“Coming home?” she answered sarcastically.

“No, I mean with this ogre in our room?” she was obviously talking about Harry.

“This is my friend Harry.” She said, “Harry, this is my charming room mate Donna. We’re going to watch a movie on my lap top.”

“No you aren’t.” She demanded, “I have to study. No boys.”

“You have you headphones in, you’ll be fine.” Percy argued. “Plus, you have boys in here all the time.”

“I have never brought a boy back, ever.”

“Okay Donna… whatever you say.” Percy took off her coat and scarf, setting them in her closet. “Harry?” she asked, looking to take his coat. He began removing it.

“He isn’t staying.”

“He is.”

“I will go get the RA.” She threatened.

“He isn’t spending the night, so it’s not against the rules.” Percy reasoned. “Calm down princess.” Harry tried really hard not to snicker, it’s funny hearing Percy call someone that, but he knew this was a real princess situation, unlike when Harry first met her. Donna eventually slammed her laptop down and left the room, slamming the door behind her.

“You were right about her,” he said, taking a seat on Percy’s tiny bed, “Bloody nightmare.”

“It was so good to see her freak out like that. I love rattling her cage, gets me off.” She joked, obviously. “So, Avatar?” she grabbed her laptop from her beside counter.

“I thought you haven’t seen it?” He asked as Percy scooted next to him, they really didn’t fit on the bed, but she was sure neither of them minded being close together at this point.

“I haven’t, buuutttt, I do pirate all my movies online.” She said with a smirk. “I can find any movie anytime.” She booted the computer up and went to search for the movie. “Do you remember what part we were at?”

“Nope.” Harry lied, he did know, it’s when they were training how to use the body. He only lied because Avatar was a long movie and he wanted to spend time with Percy.

“Alright, from the beginning then.” She said as she pressed play and laid her head on his shoulder, their fingers finding each other again.

Several hours late and two visits form Donna, the movie was over. Harry had missed most of it, he was too concerned with keeping his heart rate down, but every time she moved to get a little more comfortable, it only brought them close. He was sure his breathing was so loud it could cause someone to go deaf, but Percy didn’t seem to mind she just watched the movie, little did Harry know, she was doing the same exact thing he was.

“What did you think?” asked Harry as Percy shut her laptop, yawning a bit.

“Good. Good. It was good. Zoe Salanda is hot even as a computer animated blue person.” She let out a tired laugh and looked at the clock, it was nearly 2am. “Damn.”

“What is it?” asked Harry, looking down at her. He liked seeing her like this, comfortable and close to him.

“I have class at 8am tomorrow.”

“Well, I better go then.” He said, getting up and going for his coat.

“Thanks for being my movie watching buddy.” She said, “OH! Before I forget.” She opened one of the drawers of her desk and got out the box-set first and second Season of Dexter. “This is for you to watch… Give it two seasons and you’ll be obsessed. Trust me.”

“This is the serial killer guy who wraps people up in plastic?” He asked, turning over the DVD’s in his hand.

“Yup.” She said, smiling.

“I’ll give it a go.” He smiled back. He leaned in quickly and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Good night.”


Harry left, closing the door behind him, not really wanting to go. All he thought about on the walk to the car, the drive home, and while laying in bed was the kiss in the coffee shop and how good it felt having Percy so close to him while watching the movie. He smiled as he got up and put the first DVD in of Dexter, thinking of them all over again, replaying in his mind.



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