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Pick Me Up

Chapter 4

“Ugh! She is so infuriating!”

Harry stormed into Zayn and Niall’s house after finally finishing his first shift with Percy and, as usual, he walked into the den to find Zayn surrounded by a cloud of smoke while Niall and Kyle were focused one playing video games. He threw down his bag on the counter and went to grab a beer from the fridge before continuing his rant, not even caring that the three boys probably weren’t even paying attention to him, “First fucking day and she was late! And she didn’t have any idea what she was doing! AND! She talked so much I thought my ears were going to fall off. Such a bloody fucking princess!” He was so annoyed that he nearly had finished his beer, gulping it down as if it was water.

“What are you moaning about?” asked Zayn, putting the bong down and making his way over to where Harry was standing.

“Percy! That fucking girl you pawned off on the coffee house.” He was still yelling. “Thanks a fucking lot Zayn.” Harry had a permanent scowl on his face. As if his life needed any more problems: school, work, his parents’ divorce, and sister’s erratic behavior, all those things were sitting on his shoulders and Percy just had to jump right on top of the fucking pile.

“Percy is a cool chick.” Zayn didn’t understanding what Harry’s problem was, and really didn’t want to listen to him complain about his friend. He opened the fridge and started rummaging around, moving the countless bottles of beer, spirits, and mixers, and pulled out a carton of milk before moving to the cabinet and taking out a box of cereal; munchies had hit.

“Maybe she is a cool chick to party with, but to work with her is a bloody nightmare.” Harry should have known the conversation was going to go like this, it was infuriating how Zayn makes every situation seem like it doesn’t matter, like he can’t be bothered with other people’s problems. He angrily slammed his empty beer bottle on the counter and immediately grabbed another one, popping off the top with ease. “I’m dreading going to work tomorrow, can’t stand the fucking princess.”

“And who exactly are you calling a princess?” The boys turned their heads and found Jo standing in the doorway looking like she just came off a runway, long black skirt, short white crop top with daisies, and black sandals. You would never know that she actually just finished three back-to-back classes and spent a few hours studying. She set her things down next to Harry’s and followed his influence by grabbing a cold beer out of the fridge before sauntering to the couch and giving Kyle a slow sweet kiss.

“No one” said Harry quickly, avoiding talking shit on Percy in front of her best friend.

“He was talking about Percy.” Said Kyle, shooting down Harry’s attempts while still focusing half his attention on FIFA.

“Jesus fucking Christ Kyle, did you really have to tell her?” Harry’s temper was getting the better of him. He was getting to the point where he knew he had to calm down and keep it under control. If he got anymore heated than he already was, he would be bound to break something, taking it out on his friends and the things around him.

“I was going to tell her what you said sooner rather than later, might as well be sooner.”

“What’s going on with Percy?” asked Jo, suddenly losing all interest in what was going happening on the TV and turned her attention to Harry. “Is it something to do with her new job?” She was baiting him, she already knew very well what it was about, having just got off the phone with Percy just before stepping through the front door.

“No. It’s nothing.” He wasn’t about to start this with Jo, so he kept his head down and kept drinking his beer trying to suppress the rage that was building up in his veins.

“Just fucking spit it out Harry.” Said Niall, taking his eyes off the game for a few milliseconds.

“Shut up Niall.” Harry glared at Niall who just shrugged and went back to his game.

Why were his friends throwing him under the bus like that? He knew they all liked Percy, but really, making him tell her best friend wasn’t something he was planning when he came over to vent out his frustrations. He turned towards Jo, and slowly walked over to the couch, he ran his hands through his hair and tried to think of the most delicate way to say things. “She’s just… just not the model employee type.”

He was nervous to see Jo’s response, assuming that she was going to go off on him in Percy’s defense, start yelling and screaming, telling him how much as ass he was for being so rude to her on her being her first day at work. But she didn’t, instead she straightened up in her seat and scoffed, on the brink of laughing, and Harry became very confused.

“What?” He asked, shocked and a little dazed at her reaction.

“It’s just that Percy’s way of dealing with things is a bit different than how the rest of us deal with it. You can’t be too hard on her.” There was a sense of adoration when Jo was talking, as if she was talking about a hyper troubled child instead of a young adult.

“What do you mean?” Harry’s interest was peaking as he listened to Jo. He took to leaning over the back of the couch on his elbows to show that he was listening, while Jo was relaxing and laying back.

“Do you even know anything about her, Harry?” asked Jo, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

“As much as I can assume, she acts like a spoiled princess completely clueless to everything around her.” He said, spitting out the word princess like it was a curse word.

“She is the exact opposite of a princess.” She said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Zayn, knowing just as much as Jo knows, looked up from eating his cereal and gave Harry a shit-eating grin, knowing that he was about to get schooled. “Zayn, had she told you about how she grew up?”

“Sure has.” He said, mouth full of food, grinning.

“Care to explain it to Mr. Styles? Or should I?”

“I think you’d do a better job at it love, but I’ll be sure to put my two cents in where it needs to be.”

“Fine.” She said, taking in a small breath. Harry was now beyond interested, who was this mystery girl that he thought he had figured out from day one. “But I swear to all the gods Harry, old and new, if you so much as tell her a bit of what I said before she is ready to say anything to you, I will flog you. And that is a sure promise sir.” Jo had her mean face on; she was serious about every word she said.

“Cross my cold heart.” Said Harry, half jokingly.

“Percy didn’t grow up in a traditional home, not like the rest of us.”

“What do you mean?” he asked, cocking his head to the side, eyes narrowing at her.

“Her parents, in simple terms, were, and still are, hippies. Kind of.” She shrugged her shoulders in confusion, not knowing exactly how to explain it. “They live in the middle of nowhere, the don’t even have electricity. They lived completely off the grid her whole life. We’re talking candles and warming up water by fire, growing their own food, living off the land… the whole nine yards. She had nothing growing up.”

“So. Her parents were a bit out there, doesn’t excuse how she acts.”

“It really does. Look, the only reason Percy and I even met was because some neighbors called a social worker. She was about 7 or 8, didn’t have any schooling, she only knew what her parents decided to teach her, which wasn’t math and reading, or anything of the sort. The social worker required her to start attending school; she had to start at the bottom. But luckily, Percy is quite bright and flew through grades until she caught up to speed with kids her own age.”

Harry was taking all this information in, it wasn’t really changing his opinion of her, but it was enlightening.

“Another thing was, Percy never had money. Her parent never had any to give to her, not for school trips or lunches or new clothes or school supplies. She came into school in the ratty clothes that her mom would make, and she didn’t bathe as often as anyone else, so a lot of kids made fun of her. She had a really, really hard time growing up. The life she was dealt wasn’t fair at all. Which is why she came to live with my family when she turned 16. She couldn’t stand to be with her parents who were open minded in some places, but completely closed off when it came to Percy and how she wanted to live her life. But you better believe she never let my parents dote on her, not for one second. She pulled her own weight.” She took a pause and looked at Harry, hoping he was getting everything that she was saying. “She got a job, worked her ass off to save money and kicked butt in school so she could get into a good university and live a different life than the one she was taught. She hasn’t even spoken to her parents in about 5 years, not like they’ve tried speaking to her either. But you have to realize, she has worked harder than all of us put together everything that she has.” Jo said everything with a real sense of passion. She was defending her friend who went through hard time. “It’s just in her nature to be a bit, well, off. Her being late and a little flakey is all part of the Percy charm. But don’t for one second underestimate her, because she will prove you wrong 100% of the time.” Jo sighed, “And just so you know, she is really beating herself up over what happened today. She hates disappointing people Harry…”

“She is wicked smart, smartest person I have ever met, it’s freaky even.” Zayn chimed in. “Give her some time man, she’ll catch on.”

Harry didn’t know how to processes what had been said. He may have judged her a bit too quickly. But if Percy was the girl that Jo and Zayn had described, there was no way he was going to go easy on her, in fact, he was determined to push her harder. If she could over come something like that, she sure as hell could take a damn coffee order. He felt for her a bit, but she was going have to prove to him what she seemed to have proved to everyone else.

“Thanks for the insight…” he said, genuinely.

“Going to stop calling her princess now?” asked Zayn.

“Maybe.” Harry still hadn’t made up his mind about her. He had everyone else’s opinion, but still needed to form his own. It wasn’t that he totally disliked her, he just hadn’t had any of the experiences everyone else has had with her. Jo had grown up with her, Zayn had grown close to her really quick, Niall got on with just about everyone, Louis was the same, and Kyle couldn’t really hate his girlfriend’s best friend. Harry only had one party and one day of work to go off of, he needs time, and luckily, that was all that he was going to have with her now that she was his employee.

But he still couldn’t help but feel a bit put off about Chase’s infatuation with her. Giving her the job so quickly, he didn’t even interview her or look at a resume. Good looks can obviously get you pretty far, he wouldn’t deny that she was good looking, but that was also part of the spoiled princess reasoning. No doubt, he had a lot to process and think about, leaving it for another time, just wanting to enjoy his uncommon Friday night free of work.

“So, now that you’re done with the lecture, what are we doing tonight lads?” asked Harry, bright eyed and ready for a night out.

“Mmhmmm” said Jo, clearing her throat.

“Sorry. Lads and Jo.”

“I don’t know Zayn, it doesn’t seem like a very good idea.” Said Percy as she was walking up the front steps to Niall and Zayn’s place. She was dressed to go out, short skirt with black pumps and a leather crop top showing her midriff, which made her feel more uncomfortable than anything, it was something Jo forced her to wear as usual.

“It’s fine Perce, they’ll totally be down for it. Stop your worrying… plus you look hot. If they get bored they can just stare at you arse and rack.” Said Zayn, shrugging his shoulders, as he opened the door. The loud music and voices brought their attention to the den, where the others seemed to be arguing about something, most likely football, rugby, or a girl. Zayn made his way further into the house, Percy following closely behind.

“Zayn! You made it. How were supposed to have a lads night out if you didn’t show?”
Louis spoke up being his usual upbeat self. He was dressed nicely, like the rest of the boys. She noticed Niall, Liam, Kyle, and Harry, probably the last person she wanted to see. He had been so rude to her, barking orders at her as if that was actually going to get the point across, not the best teaching method in her mind. Louis’ face, and pretty much the rest of the boys, went from cheerful to confused rather quickly when they realized who was standing in the doorway.

“I hope you guys don’t mind… I brought Percy.” They all turned and looked at her. It felt like their eyes were digging into her skin, like they could see through her or something. “She kind of had a bad week and needs a pick me up.”

“It’s supposed to be a lads night Zayn… hence the word ‘lads’” Harry said, rather rudely. It seems like she was the last person he wanted to see as well. Bad enough he had to deal with her at work, and now she was invading his personal life as well.

“I really didn’t mean to intrude, I’ll just go.” She gave Zayn the death stare, he was a great friend, but this clearly wasn’t a good idea on his part. No one said anything, as she slowly turned to walk out the den and back to the front door, her heels making noise as the rest of the house and guys were silent. Then she heard soft footsteps running after her, it was Niall, all done up in nice pants and a button up, such a change from tank tops and snapbacks.

“Percy, wait.” He said, coming down the hall. Percy stopped and turned towards him. “You can come out with us…”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“We took a vote, 5 to 1… you’re coming whether you like it or not.” He smiled as he grabbed her hand and tried dragging her back.

“Who was the one?” she asked, already having a pretty good idea.

“Er…” he said, uncomfortably.

“You can say Harry, Niall. I know it’s him. He hates me.”

“He doesn’t hate you Perce.”

“Yeah, he does.”

“No. He just doesn’t know you like Zayn and I do. Let him get to know the fun you, not the work you.”

“Fine… but you’re buying me all my drinks.”

“Deal. Don’t need to force me to a buy a beautiful girl drinks.”

They all rallied in the front yard, waiting for the cabs to get there. It was getting to be late November and started to get ridiculously cold. Zayn took off his leather jacket and gave it to her until she could get inside the cab and club. Harry scoffed when he saw it, rolled his eyes, and muttered princess under his breath. Niall heard him though, and elbowed him in the side.

“Be nice, yeah?” stressed Niall.

“Whatever.” Said Harry, still not believe that some ditz was going to ruin his first night out in over a month.

The cab came and they all squished in. Harry was the last one in, and the last seat available for him was right next to Percy, they were practically sitting on top of each other the whole 20 minutes it took to get to town. Once they all piled out and got to the bar, both Percy and Harry’s moods lightened. Just because they came together didn’t mean they had to stay together. Harry went right off, talking to some girls at the end of the bar. Neither of them very pretty, but still, it was better than the forced company his friends decided to bring along.

The club was packed, typical for a Saturday night. The dance floor was completely full of people moving rhythmically to the music. Strobe lights, lasers, and beams of colored light coming from different light stands set up throughout the club blinded Percy and the rest of the guys while they weaved through the drunken bodies to get to their VIP table Niall had kindly booked for them.

“Right, first round is on Niall.” Said Kyle, slapping him on the back. All of them cheered as Niall got out his credit card and started a tab.

“That’s what we like to see…” said Liam with a friendly smile.

“One day you’ll all pay me back…” said Niall, half joking. “Except for you, gorgeous” he winked at Percy.

“Thanks babe.” Said Percy, kissing him on the cheek.

“Ugh! Don’t do that! All the girls will think you’re my girlfriend or something…” Percy just laughed at him as he started wiping off the lipstick marks she left on his face.

“You should only be so lucky.” She said winking at him.

For the next hour or so, Percy kept downing drinks, talking to the boys, laughing at them when they tried to hit on girls and struck out. Kyle was being a good boy, just danced by himself, knowing very well if he stepped even one toe out of line, Percy wouldn’t hesitate to text Jo what was going on.

After spending about a good 35 minutes talking to and trying to dance with a leggy brunette, Niall came back to their VIP table down on his luck.

“Didn’t go well, I assume?” Percy yelled over the music.

“Nope. I don’t get it.” He screamed back, pouring himself more champagne, taking a seat next to her. “I’m cute, blonde, Irish, and rich. What more does a girl need?”

“Oh Niall, so naïve.”

“Perce… You’re a girl.”

“Keen observation there.” She said with a smile, sipping her drink.

“What do I need to do to get one to come home with me and shag me until my bed breaks?”

“You think I’d give up our secrets as women so you can take one home, fuck them, and never call them back?”

“Yes. I would. I’m you friend, help a brother out…”

“Fine.” She said, standing up and straightening out her clothes. “See those two girls over there? Sitting at that table? I bet that I can get both of them to go home with you and Zayn.”

“No. No. Don’t drag me into this…” shouted Zayn, shaking his head in disagreement.

“Come on Zayn, you need a nice girl. God knows the last one you had was a hot mess.” Said Percy, giving him a knowing smirk.

“Yeah, come on Zayn. Take one for the team.” Said Niall, eagerly. “What are we betting?”
“If it works and you take them home, you pay for all my drinks for a whole month.” She smiled, her plan always worked, and she hated paying for her own drinks, so nothing could go wrong.

“Alright.” Said Niall with a half grin. “And if they don’t?”

“I’ll make you dinner every Friday night for a month.” Percy hated cooking and was horrible at it, but Niall didn’t need to know that.

“A home cooked meal? No frozen pizzas? You’ve got a deal blondie.” Niall said as he and Percy shook hands.

“Okay… let’s see this magic work.” said Zayn, finally agreeing to the plan.

“Watch and learn gentlemen.”

Percy picked up her drink and began to walk over to the table where the two girls were sitting. She pretended to walk past them, and then stumbled and fell. The two girls jumped up from their seats to help her out.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” said the brunette with her long hair in a loose side braid and a flower crown in her hair.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry. I didn’t spill my drink on you, did I?” said Percy; giving her old acting chops a try.

“No, you’re fine dear. Are you sure you’re okay?” said the second girl. She had strawberry blonde hair that was stick straight and to her shoulders. Both of the girls were pretty cute, and Percy couldn’t deny that.

“Yeah. No. I’m fine… Just had a bad day that’s all. Needed a drink or two… or five.” She was picking herself up, dusting off her clothes.

“What happened?” asked the brunette.

“My boyfriend just broke up with me. He lives all the way in London and I am here in Leeds for Uni, and he just… he just…” then Percy went to the next level and began to cry, putting her head in her hands.

“I’m so sorry…” said the strawberry blonde.

“It’s okay. I have some really great friends here… They took me out to try and cheer me up, but it’s not working.” Wiping the fake tears from under her eyes.

“Where are they?” asked the strawberry blonde.

“Just over there… at the VIP table.” She pointed them out.

“Those boys?” asked the brunette.

“Yeah, two of them are my best mates. Nicest guys around to be honest.”

“Awww, that is really sweet of them.”

“Do you mind, would you mind, walking me over there to them so I don’t trip and fall again?”

“Yeah, of course.” Said the strawberry blonde.

All three girls left the table and began walking through the crowd towards the VIP table, all the boys, including Harry, were shocked at the scene folding out before them.

“You okay Percy?” asked Niall sweetly, clearing putting on an act as well. He went to reach for her, to ‘help’ her sit down.

“Yeah, sorry, a bit drunk right now, these girls helped me out. Sorry, I don’t know your names…”

“Oh. How rude of me, I am Annette, and this is Liz.” Said the brunette.

From that point on, the rest of the plans went swimmingly. Percy’s tricked had worked, Niall and Zayn were both chatting them up. She couldn’t help but get a smug look of accomplishment on her face.

“I’m going to the loo…” said Percy, excusing herself. “Be right back.” Unexpectedly, Harry got up when she did.

“I’ll go with you.” He said, his voice wasn’t as filled with contempt as it had been earlier. They both walked in silence until they got to the toilets. Both of them stood awkwardly, not going into either restroom. “That was pretty cool what you did back there.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked, slightly confused.

“For Niall and Zayn… being their wingman… Woman, wingwoman.”

“Oh? That? It was nothing. Just something I picked up somewhere from someone one time. It was actually kind of a funny story. Back home there was this…” Percy stopped talking because she was sure Harry didn’t care or want to know much of anything, especially having to do with her. “Uhh, never mind.”

“You aren’t going to finish?” he asked.

“Uh, well… I did come to the bathroom to actually use the bathroom.”

“Oh. I’m sorry… Go. Go.”

She rushed in, went pee, washed her hands and quickly came out. Harry was still standing in the same spot where she left him.

“You didn’t have to?”

“No, not really…”


“Want to go get a drink at the bar? We’ll just put it on Niall’s tab, seeing as he now owes you.”

“What are you talking about?”

Harry smiled and motioned his head and pointed to where their friends were sitting. Both Zayn, and Niall were in extreme make out mode with the girls she had brought over. She couldn’t help but start laughing.

“He does owe me! That rat bastard!” Percy said in excitement, hitting Harry playfully. “I better get a cake or something…”

“I’ll make sure he makes it up to you.” He was slightly impressed by how cool she was, doing a solid for a friend was always a quality Harry liked in a person.

“Damn right.” For the first time, she saw Harry’s eyes light up, making that emerald green sparkle a bit. He was smiling and laughing, not brooding in the corner saying nasty remarks under his breath. “Did you want to go dance, maybe? I haven’t been to an actual club in a long time, I miss dancing.”

“Uhh, I don’t really dance.” Said Harry, he wasn’t lying. He really didn’t dance, he wasn’t entirely too coordinated.

“It’s okay.” Fully knowing he was going to say no before the question even came out of her mouth. “Let’s get a drink and go back to the table.” Which is what they did. They sat in silence, Percy sipping on her vodka pineapple, while Harry was drinking straight whiskey on the rocks. When she checked her phone it was only a little past midnight, the club still had a good three hours of dancing and partying left, but she was not really enjoying herself. Zayn and Niall had taken the girls she brought over to the dance floor and were grinding with them, which was slightly comical to look at. She didn’t even notice when a rather handsome guy with a quiffed up hair and a porkpie hat came up to her.

“Hello there…” he said, smiling, “I was just noticing how bored you look. Would you care to dance?” He hand his hand opened up towards her. She looked around at the only person left at the table, Harry, who wasn’t paying attention.

“God yes.” She said, earnestly. She set down her drink and got up, taking the guys hand as they walked to the dance floor. The song had just changed, A$AP Rocky, ‘Fuckin’ Problem’ blasted through the speakers, making the entire place vibrate with bass. She put her arms around the guy’s neck and started dancing, moving her hips in sync to the music. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to his body, now grinding into her.

This was fun, Percy wasn’t thinking about work or school or her parents or any other problem. She just let the music drown everything out and concentrated on the cute boy who had asked her to dance. She turned around so now that her back was towards him, pushing her hair to the side, moving slowly.

As Percy was lost in some type of drunken dancing haze, Harry was staring hard at her from across the room. How could she just go dance with some random guy she didn’t even know? Niall and Zayn had come back, minus the girls that Percy had so selflessly snagged for them.

“Where are your girls?” asked Harry, his eyes still locked on Percy dancing.

“Went to the toilet.” Said Niall, downing yet another drink. “Why are you being serious Harry tonight? You promised to have fun bro.”

“I am having fun.”

“You aren’t mate…” said Zayn, he noticed Harry’s eyes were diverted, he followed the path of his eyes and turned his head. “What are you staring at?”


“What? Why? Where is she?” asked Niall, but he saw both his mates gazing in the same direction. “Whoa… go Percy. Did you know she could dance like that?”

“Nah. But, wow.” Responded a shocked Zayn.

“Don’t you think we should go save her?” Harry asked, growing some type of jealous.

“She looks like she is fine on her own dude.” Zayn said through drinking his rum and coke.

“His hands are all over her!” He was beginning to become more and more restless watching the so-called, dancing.

“She really doesn’t seem to mind.”

“I’m going out there…” Harry stood up determinately. Having a sister, he wouldn’t want to see her being so close to a guy. His inner big brother came out.

“Harry, sit down.” Zayn pushed him down on his shoulder, forcing to retake his seat. “If something was wrong I’m sure she would get away and come tell us, so until she does, let her be.”

“Whatever, I can’t watch this.” He shook off Zayn and left the table, heading to the back where the smoking section was, even though he didn’t smoke. He’d rather be out there than inside watching his co-worker getting felt up by some creep. His blood surged with annoyance, but he couldn’t decided whether it was because of who Percy was dancing with or if it was because it could have been him dancing with her instead. He saw Liam, Louis, and Kyle over in the corner, having a laugh about something, so he walked over to them, hands in pocket and eyes down.

“What are you doing in the smokers section Styles?” asked Louis, taking a long drag from his cigarette.

“Couldn’t stand being inside the club anymore. What are you lads up to?” he asked, hoping it would get his mind off replaying watching Percy dance.

“How cool Percy is, pulling those two girls for Zayn and Niall. We’re thinking of making her come out with us a permanent thing. If she can get those two hot girls with those fucktards, I am sure she can do even better for us.”

“Right. I guess.”

“Come on Harold, I know you don’t like her very much, but she does have some redeeming qualities, like those knockers on her. I bet God cried the day he made those.” Louis always had a tendency to be a bit more crass than the rest of them, he always had a flare for words. But he couldn’t help but felling a bit defensive when Louis made that last comment. He was going to say something, but choked it back.

“I’m so glad Jo can’t hear this conversation.” Chuckled Kyle as he puffed on his splif.

“I think I am going to head out, tell everyone else, yeah?” Harry shuffled off leaving his friends behind, going back into the club and trying to get past the crowd and out the front door. But he stopped when he heard his named being yelled.

“Harry!” it was Percy, running after him. “Where are you going?”

“Home, don’t feel much like being here anymore.”

“Okay, let me come with you…”

“But it’s early.”

“I know, but I have to be on time for work and all that.” She had a dorky smile on her face, knowing full well that she and Harry had to be at work at 5am, and it was pushing 2am at the moment. “I’m the epitome of punctuality.” Great, she had to make a joke, a joke that was actually funny. He was really trying not to let her get to him, so he held back his laughter. “Get a cab while I get my purse?” She ran back inside and came back out just as the cab Harry had gotten pulled up to the curb. They got in and headed back towards school.

“You can just drop me off at the dorms.” She said to the cab driving, pulling out 10 quid. “Do you live close by Harry?”

“I live just a little past the school, down by Jo’s actually.” He was staring straight ahead; hoping that if he didn’t look at her, she wouldn’t seem cute because she was a little drunk and her hair was in disarray.

“Cool, you can drop me off first then.” She smiled and got out her phone, she seemed to be texting, but when he looked over she was scrolling through Instagam. She stopped at one photo, and snorted with laughter.

“What’s so funny?” asked Harry, peering over and looking at her phone.

“This picture of all of us at the beginning of the night. You guys all look like you’re part of my all male harem or something.” She tilted her phone so he could get a better look at it. It made Harry laugh too. It did look a bit weird, 6 guys and one girl in the middle.

They reached the dorms at that moment, Percy looked out the window of the cab and up at her dorm room to see that the light was on, meaning Donna was home.

“Fuck, my roommate is home.” She said, in disgust.

“You guys don’t get along?” he asked, why was he asking so many questions? Why was he so interested in someone that bugged the fuck out of him only 24 hours earlier?

“She is a spoiled brat, the most annoying person on Earth.” That statement felt not so surprisingly familiar, Harry was sure he said that very same sentence at the very beginning of the night to Liam when he saw that Percy was with Zayn. “She usually isn’t in the dorm on weekends. She is always off doing something, going somewhere. It’s the only peace I get, really, unless I am at Zayn and Niall’s.” Percy opened the car door and as lady like as she could, climbed out. “Can you hand me my purse please?” Harry obeyed and picked it up, hanging it to her. “See you in a few hours.”

“Bye.” He said as she slammed the door and walked off, singing the A$AP Rocky song, walking awkwardly, but pretty impressively for the amount she drank tonight. Maybe Percy did have some redeeming qualities, and maybe she wasn’t so bad after all.



Amazing as always doll!!!

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It gets real cute... haha.

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This chapter was so cute that it literally hurts!!!! I'm really excited to see their relationship start to develop...

JasperRenee JasperRenee

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I'm absolutey in love with this story!

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