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Pick Me Up

Chapter 12

It was unanimously decided that they were going out in celebration of Percy’s achievement this weekend, or just another excuse to get really drunk. It didn’t matter to her. She was just so happy that they all showed up for her. She really had not expected it, she was still brimming with happiness as they made their way from the mansion to the pub, Whitelocks, the oldest bar in Leeds. Niall made his way to the front, ordered drinks for all. Once they all grabbed their drinks, Harry made a toast.

“To our wonderful friend, Percy.” He smiled at her and nodded his head towards her, “Who, even through her tardiness and partying, still somehow wounded up getting tops grades this semester.”

“TO PERCY!” Everyone shouted and they all drank. It ended up being a very long night of pub crawling. The hit up The Palace, then Duck and Drake, then Carpe Diem, and ended their night at Fab.

Her first instinct was to hit the dance floor, she grabbed Jo and dragged her to the pit of swinging bodies. She didn’t care who she was dancing with at the time. She wasn’t concerned about anyone being around her. She would open her eyes on occasion and notice Jo, or Zayn, or Niall. And just like the time before, Harry couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He wanted to make sure no one creepy, like the guy in the porkpie hat, came close to touching her with out his permission. He tensed up when he saw Louis heading towards her. Louis tried to put his hands around Percy’s waist to dance, but she blew him off. A strike in the win column for Harry.

Percy was in such a drunken haze towards the end of the night, she couldn’t pay much attention on just one thing, her words were slurred and eyes half open. She was dancing about randomly, but Harry saw the chance to sneak her away from the crowd. He grabbed her hand, while everyone else’s attention was rather occupied and lead her the back of the bar outside where the smoking section was. He wanted to talk to her in private.

“You were great up there the other night, you know?” He said repeating himself, almost as drunk as Percy. She was leaning against the building wall while he hovered over her. His hands wanted to just roam up and down her body.

“Meh. You keep telling me that,” She shrugged, “BUT! I’m not that great.”

“But you are, really.” He was getting dangerously close now. “In more ways than one.” He kissed her, she kissed back, he loved the way she would taste when she had been drinking, her pineapple vodka’s made him want to devour her. “People who aren’t great don’t get awards and scholarships.”

“And what kind of award would you give me, if I am so great?” she asked.

“Hmmmm.” He hummed, while leaning down and giving her a small peck again. “Best sex ever award?”

“I already have received that award.” She joked, she wanted to wind him up.

“Oh really? From who…?” He could feel a ball in the pit of his stomach. Something that he could always feel stir when he was annoyed. He could tell Percy was trying to joke and be cute, but it felt a bit wrong.

“Just, people.” She said, being coy. She went up on her top toes to try and kiss him, but Harry backed away.

“Who?” He grumbled, hating the idea of Percy being with anyone else but him.

“No one.” She cooed, putting her arms around his neck and trying to pull their heads closer so she could kiss him, but he pulled against her. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He said sharply, “I’m going inside.”

“Before you leave…” This time she was more forceful with her approach and kissed him, catching him off guard. “Now, was that so hard?”

“Guess not.” He tried to smile, but now his mood was altered. He kissed her very quickly and headed back inside, knowing full well that Percy was very drunk and probably wanted to smoke.

Harry pretty much brooded the rest of the night, even with having Percy trying to cheer him up. He decided he didn’t want to go back to the mansion, he said good-bye to everyone, giving Percy a quick kiss on the head and went into a cab with Liam and Louis who wouldn’t shut up.

“Percy was pretty awesome the other night, wasn’t she?” asked Louis.

“Who knew she was part genius?” Said Liam. Harry just sat in silence, he was trying to keep his cool.

“I could think of another award to give her.” Louis, obviously his mind was in one place and he couldn’t get it out of my head. “Actually a few awards, like that chest she’s got on her. How the hell did I not notice that they are almost identical to Katy Perry’s tits?”

Harry sat stoned face, looking forward, not wanting to give into Louis’ rambling on how much he thought Percy was hot. But Louis just kept talking and talking.

“What I would give to take back that Halloween night and dig into her. I was a fool to blow her off.” Louis was shaking head, probably thinking about him and her drunk, naked, doing things that Harry had done to her. He had to ball his fists at this point, knuckles turning white. “Can you believe that Zayn actually got to sleep with her? The damn lucky bastard.” Now Harry had to clench his jaw to stop him from blowing up, he didn’t know how much more he could take. This was the longest cab ride home he could ever remember having.

“Didn’t last long between them.” Said Liam, putting a little input in.

“Yeah, but that’s just probably because Zayn doesn’t know what to do with a girl like Percy.” Louis let out a chuckle, “You’ve got to take control over her, can’t give into what she wants. Nah. That’s how they get you hooked.”

What was this utter bullshit that Louis was spewing out of his mouth? He was sounding like more and more of creep with every last word. His blood was beginning to boil, he didn’t know how much longer he could hold in his annoyance.

“Fuck man. I know exactly what I’d do to her.” Louis had his eyes closed, you could tell he was imagined all of exactly what he was saying. “Have to take her from behind, that way you grab onto her tits as you plow into her. God. It would be like heaven.”

Harry took to closing his eyes and breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth, a technique that he was told to use when he was angry. He ever started counting backwards from 100.




“That reminds me, Harold.” Said Louis, Harry’s eyes jumped opened wide, “Have you spoken to her for me yet? I must have asked you ages ago…” What was Harry going to say? He wanted to just admit the whole thing, that he and Percy were sleeping together, but it was more than just sex, he liked this girl. If he said that, Louis probably would just say that they could share her, bad enough he had shared her with Zayn, it wasn’t going to happen. God, Louis was such a dick sometimes.

“Nah.” Harry said through bated breath, “Haven’t gotten the chance.”





“It’s cool. I have a plan anyway.”

“What is it?” asked Liam.





“I’m going to get her to help me out with more of my history class, take her out to eat as a thank you, then fuck her until the bed breaks.” Said Louis, so casually, like it was a trip to Tesco to pick up milk. “She wanted me on Halloween, I am sure she still does.” Harry nearly choked on his own spit. Louis slapped his back, making sure he was okay, but it only made Harry tense up.





“Don’t worry mate, I’ll make sure to take down all the dirty details and describe them to you in full. Hell. Maybe she’ll even let me take pictures, that would be God’s gift to all mankind, having her naked imagine on permanent display for all to see.”




“Are you fucking kidding me Louis?!” shouted Harry at the top of his lungs. The heat from his rage was coming off of him, every pour in his body was bleeding. He grabbed his hair and began pulling it out of pure frustration “You can’t just fucking talk about someone like that!” Harry started hitting the back of the passenger seat in the cab with his fist. “SHE IS A HUMAN BEING! She has feelings! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE HER FRIEND!” He didn’t think of his actions before they happened, he just let his rage take over. He grabbed Louis by the collar, fist tightening on Louis t-shirt.

“Calm the fuck down.” Said Louis, voice shaking. “Let go of me!” He tried to push Harry away, but he was too strong and his hold was just too tight.

“No! Fuck!” Harry shook Louis, luckily Liam was on it and pulled Harry away just as he was pulling back his arm for a punch. Harry was stronger than Liam and got loose from his grip and pushed him back down on his seat. Harry was so mad, he took to punching the chair in front of him again. The cabbie screeched to a halt on the side of the road and yelled at them to all get out.

Harry grabbed the handle to the door and pulled it open, almost breaking it off. He slammed it shut behind him, leaving Louis and Liam in the car. He was seething, he couldn’t get this angry energy out of his fast enough, he then took to hitting the side of the cab with his open hand, putting a few dents in it. The driver must have kicked Louis an Liam out as well because they were both beside him as he kicked the cab one more time before it sped off.

“Harry, you need to calm down.” Said Liam, cautiously and slowly reopening the car door, approaching him. He tried to place a hand on his shoulder, but Harry flipped out again and pushed him off. Liam stumbled back into the brick wall of a building. He wasn’t aware of this until Liam was picking himself up and brushing of the dirt. Louis just stood staring, like a scared little child hiding in the corner after getting yelled at.

“You have sister’s Louis! 5 fucking sisters!” Harry’s nostrils were flared, his eyes fully dilated, hands still in fists at his side. “How the fuck would you feel if I came over to you and started talking about how much I wanted to fuck Lottie’s brains out?! Hmmmm? Would it make you mad? Digusted?”

“Harry…” Louis tried to talk to him, but Harry was on him again too quickly, grabbing hold on his collar again.

“You need to shut the fuck up about Percy and start treating her like you would treat your sister.” He spat in Louis face. Louis grabbed Harry’s hands with his on and pried himself free.

“Fuck off Styles.” Louis’ voice was shaking; Harry gave him another hard shove against the cab and took off down the street leaving Liam and Louis in his wake.

Niall went straight upstairs with his girl, not taking two seconds to care what Percy and Zayn were up to. They were both pretty drunk, and of course, Zayn wanted to end his night with a bong load. Percy threw off her heels at the bottom of the stairs as Zayn went up a head of her.

“Ugghhhh. Hmmmmmm.” Murmured Percy, looking up at Zayn.

“What is it now?” He asked, stopped a few stairs above her.

“My feet hurt.” She complained.

“And?” he asked, acting like he didn’t care.

“Carry me?” she asked like a tired child after a day at Disneyland, except way more drunk and probably with more foot pain. She extended her arms towards her best friend, who looked down at her, cocked his head and laughed.

“Alright.” He said, letting her win, going down back to the foot to let her climb onto his back. “Climb on.”

“Yay.” She said as she hopped on, holding tight, and watching Zayn struggle a bit coming up the staircase. She wasn’t a heavy girl, but Zayn wasn’t a muscley guy, so it was probably a bit comical if someone were to watch them. Zayn finally reached the platform and let Percy slide off.

“Right, cow, off.” He nearly dropped her, luckily she grabbed a hold of the banister to steady herself, not only from the piggy back ride, but from being really drunk.

“Rude!” She said, playfully slapping him.

“I’m off to bed, drunky. See you in the morning, well, afternoon.” He ruffled her hair affectionately, kissed her cheek, and went to open his own door.

“Nooooo…” She whined, again. “Stay.”

“You need to sleep, I need to sleep.”

“Bowl?” she asked hopefully, knowing full well that he wouldn’t reject her offer.

“Fine.” Agreed Zayn, Percy’s eyes lit up and she smiled widely.

“I win.” She said, brushing past him and heading into his room.

Zayn’s room was pretty much a typical for a boy. He had no bedframe, just a giant mattress on the floor. He had a desk in the corner, hardly used, with his laptop. He had a few shelves, filled with random crap, dirty clothes shoved in a corner, with tons and tons of scattered sketches that were half done. The coolest thing about his room was that he didn’t have a TV, he had a projection system set up in his room, you could watch TV on it, but it was really meant for movies.

Percy flopped down on his bed, which she had gotten so used to, as Zayn brought out the bong from his closet. He grabbed his stash from his bedside table, broke up the nug, and then packed a bowl for Percy. She was still a bit drunk, so, he had to light it for her as she breathed in and pulled the downstem, clearing the hit.

It was like life breathing back into lungs, the drunk haze lifted and the nice calm feeling of the pot brought her down. She slowly blew the smoke out, watching the shapes it took. She had cut down on, not only her cigarette smoking, but her pot smoking. Harry wasn’t a fan, and she was spending most of her time with him, so less time with Zayn and his dank ass weed.

“You looks like you needed that hit.” Said Zayn, now packing his own bowl.

“You have no idea.” She replied, making herself comfty in Zayn’s bed, well, mattress, fluffing the pillow and laying her head down.

“Oh no.” He said, eyebrow raised, “You’re sleeping in here again? It’s been like 2 nights in a row.”

“I don’t like sleeping alone.” She said, eyes half closed. Which was true, but she couldn’t sleep next to Harry, not since that one night where Zayn almost caught them, but he was second best.

“What if I had a girl coming over?” Zayn was trying to fight.

“But you don’t.”

“But I could.”

“You like me better than them anyway.” Now she yawned, putting an arm under the pillow.

“Yes. That is true, but not in the same way darling.”

“Meh.” She stretched out her body and started to doze off.

“Good night then.” Said Zayn, watch Percy drift off to sleep. He decided one more hit before bed and he would be good. He just finished packing another bowl when his phone rang, making it almost a scream to Percy who was adbruptly awakened.

“What the fuck?” she said, half asleep and fully annoyed. She threw the blankets over her head and tried to block out the noise.

“Shit.” Said Zayn, “Sorry. Sorry.” He click the volume off his phone, Louis’ name was popping up. “Hello?” he answered as quietly as possible trying not to wake Percy up, who was already groaning. She could hear a muffled voice on the other line, Louis was talking fast and clearly it was important. “He what?” asked Zayn. There was some silence, more muffled voices. “Okay. OKAY! Yeah… I’m on my way.”

He set the bong down, put his phone in his pocket, and started to look around for his car keys, turning on a light, which just made Percy moan louder in annoyance.

“What’s going on?” she asked, lifting her head slightly off the pillow.

“Harry and Louis got into it and Harry took off.” He answered, “We have to go find him before he does something stupid and gets arrested, again.” At the instant mention of Harry’s name, Percy was wide awake. What had happened? Should she go with them? She forced herself out of bed, and got up, heading for her own room for more comfortable clothes.

“I’m coming with you.” She shouted from her room.

“What? Why? Stay home and sleep.” He arugued. “We’ll find him, we have before.”

“Don’t care, coming with you anyway.”

“Percy you really don’t have to.”

“But I want to.” That was that, she grabbed her coat, Zayn was done arguing, and they preceded downstairs to the car. They drove to a few blocks away from Harry, Liam, and Louis’ place. Louis and Liam were standing around, trying to call Harry over and over again, but had no luck.

“Which was did he go?” asked Percy when she got to them. It was freezing out, he blew on her hands, rubbed them together, then put them under her arms. She should have brought a warmer coat.

“Down there.” Louis pointed back the BBC Yorkshire building, it was a pretty dark and scary beyond that point.

“I’ll go look for him.” She said, taking off in the direction Louis’ had pointed.

“I’m coming with you.” Said Zayn.


“Yes. It’s nearly 3 am and it’s dark, no way you’re going by yourself.”

“Fine, but, let me talk to him when we get there, okay?”

“Okaaaaay…?” Zayn’s voice was very skeptical. “Why?”

“Just trust me on this one.” The boys all shrugged, Liam and Louis took off another way while Zayn followed Percy. They walked for about 15 minute before the found him in a construction site, just hitting a wall over and over again, grunt after grunt. They stopped in their tracks and Percy went a head of Zayn, making him stay back, he ended up just leaving them alone.

“Harry?” Percy asked softly, she didn’t want to startle him just incase he thought she was someone else. Harry went to strike the wall again, but he stopped midway through. Percy could see his hands, even in the dark, they were covered in blood, tiny rocks embedded into his skin, but he didn’t even flinch at the pain. The more physical pain he felt, the less mental anguish he felt, even though it still over took him.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, rather harshly. He wanted to keep on hitting the brick wall, if he kept hitting it, it would block out what Louis had been saying, those gross, vile things that no man should ever say about a woman. He didn’t care who it was, but, when it was Percy, it all pissed him off a bit more.

“Louis called Zayn and said that you ran off.” That’s all she knew, but just at the sight of him, she could tell there was more to the story.

“And you came with Zayn?” He was annoyed at the mere mention of Zayn, she must have heard the phone call if she came with him. What were they doing together that late at night? The anger began to boil again, but he had to calm himself and remember that they were best friends and they were roommates.

“Of course I did.” She said, taking a step closer to him. Harry tensed up for a minute, but as she got closer he could feel himself start to cool down. “I was worried.”

“Oh.” He backed away from the wall and flexed his hand, he was going to feel this even more in the morning. He turned to look at her, she was dressed in sweatpants, a tanktop, and a light jacket. It was way too cold for Percy to be wearing just that. He shook off his coat, walked slowly towards her, draping it over her shoulders, which she was grateful for. “You’ll get sick out here.”

“I’m fine.” She looked up at him quizzically. She was puzzled, from what she heard, Harry was in a fit of rage in the cab and out on the street, but now he was almost a bit tranquil and caring. “You don’t look fine.” She said, taking his right hand in her own hands. He was bleeding pretty badly; it looked like lots of gravel had been punched into it. He pulled away his hand, so she couldn’t see the full damage that had been done.

“It will heal.” He didn’t know how to tell her he lost it because Louis was big a bigot pig.

“What happened?” He could answer her, he just seethed red again and began attacking the harmless wall again. He didn’t want her to see him like this, but he couldn’t help it. He imagined Louis face as he bashed his hands on the cinderblocks over and over again.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” She used her softest voice, “Harry, calm down.” He did stop punching the wall, but now he was just pacing back and forth.

“Calm down? CALM DOWN?!” He screamed, “How the hell am I supposed to calm down?!”

“Just.” She went straight for him, placing her hands on his shoulders. “Just tell me what happened. Pease?” His breathing steadied with her touch, he wasn’t expecting that at all.

“It’s you.” He said, closing his eyes.

“Me?” she asked, almost hurt.

“Yes. You, you and Louis.” He inhaled one big deep breath, “You and Louis sleeping together.” Percy was so confused, she had never slept with Louis. Yeah, they had their flirtation for like 20 minutes on Halloween, but that was as far as it had ever went.

“I haven’t slept with Louis, Harry. You know that.”

“Still. It’s not that.” He continued to pace and runs his hands through his hair over and over again. “He wants to sleep with you.”

“What?!” asked Percy, in almost shock.

“Yeah. He does.” He stopped right in front of her and look into her eyes, she was so clearly lost. “He was saying things, disgusting and degrading things about you.”

“What kind of things?”

“Things that I don’t… I don’t want to tell you.”

“Okay, that’s fine.” She said, she knew she was having some kind of effect on him, he had stopped punching things, his breathing has steadied, and he was looking at her, not having his eyes dart around. “You don’t have to tell me. But, I’m not sleeping with anyone else but you Harry, I promise. Okay?” She wrapped her hands around the back of his neck and brought their foreheads together. She was in the middle of going for a kiss when he spoke again.

“You slept with Zayn.” That sentence broke her concentration.

“That... That was ages ago.”

“Still, you slept with him, someone I know. Someone who is my friend.”

“I thought you were over it?” She took her hands from around him and backed away. “We talked about it.”

“You talked, I listened. It was never really a conversation. You just kind of glazed over it like it was nothing.” He took another deep breath. “And it wasn’t nothing, it was obviously something.”

“If it bothered you so much, why didn’t you ask me about it?”

“Because, this is so new. Me and you. I just, didn’t want to rock the boat too early. We don’t even know what we are. We have fun, we like each other’s company, and the sex is amazing… I hate that you shared it with someone else, someone you’re so close to.”

“Listen, me and Zayn, there is nothing there. Me and you, there is something, even if we don’t know what that something is yet, it’s there. I feel it, you feel it. Let’s just let all this go. I’ll talk to Louis, clear the air. Okay?”

“And about Zayn?”

“Zayn is my best mate, there is nothing there, but I am not going to step back from my friendship with him because he helps keep me sane, just like Jo does, and just like you do.”

“You’ll talk to Louis?”

“Yes.” She went back to being close to him, slipping her arms around his waist, hugging him. “And you’ll stop punching walls and throwing your friends around like rag dolls?” Through all his anger and worry, he let out a laugh.


“And next time, please talk to me or ask me when something is bothering you so we can avoid all this craziness? I quite like when you have two working hands.”

“Another promise.” He said, with another tiny bit of a laugh. This girl just took him from one of his darkest moments to laughing in a matter of a few sentences from her mouth.

“Good, now let’s go back and we can clean you hand up, yeah?”

They made their way back to the front of the BBC Yorkshire building, Zayn as standing alone, smoke in one had, phone in the other, trying to call both Percy and Harry, putting on a bit of an act for Louis and Liam. He turned to see both of them walking back.

“You alright man?” he asked Harry, clearly concerned.

“Yeah. Just a bit of a misunderstanding”

“Right.” Zayn raised at eyebrow at him. They saw Louis and Liam approaching from the other end of the street.

“Better go apologize.” Said Harry, excusing himself, leaving Percy and Zayn alone.

“You found him? Talked him down and brought him back with out him getting arrested or hurting someone or something around him?” asked Zayn, he was very curious on how Percy, someone who had known Harry for like 3 seconds could calm him down when it used to take a bloody army and a few police officers.

“He banged up his hand pretty well, but he is a rational guy and saw reason.” Said Percy, shrugging it off, kind of accidentally beaming in Harry’s general direction.

“Harry is the least rational person I know. I once saw him punch a cop outside McDonalds because he didn’t say excuse me to my sister.”

“Maybe you don’t know him as well as you think.”

“Right, and I am the Queen.”

“Well, your majesty, can we go back to home? My high is completely gone.”

“Alright junky, you’ll get your fix.” He joked, bumping into her. They all got into Zayn’s car, dropped off the three boys and headed back. Percy fell asleep on the ride, he rubbed her shoulder for a little comfort as he drove. They got back to the mansion, Zayn picked her up, walked up the stairs, into her room, set her down on the bed, and said, “Good night Percy.”

“Good night Harry…” She said absentmindedly, turning over while Zayn covered her with her sheets.

After several sorrys from both Louis and Harry, and a bandaged hand later, everything was good again. Louis agreed to stop talking about Percy like she was a piece of meat and to be more respectful of not only his female friends, but all females. It kind of hit home when Harry brought up his sister, Lottie, being treated the way he had seen Percy. Everything was so good; in fact, Niall planned a camping trip for all of them. And by ‘camping’ he meant he got a nice house out in the middle of nowhere so they could all drink for the weekend, even if it didn’t snow, at least, it started out that way. By the end of planning it had turned into a couples weekend.

Jo and Kyle were going which made Niall and Zayn both want to bring girls Percy snagged for them at the bar a few nights before. Louis chose one of his many late night booty calls to come with him, unfortunately, for the girl, she thought it was progress for her and Louis relationship, which wasn’t the case in his eyes. After all that, it left Percy, Liam, and Harry rather lacking. Harry and Percy could go with them, but they would just have to pretend they weren’t a couple, when they are secretly were a couple, around couples. A bit too complicated for them, plus, Harry couldn’t leave the coffee shop alone for more than a few days with out it imploding. Percy had a ton of schoolwork to catch up on. Liam decided, being respectful of his cyber lover in California, to head home to Wolverhampton for the weekend.

What a glorious and rare occurrence, Percy and Harry would have both houses empty for an entire weekend. With the exception of having to be at work, they could both spend all day and night together in the same bed, that never had happened before and they were going to take full advantage of it. No interruptions by annoying roommates, no having to sneak out of each other’s rooms at all hours of the night.

“This is lovely.” Said Percy, as she laid in Harry’s bed, already in her pajamas and getting herself comfy with a bowl of ice cream Harry turned on a movie, a new one, Horns with Daniel Radcliffe. It was no secret that Harry was a pretty large Harry Potter fan, ironically they had the same name, which made his passion grow. He had seen almost every movie with Daniel in it since Harry Potter had ended. She loved how geeky he could be sometimes; even with his hipster clothes he was a nerd.

“I quite agree with you there.” He said, hopping in next to her, stealing her bowl.

“Hey!” She said, grabbing it back, attempting to shield it once more from Harry’s grasp. “I told you to get your own.”

“I didn’t I want my own, I wanted yours.”

“No one comes between me and my ice cream.” She said, dangerously pointing her spoon at him.

“Sharing is caring.”

“Get off mine.” She grumbled, nearly spilling it everywhere while trying to play keep away.

“You really aren’t going to let me have any?” He asked, a little hurt.

“Nope.” She said, rather confidently, taking a very large spoonful and shoving it in her mouth. She went for another, but, before she could take her bite, Harry moved his head and stole it. Percy instantly slapped him on the top of his head with her spoon.

“Ouch!” He cried in pain, “What the hell?”

“Don’t steal my ice cream.”

“Jeeeze, you’re so mean, and selfish.” He was now rubbing where she had hit him.

“Hey! I like to think of myself as quite selfless, always putting other’s needs in front of mine.”

“Hardly.” He said, rolling his eyes.

“Oh really?” she said, raising an eyebrow at him. She took another spoonful of ice cream and set the bowl on the table next to her, but instead of swallowing it, she held it in her mouth and went to kiss Harry’s neck. Goosebumps popped up all over his body right away, the warmth or her mouth and the cold of the ice cream made him shiver. He had kind of an idea on where this was going.

She continued to kiss him lower and lower on his body, sending shivers and sensations to his brain. She reached his pajama pants, which were now a bit tighter on him. She kissed his hips, along where his leaves were tattooed. She gave him a little bite on his hip bone, she had been holding that one in since Halloween, he winced a bit, but it only made her giggle a bit.

“Hey, don’t laugh at it. He has feelings you know…” Harry tried to joke, but all was lost when she pulled down his boxers, pumped him slowly a few times, and very suddenly she took him in her mouth. He was so surprised that he accidentally bucked his hips, making his cock hit the back of her throat, which she didn’t seem to mind at all.

She was slow and steady, sucking on him, taking as much as she could in her mouth while she stroked what was left at the base. She was doing this flicking thing with her tongue on his tip, it made it hard to breath. She stroked and sucked, it was like she was going for the gold medal of blowjobs. Instinctively she lightly grabbed a hold of his balls. She knew exactly what she was doing, but he didn’t.

Most girls Harry had been with were just in it for a quick orgasm for themselves, never leaving much room for foreplay, well, for him to receive it at least. It was rare that it happened, but he was in now way complaining. He was squirming in bed, he was grabbed at sheets, pain hit his bruised hand, but the pleasure he was getting blocked out the pain. His breathing began to become labored, if he let Percy go for much longer there would be no turning back.

“Percy.” He said, breathless. “Slow down.” She disregarded his plea for her to stop, it just made her take more of him in. He felt that dip at the back of her throat again, he gently ran his fingers through her hair and pressed on the back of her head, not in a bad way, just kind of reassuring that she was doing it all right. Then in happened, it was a split second from him being okay to him coming. He let out a moan, bucked his hips, and Percy gave a tiny breath through her nose and swallowed. She slowly let him out of her mouth, limp and fully satisfied. “Jesus Christ…” he said, eyes closed, chest heaving up and down. “That was…” He couldn’t find the words, he just wanted to kiss her. She slowly went back up his body, kissing him here and there, their foreheads touched and he kissed her, not caring where her mouth has just been. No girl had ever made him loose it like that, loose it so quickly. He was pretty proud of his stamina.

“Good?” She asked, hopefully. But she damn well knew she did a good job.

“Better than good.” He laughed, then kissed her again.

“Still think I am selfish?”

“Not at all.” He ran his hands down the side of her face, smoothing out her hair, every once in a while he brought her in for another kiss. He just kept kissing her, he didn’t know for how long, but they were making out like a bunch of teenagers. Every kiss was electric, every time her hands would brush against him would send tingles, what was this girl doing to him?

“We missed the first part of the movie and my ice cream has melted.” She joked.

“Damn.” He said, bringing himself back down off his Percy high and back to reality. “I’ll get the ice cream and you restart the movie.” He reluctantly got up and headed to the kitchen.

“Get your own ice cream this time!” he heard Percy shout down the all. He laughed as he went to grab two bowls.

“Get up.” Harry said forcefully, pulling the covers off Percy. She laid open and exposed in her barely there pajamas on Harry’s bed. Immediately when she became uncovered she retreated into the fetal position, trying to grab for the sheets in hopes that she could cover herself back up, but Harry had thrown them on the floor so she grabbed the nearest pillow and placed it over her head.

“No.” she said, muffled through the pillow.

“Yes.” He took the pillow away from her grasp then heading to the window to pull back the curtains and blinds, making sunlight flood the room. “We have been laying in bed for two days, it’s time to get out and rejoin the world Perce.”

“Not going to happen.” She protested, folding her arms and huffing, refusing the entire idea of moving. They had spent a wonderful weekend caught up with each other. It was all sex, sleeping, and eating, accompanied by the occasional short shift at Coffee Goblin, thanks to Harry’s managerial scheduling. It was their own slice of heaven with out anyone around.

“If you don’t move, I’ll make you move.”

“Try me.” She said, dead serious. That is when Harry made his move, jumping on the bed, straddling her body, locked in with his legs so she couldn’t move, and tickling her. She screamed bloody murder for a few seconds before she grabbed his bum bandaged hand a squeezed.

“Ouch! FUCK! Percy! Damn it!” He said, retreating, shaking his hand in pain.

“Don’t tickle me then.”

“You didn’t have to injure me any further!”

“Well, you shouldn’t have gone punching walls!”

“Touche…” He said, skeptically, he looked down at her as she tried to recover herself. “Come on, we have to get out of this room, it’s started to smell of sex and I don’t need Louis and Liam coming home to it.”

“Ugh!” She said, still fighting for sleep.

“Up PERSEPHONE!” he shouted at her, knowing full well the use of her full name would spark inside of her, wanting to give him a good slap. She did instantly pop her head up, have an evil glare on her face, grabbed the closest and heaviest thing she could find, her shoe, and threw it directly at his head. Harry tried to dodge it, but it hit his left side of his face, which just made her laugh.

“That’s what you get…” he was rubbing where the shoe hit, still in shock that she had decent aim. “What’s my name again?”

“Percy.” He sighed, she performed this ritual with anyone who called her by her given name. One time Niall called her Persephone 4 times in one night, by the end of it he had a black eye. “Get up, come on… Throw some clothes on, we have plans today.” She was still in bed, sitting Indian style, refusing to give into whatever whim was blowing up Harry’s skirt.

“You said this weekend was all about laying in bed…” she clearly reminded him.

“Yeah, but, everyone is coming home today and we need to be out so they don’t know that we were in.” trying to instill some logic for her. He picked up whatever clothes she had left on the floor the night before and threw them on the bed. She glared at him for a few more seconds until she broke down, but still, with some sense rebellion, she disregarded her clothes and went straight into Harry’s closest pulling out one of his favorite t-shirts. A plain white t-shirt with a bit of a scoop next and hardly any sleeves. Harry grumbled when he saw her in it, it stirred a bit of the monster inside, seeing her wear in clothes was a turn on he wasn’t excepting when they started this, romance? Is that what it was.

Percy threw on her black leggings and boots, grabbed Harry’s ridiculously over priced coat and headed out the door of his room, but Harry just stood staring at her. Some weird girl he couldn’t stand a few months ago was wearing most of his favorite clothes and he didn’t mind, he’d rather them be on his floor, but on her was well enough.

“You coming?” she shouted form the living room, sounding annoyed that he was the one that got her up and made her get ready, waiting for her, and now she was waiting on him. “This was your plan remember… let’s get a move on.” Harry shook from his dazed and went out to meet her.

They got in Percy’s car, Niall’s old BMW, since it had heating and Harry’s car was an icebox during the cold winters in Yorkshire. Harry insisted on driving, he had some sort of plan, Percy couldn’t just figure out what it was. They drove in silence from Harry’s apartment into town.

“Where are we going?” asked Percy, they were more towards the outskirts, she was blindly following him, wherever he was going. They stopped the car in a car park.

“It’s a surprise.” He said, giddy with excitement as he opened her door for her. He took hold of her hand, which was warm, a welcome blessing from his own cold hands. This was the first time they had been out in public and didn’t have to hide their affection towards each other. Percy’s body tingled with excitement when he held her hand, it was so simple, just a luxury she never had around him before, she was going to enjoy it as much as she could while she had the chance. They took a few turns here and there. They ended up in front of a tattoo parlor. She stopped dead in her tracks and started at the door.

“You’re getting a tattoo today?” she asked, he had so many already, did he really need another one? It was a bit excessive, wasn’t it?

“We are getting a tattoo.” He said, opening the door, making the bell chime, so she could walk in before him.

“We?” she asked, in shock but before she could argue there were greeted by a man who was just as tall as Harry, he had way more tattoos and was sort of greaser looking.

“Harry!” He said happily, giving him a hug and a handshake. “It’s been a while, so glad I saw you on the books today.”

“I felt like it was time for something new.” Harry looked like a kid in a candy store, in his element.

“And who is this?” asked the tattooed man, looking at Percy.

“Oh! Sorry, this is Percy.” He said, lovingly putting comforting hand on her back. “Percy, this is Alonso, my tattoo guy. And Louis tattoo guy, that goes for Zayn and Liam as well.”

“Wow, you’ve tattooed all my friends then?” she asked, shaking his hand.

“We all go way back.” Said Alonso, “Come follow me to my room.”

They obliged and walked to the back of the tattoo shop to a bedroom space that was very colorfully decorated with amazing art, she noticed a few of the painting instantly. She walked up and inspected them, and there she saw Zayn’s signature, her heart swelled with pride as she gazed at them.

“Zayn did these.” She said, happily. She loved knowing someone else besides herself loved Zayn’s work.

“Yeah, sold me a few.” Said Alonso who was setting up his station. “I keep trying to get him into tattooing, but he has bigger plans.”

“He’ll be hanging in museums one day.” She said, still spilling over with joy. Harry’s smiling face turned into a grimace, not that she noticed, too busy ogling over Zayn’s art work. He hated how jealous he got over him, over his friend. It had been almost 3 full days since he had thought of the night she and Zayn had shared. She turned away from the paintings, Harry made sure she couldn’t see the face he just had, so he smiled. “Well, Styles, what are you getting done today?”

“Oh no no no, you’re going first.” He said, leading her to the tattoo chair.

“Me? But I have no idea what I want.” She was letting the shock set in. She was never the tattoo type of person, sure, when she was younger she thought about a few things, but a tattoo was for life. She was living so much in the moment, it was hard to think of anything that would stick around forever. She looked up at Harry, who seemed to know more than she did.

“Sure you have an idea…” he said, like an all knowing genie. She looked around the room, she looked at Harry, she looked at Alonso, and in a second it came to her.

“I know what I want.” She said, she seemed very sure. “A pomegranate.”

“Because of the Hades and Persephone myth?” He asked.

“It’s the only part of my name that I like.”

“A pomegranate it is then.” He clapped his hands together, “Alonso, you get that?”

“Got it.”

A few hours later they both walked out of the shop with freshly done tattoos. Percy had a pomegranate on her wrist, in full color, complete with three seeds. Harry had a mermaid done up on his arm, he seemed to be almost closely done with his sleeve. They walk, hand in hand, back to the car.

“Thanks for the surprise today.” She said, as he walked her over to the passenger side of the car, opening her door for her. She went up on her tippy toes and kissed him sweetly.

“Just thought we could do something fun together before the hounds come back.” He shrugged it off like it was nothing, but it was literally the best few days he had had in years. He used to be stressed about so many things, but when Percy was around, it all floated away. He was happy he could share something he liked to do with her.

“Ugh.” She groaned, “Don’t mention it, please. It’s back to sneaking around late at night and dark corners.”

“We’ll make due somehow, we always seem to make it work.” He kissed her back. He wanted to remember this moment for a long while, like when Louis and Liam were bugging the shit out of him, or while Niall complained about something, or when Zayn was off on some type of tangent, he could think back to their weekend, this kiss in particular and have some sense of peace.



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