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A beginner's guide to D/s

Chapter 1

Alex POV

It was after 2 am on a Sunday. My mom used to warn me that nothing good happened after 2 am. My mom is usually right. But lately, with balancing nursing school and my shit waitressing job, I was so stressed out all the time that I could not sleep. And that is how I found myself at 2 am, sleep deprived, and drinking coffee in a poorly lit diner.

I was thinking about how my eye twitches when I get stressed the moment they walked in. They appeared to be in their late 20's and oozed confidence, masculinity, and money. The tallest man was dressed in all black, had his curls pushed back, and his tattoos out for display. The man with him was dressed casual, sporting a beanie, and had one of the nicest smiles I had seen. Me, the awkward girl wearing old jeans, a (possibly clean ?) white tee, and my long curly hair a mess, quickly looked back down at my coffee to not draw attention to myself.

Harry POV

Louis and I had just gotten back from grabbing a few beers when we decided to pop into a local diner for some greasy food. As I entered, my gaze was drawn to a girl sitting at the counter alone. She was beautiful without putting effort into her look, but she looked tired. I nudged Louis to get him to see what I was looking at. He smiled over at her which instantly made her look down.

I lead the way over to where she was sitting and pulled a bar stool out from beside her and took a seat. The waitress stepped towards us and poured the girl another coffee.

“If I was you I would switch over to decaf.” I nonchalantly stated.

Louis chimed in with a grin, “yeah the longer you fight sleep, the longer you’ll have to sit here with us, babe.”

Alex POV

“yeah the longer you fight sleep, the longer you’ll have to sit here with us, babe.” He said flirtatiously. There was something about the way they were speaking to me that was comforting. They didn’t seem judgmental, more curious, and maybe a bit concerned.

Speaking into my coffee I said, “oh yeah that’s probably a good idea. Thanks.” Oh yeah, that’s me Alex with the smooth conversation skills and inability to look attractive men in the eyes.

“No need to thank us babydoll. I’m Louis and this is Harry.” He said.

“babygirl it’s late! Why are you out this way?” The curly haired one asked.

Babydoll? Babygirl? Holy shit I should be sitting on a towel. Why do those pet names make me want to do anything they ask of me? Seriously, I need help. A young woman should be independent, right? Then why does the idea of being theirs sound so good to me?

Blushing I answered, “Couldn’t sleep. I have a big test coming up and I’ve been stressing.”

There was something about the way they kept looking at me that both excited me and frightened me. I knew I should probably get home soon and get rest. My gut was telling me I was going to get in trouble if I stayed out much longer.

Harry POV

God she was so innocent. Our attention was clearly something she wasn’t used to. It was obvious with her cheeks turning pink and her shifty eyes. Although I did catch her sneaking peaks at Louis and me a few times.

“Ah I remember those days. It may seem like the most stressful thing in this moment, but you can make it through this. I’m sure you’ve studied and you’re prepared. It’ll be okay babygirl.” I said as I touched her hand and smiled.

Her reaction was that leaning in to me and then as if she realized what she had down she yanked her hand away from mine. While looking anywhere but at us, she stood up, put some cash on the counter, and mumbled she needed to get home to study.

“Well it was nice meeting you…?”

“Alex. Yeah uh same. Goodnight, Harry and Louis.” She hurriedly said.

Louis POV

“goodnight babydoll. Sleep well tonight.” I said.

Goodness she was perfect. I mean she had an obvious submissive personality. With just the right amount of training she would amazing for Harry and me. Sweet little thing has no idea what’s coming for her.

Harry and I both watched her leave the diner then turned to each other both grinning like fools.

“We found her.” Harry said.




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I know it's probably too soon, but I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER

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PerciaxXXx PerciaxXXx

It says your story's completed, just a heads up

I love this so far and can't wait for more

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