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The Donation

Chapter Eight

Penelope’s. P.O.V.

I laid my head on his chest and finally fell asleep…

The blinds were opened slightly and the sunlight shone through the cracks. I opened my eyes discreetly and blinked to fight off the brightness. I smiled as the smell of breakfast filled the room. I sat up slowly and stretched my arms out. I stood and walked down the hallway- peering over the corner.

Harry stood in front of the stove, humming songs and flipping pancakes. His muscles tensed and relaxed consistently as he cooked.

“Like what you see?” Harry trilled.
I giggled and walked to him, poking his sides. “Oh don’t you know it, Styles,” I teased.

He turned around and wrapped me in a hug, resting his chin on my head; still humming his song of choice. After a little, he let go and turned back to the stove.

“How’d you sleep?” He asked.
“Well,” I started, “after my medications kicked in I was good. You?”

He stopped cooking and a light blush decorated his cheeks. “I… I slept well.”
“Why the hesitation?” I inquired.

“I haven’t had… a good night sleep in awhile. So… thank you.,” he flushed.
“I’m always here,” I assured, taking his hand in mine.

“I know,” he smiled, holding my hand. “But still, thank you.”

He drew me into a hug and we just lingered there- lingered like nothing else mattered. When we pulled apart, our faces stayed close. My hand rose to caress his cheek, him smiling back at me. But he soon turned away to cook.

“Are you hungry?” He hummed.
“Honestly… I’m starving,” I giggled.
“Good,” he mumbled.

He turned off the stove and put the remaining pancakes on a platter. He took what he could hold to the table, I carrying whatever was left. We both grabbed our tableware and sat next to each other.

“Thank you for breakfast,” I smiled.
“My pleasure,” he beamed, “I love cooking.”

We both took our silverware and dove into the prepared meal.


I finished brushing my teeth and put it back in my suitcase, leaving to meet Harry in his living room.

“So we need to talk…” He spoke quietly.
“About?” I questioned.

“Last night, you were upset and said you wanted to talk about it later; is now the time…?” Harry queried.
“Oh,” I mumbled, “it’s nothing.”

He rubbed my shoulder gently, “no, my love, it’s something. What happened?”
“I…” I started, “I didn’t know it was a… dare… and I just got really confused.”

He sighed and rubbed his face. “Baby-”
“-Harry,” I interrupted, “just tell me the story.”

He nodded and cleared his throat, “it was the first time Louis and I have met up after a few months so there was of course simple banter and games. I lost a bet with him and he was to deliver me a dare I had to do. He took me the next day to a donor site and I… performed my action. Now yes, I was not expecting it to be used because I had drank the night before, and we thought that was against the rules. But they used it and now… I’ve met you.” He smiled.
“But how did they get your details? Your number?” I questioned.

“That’s why I was so shocked when you contacted me- because I didn’t leave them. But it got me thinking… Who was there that knew my information?” He asked.
“..Louis,” I answered.

“Yes, so, my theory was that he left it and I had to prove that. So after you contacted me, I called him and he admitted giving a nurse the information because she said it was required.”
“Oh,” I nodded, “that makes more sense.”

The room fell silent. The tension was gone but I just felt an inner bitterness.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized.
“Sorry? For what love?” He asked, grabbing my hand.

“You weren’t ready for kids and I changed your life aroun-”
“Hey- you stop it,” He warned. “Penelope this is what I needed. I needed a reason to take a breather. And not only that, you’re the sweetest woman I’ve ever met- and I am extremely lucky. I am excited to be a dad now, love. This was no mistake, it was a blessing.”

His eyes met mine and his hand rose to my cheek, caressing it gently. I shook away the small tears that threatened to fall.

“Love, why’re you crying?” He queried worryingly.
“I don’t know,” I huffed, smiling. “I’m pregnant.”

We both chuckled and my heart felt for him. Across from me was the most mature young man I have ever met. You don’t meet very many younglings that would do what he has done.

He leaned forwards and lightly kissed my cheek. I shut my eyes to embrace the short moment. When we pulled apart, he rose, reaching out his hand to help me stand.

“What do you want to do today, my dear?” He hummed, walking into the kitchen.
I laughed, “no idea.”

“How about,” he started, turning to me. “We have a day.”
“A day?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“A day to… get to know each other,” he said with a crooked smile, looking at his shoes.
“I’m in,” I beamed. “What do you want to do first?”

He signaled for me to join him in the kitchen.
“We start,” he trailed, “by grabbing beverages. Apple cider?”
“Oh yes please,” I smiled.


Harry and I sat, facing each other, on his bed, with our hot drinks in our hands.
“How about we start with a question and we both answer it,” he suggests.
I nodded, “sounds great.”

“Where did you grow up?” He questioned.
I lightly sipped my beverage, “Prescott Valley, Arizona. You?”

“Cheshire, England,” he chuckled.

I laughed with him and pondered my mind for a question.
“If you didn’t go into the entertainment branches,” I started, “what do you think you’d be working as now?”
“Well…” He chuckled, “I dreamed of being a lawyer but if that didn’t work out, I’d probably still be working in the bakery.”

“You know I can see it,” I giggled.
“How about you Ms. FBI agent?” He hummed.

“Well…” I considered, “I have no idea honestly. I grew up dreaming of being an actress or a singer like most little girls do but I can’t imagine doing that now.”
“How long have you known you wanted to become an agent?” He smiled, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

“Ever since… I was 14,” I laughed.
“Damn,” he chuckled. “That’s really cool.”

“So tell me about your family,” I beamed.
“Where to start… When I was really young, my parents divorced and then later on, my mum remarried. Her new husband’s son became my step brother and you’ve obviously met my sister. How about you?”

“It’s kind of a long story,” I warned. “My mom had me with her boyfriend who later ran off into the army and ended up having three boys. My mother married a guy who adopted me shortly after, and with him, she had two boys. They divorced when I was 14 and my mother and I moved out. I never felt like I really belonged in her ex husband’s family but on the other hand, I am very close with my mother’s family.”

“What things do you dislike about me?” He mumbled with a raised eyebrow.
“I...uh...seriously?” I stutter.

He chuckled at my reaction, “Uh yeah.” He laughed.
“Well,” I started, “..this is going to sound bad but you’re a little too...perfect?”

“I’m too perfect?” He grinned.
“You’re sweet, you have etiquette, you’re so caring and kind and just- there’s so much Harry. Really- you’re… prodigious,” I gulped.

He smiled, “I...don’t know what to say, Penelope.”
“How about you then?” I murmured.

“Hm…” He stumbled, “you don’t understand how amazing you are, my love. And don’t you dare put yourself down, missy.”
“I just…” I started, “I am very...humble.”

He pick up my chin with his hand, “baby, believe in yourself.”
“Well I will work on it,” I laughed. “Let’s get more positive. What do you like about me?”

“For starters,” he chuckled, “your red hair - it’s absolutely beautiful. You’re an amazing young woman and I know you’ll be an amazing mother. If I’m honest, I feel safe around you- you’re this badass woman who could take anyone down at an instant. Your laugh is… it brings a smile to my face. You’re so down to earth I honestly am so lucky to go on this journey with you.”
I grabbed his hand and rubbed it softly, pressing a soft kiss and meeting his eyes again.

He grinned and cleared his throat, “what do you like about me, my dear?”
“I’m the lucky one, here. You’re the sweetest soul I’ve ever met, Harry. Two weeks ago I would’ve never thought I’d let someone in- I mean especially with the circumstances. But hun, you’re here and I selfishly don’t want to let you go...Not only will you be an amazing father- we will be amazing parents.”

He looked at me with glossy eyes and smiled, taking my hand and standing us up. And just as the movies show it, his free hand held my cheek and his face inched closer to mine. My heart was racing through my chest- ringing through my ears. I gently closed my eyes as he neared, waiting for his lips to touch mine. But, to my surprise, his nose touched mine and brushed lightly. My eyes opened as I took in what I thought was going to be a kiss that turned into an eskimo brush. I let out a deep breath and held myself together to not show any signs of disappointment.

He pulled away and rubbed my hip, “let’s hang out for another night, yeah?”


Not just yet.

Sorry it's been so long.

Just know that comments keep me going (: so thank you for the support loves



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