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The Donation


Penelope’s. P.O.V.

"I'm here for my ...appointment," I whispered to the desk clerk.
"Name?" She asked, high-pitched.
"Penelope. Penelope Van Oppen."
"Ah, your artificial insemination appointment." She remarked, quite loudly.

I cleared my voice awkwardly as I watched the other women around the clinic look up at me.

"Um.. Yes." I voiced.
"Please sign here. Oh and here."

I took the pen topped with a hot pink feather from the jar and scribbled my signature onto the paper.

"Alright you're all set! Just have a seat and wait to be called in."

I set the pen in its holder and took a seat.

Women all around me were so absorbed into their surroundings. One had a little toddler who refused to sit still; she kept swaying her legs and tossing around her toys.

Was I truly ready for kids?

What am I saying? Of course I am. I'm 25 and I'm financially stable. I just can't wait for someone to come around any longer- I want a family now.

My nerves were truly kicking in. I had everything ready and a plan but I had anxiety. You get a small description of the donor; including eye and hair color. But no name- none unless the donor wants to put his two cents in. I don't mind either way I just don't want some dick trying to take control of me.


A high pirched nurse's assistant peered from the door frame.

I rose and made my jaunt into the room.

"Okay so you said in your paper you're wanting twins?" She catechized.
"Yes, that's true"

"So are you aware that yes we can do that but sometimes the body only reacts to one of the fertilized eggs."
"I am aware of that, yes," I confirmed.

"Your selection says a donor with green eyes, brown hair, and a healthy physique?"
"Yes ma'am."

"Well we just got one fresh that is ready for insemination. But he's wanting contact with the female...which would be you. Are you okay with that?"
"Yes I am." I stuttered.

"Alright at the end of it I will hand you his information. Are you ready?"
"Ready as I'll ever be."


Sorry it's so short; this is just the tester chapter to see how it goes with fellow readers before I pour my heart into it.

Let me know if I should continue; it'll get better and longer



Awh Rosie ♡ You have a special place in my heart

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