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'Strong' A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Chapter 11-Surprises, Falls and Compelling Discoveries

Chapter 11 of ‘Strong’

‘Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You’ll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I’ll be safe and sound’
-Safe & Sound, Taylor Swift

Niall's P.O.V

"Today I got to fulfill all of my childhood dreams with my best friend, I got free food and dessert at a restaurant I had no choice over, and now you all are telling me there is something else. Have my friends been captured and replaced by aliens or am I dreaming because the friends I know aren't usually this nice." Harry joked causing Amela and I to flip him the bird and everybody else to laugh. We were currently walking through the woods leading Harry to his very last surprise. Harry got lucky with Amela; she was pulling out all the big stops for Harry, while the only thing the last girl I truly fancied gave me was Chlamydia.

As we got closer to the centre of the woods, I decided Harry has suffered through enough suspense for one day and so I decided to tell him what his last surprise was. We were already close to our final destination so at least this way we wouldn't be wasting time when we arrived because we could start straight away.

"Usually I'd enjoy keeping you guessing but since you let me get Nandos today, I'm not going to torture you." I informed Harry, raising my voice so I could be heard over all the small conversations that were going on. I ignored Harry's 'I-Win' smile and just continued talking, "As you know, we are all luckily pure werewolves as every previous generation in our families were born werewolves and married and birthed werewolves. Being a pure werewolf means we can shift whenever we want but ever since the venom from a werewolves bite could turn a human into a wolf slaved to the moon, the werewolf council decided that all werewolves should shift only on full moons–Unless there is a battle or other emergency–so there would be no inequality in a pack and so there would be less human deaths due to ‘animal attacks’ per year as werewolves tend not to be able to think clearly when they are in their wolf form and the only thing on their mind is hunger and uncontrollable rage—“ Harry cut me off luckily as I had no clue where I was going with this. "Niall, as much as I am enjoying this history lesson, I know all about the history of werewolves and how only shifting on a full moon came to be. What are you trying to say?" Harry questioned me. I mentally flipped him the bird as he is always the guy calling me impatient yet here he is trying to push what I was trying to say along.

"Well you see young Harry, for us pure werewolves to only shift during a full moon, we now live longer, as werewolves from previous generations would have died quite young due to their bones weakening from always breaking during a shift and eventually giving out. Shifting by choice every blue moon for a special occasion is permitted once we have the permission from the wolf council members and once we take responsibility for any human incidents. Luckily for you Harry, you bought me food meaning I love you and as I take good care of people I love, I got permission from my Dad for us to shift tonight." I told him causing him to let out a very ‘manly’ squeal. Harry will never admit it but he has always been the most feminine out if all of us guys.

I broke Harry's happy bubble by talking again, "This is my birthday present to you though. Since I'm usually shit at present giving, I decided to just give up this year so..." I finished, letting the sentence hang in the air. Harry and a few of the others laughed while a few of them rolled their eyes mumbling 'Typical Niall'. I'm not going to lie, those two words kind of hurt. I personally thought this was an amazing gift and even if I didn't think of it myself; I was still being very generous. Harry slapped my back gratefully and mid-laugh said, "Thanks mate. Best present you've ever given me." Again this hurt. When we were five, I completely forgot it was his birthday so at school I gave him my last and only cookie and if you know me, this took a lot of strength and love for me. I just ignored these idiots though; I know they truly love me and they'd be lost without my 'unique' present giving.

We continued walking until we got to the centre of the woods as this is the furthest away from humans. Everybody looked excited about shifting except for Amela. It didn't surprise me though as I knew how painful shifting has been for Amela lately. I had asked Amela if she wanted to skip tonight and I could tell everybody she had a sick stomach but she insisted on not missing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

When we had reached the open space right in the centre of the wood, everybody stopped and turned towards me wondering what to do now. I walked over toward a tree stump and stood on top of it making sure to give myself extra height over Liam and well...everybody else. Since I had now everyone's attention I decided there was no point in wasting any more time because the quicker we shift the more time we have to enjoy our night of freedom.

"Harry you little shit, I hope you have a great birthday. The moon is now high, the night is young and we can now unleash our true selves."

Kayleigh's P.O.V

It all felt fearfully real. I could feel the hard crumbly ground beneath my feet and the wind caressing my body through my thin coat. I could see nothing but black trees and shadows, dark navy blue skies and ground, and the occasional bright yellow eyes piercing through my shaken soul. I could smell damp grass, fresh night air and the horrible stench of urine. This was not what terrified me though; I could live with all of these things. I could eventually find comfort and a sense of peace from the night's beautiful features but what I could never find comfort in was the loud echoing howls coming from the wild animal behind me.

I hesitantly turned around, my heart in my throat. I couldn't quite comprehend what was in front of me. It had the face and the body of a wolf but the height and length of a large lion. A scream got caught in my throat as the beast started running as quick as a panther towards me. It let out a loud and terrifying howl as it lunged towards me—

I woke up drenched in my own sweat with my heart hammering against my chest. My breaths were shallow and my hands were shaky. Once my brain started working again and my hands stopped shaking, I physically checked that my body was clean of any gashes and bruises. Words can't describe how lifelike my dream–Or as some could say my nightmare–was. I truthfully couldn't understand why everything had felt so real but as a loud echoing howl rang throughout my room; my mind went blank causing me to forget all about my dream. I remembered hearing that similar sound once when I was babysitting Lux but...I had just presumed it was Tyler on The Vampire Diaries. I realised I could of left the downstairs television on but when I ran downstairs to investigate, the television was off.

I sat down on the couch convinced that my mind must have been trapped in my nightmare that I imagined the howl but as another haunting howl rang through the living room I realised I wasn't crazy. I slowly walked up the stairs trying to figure out where the noise could possibly be coming from. As I arrived on the upstairs landing and walked into my room another idea struck me. I walked over to my bed and searched under my pillow. Once I had located my phone, I checked to see if my phone was the source of all the noise. I sat on my bed defeated as I had come up short again. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes after I realised that it was half three in the morning and chances are, I will not be sleeping tonight. I racked my brain for another logical explanation as to where the howls were coming from. If it wasn't the TV or my phone and if no possible dog could howl that loud, then what could it honestly be? Another howl echoed of the four walls of my room only this howl sounded different from the rest. The howl was much louder than any of the other howls and it sounded restless....urgent. I walked over to my bedroom window and looked out at the big and black forest. I’m not sure if it was because the thought of a wounded animal that caused my heart to clench, if it was due to my lack of sleep, or if it was because I get my nosiness from my mother, but either way I decided that what could possibly go wrong with me going out into the woods to investigate. I know the saying goes ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ but I’ve been told I walk like a penguin, so I should be fine. The worst thing that could happen is that I die and even then, at least I wouldn’t have to see Niall’s hateful, judgmental, cute face again.

I threw on a wine sweatshirt after realizing that dark gray pajama bottoms–I had luckily shaved my legs this morning–and a turquoise flowy vest top wouldn’t suffice to the current cold night weather. I slipped on my black Nike Roche shoes onto my feet and my phone into the big front pocket of my sweater. After thanking God that my parents and annoying siblings weren’t home, I walked out of my back door to start my adventure to find where the noise was coming from and to help the poor wounded animal. I left the back door open as if I were to come home and find robbers in my house, I’d help them look for anything valuable my parents had hidden and ask to split the profit 50-50.

Walking through the forest felt like I was reliving a weird déjà-vu moment. The forest smelt just like how I had imagined it would smell. The ground underneath my feet felt just like how I had dreamt it would smell. The trees looked just like how I thought it would look only in my dream; I hadn't imagined I would find little droplets of blood on the uneven, loose-soiled ground. Then again, in my dream I hadn't been smart enough to have my phone–Or another source of light–with me. I decided to follow the blood splatter trail in hopes it would either lead me to the source of all the noise or to some poor small animal that needed my help. I didn't even want to think about how bloody and sore my face would be tomorrow due to the amount of long, skinny tree branches that kept deciding to slap me in the face.

I paused when I heard another loud howl pass through the trees only this time the howl wasn't quietened by the four walls of my house. The howl sounded a lot closer than when I was in my room and I'm not sure if my heart speeds up due to nerves or excitement. I now had the option of turning around, going home and forgetting any of this EVER happened or to follow the sound and either find the noise or a cute, fuzzy animal that needs my help. I decided against my better judgment to edge closer to where the sound was coming from.

Although I probably should be pooping my pants right now or thinking positively, all I could think was: 'If this was a horror movie, a psychotic axe-murder would come out of one of the trees and chop me up into little pieces and leave a trail of me from Northumberland to Cornwall.'

The further into the woods I got, the more blood the injured animal seemed to be leaving behind. I ruled out a small animal like a bunny, squirrel or owl being the source of the pained howls as I doubted the animal could have gotten this far without collapsing if it was miniature. I decided the animal must be a stray dog or a lost sheep as anything else like a lion or cheetah seemed ridiculous and I knew from my pre-teen Twilight-obsessed faze that wolves only lived freely in America and Canada and werewolves only existed in nightmares and cheesy stereotypical movies.

I paused for a moment to try and catch my breath as my heart seemed to accelerate the closer we got to the howls. My stomach twisted and a small voice in the back of my mind that creepily portrayed my father's started warning me to go back. I remember once when I was a little girl and my curious child-like mind decided to take me on an adventure which ended in me almost getting knocked down by a car and surviving, meaning I had to suffer through another hour long lecture from my script, wiser parents. I can't remember much from that day as I was a lot smaller back then and high off sugar but one thing that stuck with me and that always plays over in my head when I'm getting myself in too deep was what my father had said to me. I remember his scowling face, how his eyebrows always seemed bushier when he was angry or serious and how his eyes looked older and wider as if he had lived a million lifetimes before my time and knew all the wrongs in the world. What he had spoke to me that day always seemed to stick to the back of my mind like how reliable blue tack stuck posters to a wall. During times like this-And by this, I mean near death experiences caused by my curios mind-my father's voice never seemed to feel slipping into my conscience saying:

"Kayleigh my darling, I know knowing everything sounds so amazing and life-changing to an inexperienced persons mind, but take it from somebody who has known a lot more about themselves; their family members; their friends; their enemies; their strangers; their future, than they'd have liked to; knowing everything only causes fear and grief. We think we are prepared for what we could possibly hear but truthfully, we are only ready for what we think we will hear. I know the thought of knowing everything about another person; a strange loud noise in the night; a mysterious butterfly sounds incredibly intriguing but most often the best knowledge we can ever know, is not to go looking. What should happen, will happen regardless how early we bring the worrying into our lives or regardless of what we do to try stop it? Don't go looking for answers and just enjoy surviving through the questions."

Of course as a stubborn, curious, street-smart child, I wasn't quite sure what most of that meant; all I heard was, 'Stop exploring as I am the mean man in charge of you, and because I'm old and can't have fun, you can't either!' Still, I knew I had a good memory and so I forced my brain to do homework on the weekend and learned what my father had said by-heart so I could one day know what he meant. As I got older and learned what those words meant, I believed my dad was speaking complete rubbish, but as I grew older yet again and started experiencing painful and hard times, I grow to value and appreciate what my father had once said.

My mind was brought away from my past and onto my present by the loud sound of a twig breaking due to intense weight being forced onto it. The sound seemed to be coming from diagonally left of the trees, not too far away from where I was standing. I shooed away my father's voice as since when is knowing the answer to which animal I'm going to save change my life?

Against my upbringing, better judgment and my knowledge in horror films, I started going diagonally left from where I was standing. It was hard to tell if there was any direction in this forest as all I could see was tree after tree, so instead of watching the trees I watched my feet. This unsurprisingly led to me banging my head of tree branches and trunks a lot but at least I knew I DEFINITELY wasn't dreaming.

In fear that the light from my phone might damage or scare the night animals, I decided to put my phone in my jumper pocket and rely on my sense of sound and the light from the moon. It was only a half moon but I hadn't realised before that the deeper I got into the forest, the skinnier the trees got and the more revealing the moon became. Since the adrenaline of the 'big, scary forest' had worn of, I realised just how cold it was. My smooth legs were now covered in pointed goose bumps.

I continued watching my feet move closer into the unknown and soon-to-be-known even though my heart wasn't in it. I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't hoping for something dramatic and bad to happen as I was truthfully bored at this minute. If I was watching this horror movie of turn it off and watch re-runs of friends or something, because a teenage girl walking through a forest where she had earlier heard loud terrifying howls from some unknown creature and not have gotten eaten this far in was just beyond boring. I was half-tempted to turn back around and go home but I knew there was some small helpless animal that needed my help and since I was seconds away from it, it would be extremely cruel for me to just go and give up on saving its life.

I stopped suddenly when I realised my feet and my ears had led me to a small open patch of land. I looked to my side to stretch out my neck so I wouldn't have a cramp tomorrow. If I wasn't here on a mission, I would have taken a picture of the thick tree trunk and how the silver moonlight reflected perfectly off it giving it this shiny, enchanted glow. I rolled my neck up to the flickering stars and to my right side to see more enchanted-looking trees. I now only noticed how close the sky seemed to be to the ground. The moon looked as if it were from a cartoon sky as it was so huge I was almost positive if I were a 'few' inches taller, I could almost pick it out of the sky.

Bringing my mind away from my surroundings and onto the howls that were stopping me from doing my best talent, I looked forward ready to start searching for the small furry animal that I would have to aid...

....Only I didn't have to go searching...

...A two foot grayish-white wolf with a long, jagged scar going down his left eyes, captivating blue eyes, and two rows of pointed sharp teeth was very hard NOT to miss.

I mentally cursed myself for being so stupid to not automatically presume it could have been a wolf even though wolves are not known to be in England, and for also for not noticing a huge wolf standing not too far away from me when I first arrived at this tree-less patch of grass. Honestly, the first thing I notice are the trees and not the wolf staring at me like I presume Jesus was looking at his last supper.

I took a cautious step back causing a small twig under my feet to snap and the wolf to flinch and step closer to me. Usually in a situation like this, I would turn my bag towards the hungry looking animal and run for my life–Literally–but the large animal's cut and bloody leg pushed any of the first related thoughts out of my head. I took a hesitant step towards the icy-blue-eyed wolf causing it to take a sudden scared step backwards and growl at me warningly. I held out my hand offering it to the wolf to be scented. I was honestly not too sure if it was going to work but Harry Potter used it to show the hippogriff he wasn't going to hurt him so it was honestly worth a try. The wolf turned its head to the side in questioning before it started taking small steps towards me.

I slowly lowered my butt towards the ground and started talking to the large dog like how you would a family pet or a baby, 'Hey boy, come here. I'm not going to hurt you; I just want to help you.' As strange as it may sound, I felt like the wolf understood what I was saying because he kept edging closer. I patted my thighs quietly signaling for the wolf to come closer. Once he was in touching distance I reached out my hand slowly and gently seeing if the wolf would allow me to touch him. When he didn't growl or try to rip my neck off, I took it as a signal to run my fingers through his thick soft hair. The wolf seemed to whimper in satisfaction causing me to start laughing and the wolf to break out of his daze. Only up close did I realize just how tall the wolf was. Crouching down, the wolf was leaning over me but I knew that even if I stood up straight, I would probably only be a head taller than him. I also realised how irritated the long cut which now only looked like it was beginning to transition from a painful cut to a reminding scar. The wolf watched me in confusion as my fingers edged closer to the wolf's wounded leg. I carefully picked up his leg but the pain must have been as severe as the wolf took a big step back and started flashing his sharp teeth in a warning manner. As this point I was no longer scared of the wolf as I knew if it was going to hurt it kill me, it would have done it already.

"Hey, hey," I spoke soothingly, "You're hurt, you're bleeding really badly, and I only want to help. I know it’s going to hurt but it will better in the end...okay?" The wolf's gaze went from me, to his leg, back to me again before he stepped towards me again and put his injured paw hesitantly on my thigh. I took my left have which I was using for balance to take my phone out of my pocket. I unlocked my phone so I could use the light to take a better look at the dirty, bloody gashed paw. I flinched in shock and disgust when I saw how severe the damage was. I knew I couldn't help him here, and there was no way I was going to be able to talk an animal into coming home with me so I just took out the steel wire that somehow found a way to pierce through the wolf's thin skin. As the wire was very far into the poor animal's leg, it took a gentle but strong pull to remove it which causes the wolf to let out a loud and pained whimpering howl. The wolf stepped away from me and looked at the metal wire in both hatred and fear. I heard multiple soft paws hitting the ground in a rush and before I could get my head around what was happening, I was surrounded. I looked down at my thighs and saw light grazes and irritated scratches from the wolf. Although I knew it was only large dog eyes on me, I was still grateful my fading scars blended in with the wolves marks.

I slowly brought my butt from hovering above the ground to stand in line with my back. I watched the grey and russet-brown, and dark brown and whitey-grey wolves move towards each other and blend into one big colorful furball. I presume a small gust of fluff or dust flew up my nose as before I could help it, a high and girl sneeze broke the peaceful silence. Almost as if they had just noticed me the wolves slowly broke apart to form a semi-circle facing me-I could only presume that these wolves were the whitey-grey wolves’ pack. The injured wolf was standing in the centre of the semi-circle licking his paw clean of blood. Although I knew that was very unhygienic and would probably cause serious illnesses for the poor wolf, I decided right now was probably not the best time to point that out-Not that the wolf would even understand or listen to me.

Not knowing what to do with all of the curious dog-like eyes on me, I just gave the animals a shy wave. I mentally slapped myself for being so foolish. Why in God's name did I just wave at a pack of wolves? It's not like any of them will think, 'Hey, you know what, we aren't going to hurt her, we are going to let her walk home freely as she waved at us nicely'. Yeah, so that's not going to happen...

"Okay so...I'm going to go now, but he should really see a wolf doctor about that foot." I told them before sending them a polite smile and turning around to subtly leave the family reunion that I was not invited to. Many unsettling growls were heard behind me. I turned back around and held my hands up in surrender. I intended to walk towards a tree stump but the pack's impatient synced growl stopped me.

I looked around for a place to sit as my legs were growing tired, my butt was extremely cold and I was pretty sure I would not be leaving the wolves' sight anytime soon. When my search came up short I just decided to lower my butt to the ground and pray my shorts didn't get muddy, grass-stained or have any spiders on them because spiders are freaking terrifying! "You know," I said, "if I get pneumonia, it’s going to be your entire fault." As strange as it was to believe, I'm almost positive the whitey-grey wolf with the deep scar running through his eye rolled his eyes.

The wolves each looked away from me and connected their eyes together almost like they were trying to send their thoughts to each other. I watched in awe as the nine natural multi-colored wolves had a conversation through growl, head movements and unspoken words through their eyes. The wolves’ conversation was ended by a rich brown feminine wolf leaving a gap in the curved line as she sprinted quickly, her paws like thunder shaking the ground, towards me. Instead of cowering back or holding my arms out in a form of protection, I watched in awe as the skinny wolf jumped over me just barely grazing the air that hung over my head. I looked away from the empty trees where the wolf had just run through and back towards where the other nine wolves were waiting...and watching.

The wolves semi-circle formation broke up as each wolf ran out of the empty grassless back and towards the never-ending wolf. If the first rich brown wolf and the rest of the wolves ran off at the same time, it would have looked like the grassless patch of dirt were a giant child's copy book, the wolves formation were the nonagon and the sprinting wolves were the delicate pencil-drawn lines that separated the nonagon into small sectors. Finally after I could no longer hear the sound of paw prints hitting the ground and branches swooshing from being pushed away so quickly, I focused my attention back on the very first wolf. The beautiful wolf with the captivating icy blue eyes.

The wolf had remained in the very same spot he had been earlier when he was giving his bloody leg a bath. His blue eyes stared into my tired blue eyes almost threatening me to take a step closer to him. I knew he wasn't going to kill me or SEVERELY hurt me but that did not mean that he couldn't rough me up. I focused my ears to see if I could hear the wolves but once I was greeted yet again with ultimate silence, I decided now was the perfect time to head back home.

"I hope you can forgive me for interrupting your night," I apologized sincerely, "I am remarkably exhausted now though so I should head home." I stood up and dusted the dry dirt off my shorts and legs. I turned to walk away but stopped myself from making the first step. I turned my head back towards the wolf, "Thank you for not killing me. Rest your leg." I turned back around fully to start my journey home. Behind me I heard the sound of bones breaking and skin ripping. My heart was in my mouth as I turned around slowly step-by-step.

I wasn't quite sure what I was expecting to find but I was definitely not expecting to find a pale-skinned boy with his blonde head hanging down and his arm ripped and bleeding. It was quite obvious he was naked–Not that I was looking at that area–but luckily his right unharmed hand was covering his manhood. He let out a cry either because he was the source of the breaking bones and tearing skin or because of his battered hand. I heard soft footprints not too far behind me and the sound of leaves rustling but I was too paralyzed in place to move. My brain was on a constant repeat two images: the image of the wolf and now the image of the boy. My brain couldn't comprehend what had happened and how the image in front of me changed so quickly. I took a step back landing on a damp thick horizontally-cut log causing me to lose my footing. I quickly caught myself before I could fall but the co motion clearly caught the blond boys’ attention. His head snapped up and his blue eyes met mine, and I realised this wasn't just some random boy and his eyes weren't icy blue from the genes of his past generations but the coldness of his heart.

I looked at Niall in disbelief, "...Wha—"

I was cut off as a hard object was used to whack me across the head and everything else went black.

Amela's P.O.V

I watched in shock as Eleanor hit Kayleigh in the back of the head with a rock. I looked around the border of the clear soil-filled area and saw all four boys and three girls–Each fully clothed thankfully, as we had planned ahead and brought with us clothes for afterwards–staring at the ground where Kayleigh's limp body rested. Even Eleanor herself looked shocked and she was the one who hit her. I looked over towards Niall to see him looking from Eleanor, to the rock in her hand, to Kayleigh and back again.

Harry broke us all out of our trances by saying, "Staring at the poor girl isn't going to help her, or any of us for that matter. Now Niall put on your clothes, Louis comfort Eleanor, and we'll decide rationally what to do." Harry threw the dark navy blue gear bag at Niall which contained his clothes and Niall sent behind a tree to change-Luckily. Louis edged very carefully towards Eleanor careful not to startle her but regardless of how slowly he moved she seemed to have been broken out of her shocked state as she suddenly started crying hysterically. Louis ran over towards her and caught her before she fell on the ground. Niall came back from changing just as Eleanor pushed Louis away. The tears were flying out of Eleanor's eyes faster than a meteor shower flies through the sky. Eleanor held the rock out in front of her and started mumbling so quietly that not even my werewolf senses could pick it up. We all just stared at her not entirely sure what to do.

"El," I started, taking a step closer towards where she was standing and Kayleigh's body was lying. Eleanor's blood-shot eyes snapped up to mine and she started blubbering again, only this time much clearer. "I panicked. I just meant to hit her hard enough to knock her out but there's so much blood. It's on the rock, her head...it even splattered on my clothes." Eleanor stopped her nose now runny and her face stiff from the dampness. She fell down in defeat and whispered, "I didn't mean to hurt her; I just didn't know what else to do."

We all just remained still and silent. We were all either staring at Eleanor in disbelief or at Niall wondering what we should do. Eleanor though, just kept staring at Kayleigh's body. I'm not sure how much time passed. It could have been minutes, and it could have been hours.

Sophia suddenly started crying and that seemed to set off a frenzy between the rest of us as Niall started freaking out and kept shouting, 'What should we do, what should we do?!' Zayn went over towards Niall and started comforting him which helped clear Niall's head a bit-or so I thought. "Okay, I'm okay. So first thing is: where should we put the body? Just leave it here or bury it?" Niall asks causing Eleanor to look up with fresh tear-filled guilty eyes and the rest of us to stare at Niall in shock. Zayn backed away from Niall and walked over towards Perrie mumbling, "There's no helping him."

Although Liam is a very patient person, he seemed to be losing his patience very quickly. Niall's last comment was the final snap of the elastic band as Liam let out a very loud 'Oh for God's sake!' and walked towards Kayleigh. Almost like he was dealing with a very precious doll, he carefully turned her over and held his ear above her mouth. He then pulled his ear away from her lips and pressed his hand in the centre of her chest. He breathed out a deep sigh of relief as he stood up. He bent down and picked her up delicately in his arms. He held his hand out to Eleanor and after helping her up, he turned towards us. "Her heart is beating normally and although her breaths are shallow, she is still breathing. She has a painful gash on the back of her head which will probably need stitches and will definitely hurt in the morning but other than that, she is perfectly fine! Now stop planning the poor girls’ funeral and let's get her back to the shack to clean her up and figure this all out!"

Kayleigh's P.O.V

I woke up to find myself sat uncomfortably on a cold wooden chair accompanied with a headache so loud and painful, I'd rather be in labor right now pushing a loud, large crying baby out of me. I opened my heavy eyes and I swear that if I don't wake up tomorrow with a six pack from my eye workout then I will call up God and complain. I allowed the light to enter my eyes and after a few seconds of painful blurs I could focus my eyes properly again. The room I was in was so small that just by staring ahead, both corners of my eyes could capture every detail from the small wooden room. Nine pairs of curious, worried eyes were staring at me and although my body was in too much pain to jump in fright, my heart still leapt out of my chest.

Pain pierced through my skull bringing my attention away from the familiar faces in front of me and onto my hurt head. I went to touch the back of my head to find where the stinging sensation was coming from when Liam leaped up from the table in the far corner he was sitting on and rushed towards me. He slapped my hands away from my head like my mother used to do when I bit my nails, "Don't touch that! I managed to stitch it up and stop the blood but you'll have to get it professionally treated soon."

I looked away from Liam's annoyed and satisfied eyes and scanned the room seeing eight other familiar, laughing faces. Eleanor sent me an apologetic and guilty look. I made a mental note to ask her later what she felt guilty about but knowing the damage that has somehow been caused to my head and the lack of sleep I've had, I probably won't remember. Louis had his arm slung around Eleanor's shoulders and as he continued to laugh his high but short laugh, he sent me a nod and a small smile. Sophia was sitting on a chair beside where El and Louis were standing, and although I know Sophia is a caring and sweet person, her eyes remained fixed lovingly on Mr. Mother Goose who was currently observing his work on the back of my head. I suddenly realised I could feel a gentle and appreciated breeze on my open wound and I mentally scanned through every horror movie I've ever seen in case I have to gruesomely murder these nine individual people for shaving my head. When I heard Liam cursing as he struggled to take all of the Bobby pins out if my hair and when I felt my hair return to its natural position, I breathed out a large sigh of relief and continued analyzing everybody's face in attempt to figure out how serious this current situation was.

Standing half inside and half outside the open door stood Zayn with a fag hanging out of his mouth and a light smile on his face. Taking his face and the others face into account, I knew the situation was bad and strange, but not seriously terrible. Harry being the playful idiot he is stood beside Zayn breathing out into the cold night’s air making it look like he too was smoking. I just realised how cold it had suddenly gotten and I was mentally hoping Zayn and Harry would shut the door because my legs were going blue and my goose bumps painful.

Although the room width wasn't very big, the height was quite long as a Queen-sized bed was vertically placed on the left–My right–side of the room. Amela and Perrie were both sitting cross-legged on the very comfortable looking bed. Perrie had her eyes half-closed and her head leaned back as she laughed hysterically at the scene in front of her. When my hazed eyes met Amela’s dark brown ones, she sent me a very strong look full of worry, pity, humor, affection, and unknowing. My eyes slowly went from Amela's 'comforting' face; to a face I could have lived the rest of my life without seeing. Unlike the others null wasn't smiling or laughing and had no sort of humor, amusement or happiness in his face. He truthfully just looked down right miserable. His eyes seemed to be very emotionless almost like this whole entire situation hasn't affected him or even happened but past his cool and calm façade, I could see exactly how he was feeling; worried and powerless. Although I've learned how to read people due to opening my mind to possible scenarios that people go through every day, seeing how people are feeling when they disguise it so well is often truly difficult and I can look the other way and not question it but considering how I saw Niall break in the janitors closet on the day we-that-shall-not-be-named, I now know the signs and how Niall holds himself when he's feeling certain emotions. He may not know this, but I do.

Almost like my brain was trying to make sense of what had happened my mouth started moving and completely ignored my brain or my conscience screaming at it to stop. If I was watching a movie and I was the main character, I would probably be screaming right now and throwing popcorn at the girl for being so stupid! I mean, what type of person who's world suddenly grew black around her after she saw a guy one minute and a wolf a next start trying to piece what happened aloud with people who 'suddenly found her' in her moment of need. Yet ignoring my knowledge like my body has been doing all night my mouth still splattered in confusement and admonishment:

"One minute...there was this wolf. And then.....then, suddenly there's you...You were n-n-naked! The wolf just completely disappeared and you weren't harmed....You shared the same wound as.....the...wolf? It all went black...There was so many...wolves. So much...black. W-what?"

I wasn't quite sure if I was asking my brain, the others of myself. My mind was all over the place and if this were anybody else's situation, if know exactly what was happening but my mind was currently deciding to go blank and my fictional-crazed mind was hoping that all the signs were wrong and that there was some completely normal explanation...

Hell, even if it was a poorly decided and weird explanation, I'd eat it up just to stop this uncomfortable churning in my stomach, the current headache in my brain and the consuming, overwhelming silence. I felt multiple stares full of fear and dread being set on me. My head was bent down and my eyes were trained on the ground around the now closed door. I watched Niall's blue Nike shoes walk over towards Harry's white and black stripped Adidas. Through the toxic smell of panic and the loud sound of the collective nervous breaths being breathed in and out, I heard Niall whisper VERY loudly–Even though he nor Harry were intending on his very distinctive voice–to Harry, "When is your friend getting here?"

My heart instantly sped up. Friend...? Friend...! Usually when people say 'friend' during this certain situation, it means that Harry is after calling his 'friend' to come here with a 'knife' and 'kill' me. I'm not quite sure why I put these certain words in averted commas but I'm guessing it's my conscience absentmindedly remembering it could be Harrry's cousin with a gun to severely hurt me.

"So," I started deciding that if I was going to die I might as well get my questions answered, "Before your 'friend' comes and kills me, mind telling me what the hell is going on and why that big cuddly dog left and was replaced by a fake blonde and a killer headache!"

I heard laughter travel around and Louis call out 'Shots fired!” I internally sighed out in relief hoping that my ‘humor’ may cause them to rethink killing me…It looked like Niall was trying to send me a glare but he was failing miserably as his face seemed mixed between flattery and annoyance.

"I would make a comment but my head is all over the place right now and you called me cute so I'll let it slide." My eyebrows scrunched up in confusion until it suddenly dawned on me....

...The wolf suddenly disappearing and being replaced by Niall....

...The uneasiness in his eyes and he watched me trying to remember and piece together what had happened...

...My comment about the wolf being 'cute' and Niall being flattered...

...It suddenly made sense and for a huge fictional lover, I was ashamed that it had taken me this long.

"You didn't scare the wolves of did you...? You; all of you, were the..." I let my voice trail off and pass along the room with the silence as its travel buddy.

I heard the sound of leaves flying up into the air and landing harshly on the ground with a crunch almost as if the wind suddenly picked up and the leaves weren't expecting it. Not even half a second later, it sounded almost as if a million of crisp leaves were strongly shoved up against the front of this cabin. There was a little knock on the door; all my hope was shoved up against the door and crushed along with the leaves. I let out a deep heavy worried breath and slouched in the chair enjoying my last few moments of life. Harry gave me a strange look almost mentally asking me 'What-the-hell-are-you-so-worried-about?' as he walked over to welcome his 'friend' and my murderer into the cabin. I truly wish I hadn't watched 'Cabin In The Woods' a long time ago because I truly wish I had no clue what was about to happen. I let out a low shaky breath causing Harry to send me another 'What-the-hell-are-you-so-worried-about?' look as he put his hand on the doorknob.

'Oh nothing much Harold, you know, I'm just sitting here, chilling, enjoying my last few moments of life-the usual. What about you boo..?' I thought sarcastically, rolling my eyes. I shut my eyes in worry, not wanting to see the face of my killer...

Amela's P.O.V

I looked at Kayleigh in confusion as her eyes worriedly glanced between the door and Harry. Her face was pale almost as if she's seen a ghost and I could hear her short shallow breaths from across the room. I watched as Kayleigh's hands gripped the chair and her eyes shut tight. I allowed my eyes to travel over towards the door where everybody else's eyes seemed to be transfixed. The others looked at the door as if they weren't sure whether an older woman with tired undead eyes would be behind the door or a young bloodthirsty man with strong fangs and a hunger for blood and memories.

Harry put his hand slowly on the handle almost as if the world was suddenly playing in slow motion. I soon realised this wasn't possible and glared at Harry as he laughed at his own 'joke'. He wiped a fake tear from his eye and opened the door saying: "Why are you all so on edge? Chill."

Harry opened the door widely and there was no young bloodthirsty monster or old dull woman, but instead a tall red-haired man with a shy smile and wrinkled jeans. As he entered the house, I noticed he was in his early twenties and had this adorable ginger scruff. He and Harry bro-hugged before Harry introduced us to him and him to us.

"Everybody, this is an old friend of mine, Ed. Ed, this is everybody."

Ed nodded in acknowledgment at each of us before he turned to Harry and said, "I'm not that old you twat!"

I laughed at Harry's annoyed face and decided I really liked this guy. I held out my hand to Ed. "It's nice to meet you Ed, I'm Amela. Where exactly has Harry been hiding you exactly?" Ed looked at Harry with a sly smirk on his face before he turned his head back towards me. "It's lovely to meet you Amela, I've heard a lot about you. You are much more beautiful than how Harry described." I looked at a blushing Harry and raised my eyebrow in questioning. Harry just avoided my eyes. Once I brought my yes back to Ed, he continued answering my question, "Due to the...difference between our kinds, we kept our friendship on the low to prevent wars and shit."

"Now, Harry told me you all had a little...problem?" Ed said awkwardly scratching the back of his neck as his eyes searched around the room. His eyes landed on Kayleigh and his eyebrows scrunched up in shock, disgust and astonishment. Kayleigh lifted her head up to meet Ed's and Ed looked almost as if he would collapse.

"..Kayleigh..?" He whispered in shock. Every person in the room except for Kayleigh's eyes was staring at Ed in worry and confusement. Harry truthfully looked more surprised than the rest of us, "How exactly do you know Kayleigh?" Harry questioned, his eyes switching from Kayleigh and Ed in accusation. Ed's eyes remained on Kayleigh almost as if they were having a silent conversation. Ed brought his eyes away from Kayleigh but his eyes and mind seemed far away from here. Due to the haze, I wasn't entirely sure if he was having a conversation with Kayleigh or whether he was having a mental battle with himself. When Ed seemed to snap out of his haze, he stared at Harry and realised he had a 'little' bit of explaining to do.

"Yeah, she kept repeating in her mind 'I wonder whether they will have Kayleigh Long-Curiosity Killed The Penguin-walking Idiot or Kayleigh Long-Pay More Attention Watching Horror Movie' on her grave." Ed explained causing Harry to send Kayleigh an amused yet pitiful look, and then look back at Ed waiting for the rest of the explanation.

"Sorry man, she just...she reminds me of a girl I used to know." Ed mind and cold non-moving heart, thousands of miles away. My heart clenched for the poor guy. I couldn't imagine living for years and years and falling in love with many people, just to leave them or have them leave you...

I was now starting to worry...

...Is that all I am to Sam? Somebody to pass these next two-to-three years with...?

Are we both going to end up hurt of we get closer just to have him leave me due to the 'age' difference?

...Are we just psyching ourselves up for heartbreak and pain?

I suddenly realised I had a lot to think about; did I really want to be one of those girls that stuck their hand in the fire, knowing damn well they'd end up burning themselves?

The sound of skin hitting skin-Or possibly thin material-broke me out of my trance. Harry patted Ed's back in reassurance and support.

Ed seemed to have put in his unfeeling mask as he walked towards Kayleigh and gave her a shy smile. She seemed to nod at him almost like giving her permission for what he was about to do. We all watched in astonishment as Ed compelled Kayleigh to forget everything she saw tonight.

I watched as Ed's pupils’ dilated, Kayleigh's following suit as Ed spoke calmly and soothingly:

"You went for a walk in the woods because you couldn't sleep. You let your feed guide you as you took in the cold air and nature's beauty. You fell, suddenly, on a rock and hurt your head. Nobody came to save you. Nobody helped you. You were out cold but eventually woke up and went home. That's all that happened. You didn't hear, see or talk to anybody, other than yourself."

"I went for a walk in the woods because I couldn't sleep. I let your feed guide me as I took in the cold air and nature's beauty. I fell, suddenly, on a rock and hurt my head. Nobody came to save me. Nobody helped me. I was out cold but eventually I woke up and went home. That's all that happened. I didn't hear, see or talk to anybody, other than myself." Kayleigh repeated back in perfect sentences almost as if she was hypnotized to do so. I understand from vampire history that compelling is a type of hypnotizing but I have never seen it done before so this was very interesting.

Ed picked Kayleigh up off the chair and nodded towards Harry, "It was lovely to meet you all. I'm going to bring her home and there I will compel her that nothing ever happened. She didn't leave the house, she didn't fall, she remained asleep the whole time and the gash on the back of her head is a mystery." Ed informed us causing each of us to nod our heads in understanding and gratitude. Ed nodded his head at Harry and then to the rest if us before he disappeared into the woods as quickly as he had come.

Liam sat down exhausted on the-sized bed as he breathed out a sigh of relief. I walked towards Harry, "Sorry your birthday ended like this..." I told him before I put my tired head on his shoulder. He put his head into mine before he said, "Don't worry about it; I'm just glad she's okay."

"What's going to happen now?" Sophia questioned, running her fingers through Liam's hair. "Yeah, do we tell the council? Do we tell Mr. Horan? What now?" Eleanor joined in with Sophia's question.

"I have no idea," Niall breathed out, the bags under his eyes bigger than my future.

"I have no idea...."



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