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Only You

Chapter 16

**Trigger warning, this chapter contains content that some readers may find uncomfortable/upsetting**

Harry was late pulling up to school on Friday morning, but I had decided that he was going to voice whatever his problem was before we went in to school. Last night ended on such a sour note between the four of us and I wasn't happy just leaving it that way. I leant against a tree near Harry's parking spot and looked at my watch again with a sigh, I was starting to notice a pattern with Harry always being late. Louis's car pulled up in to the space in front of me, and he grabbed his bag and glanced at me gesturing to walk into school. I shook my head and tried to smile at him brightly, however, it must have been more of a grimace as he rolled his eyes and came over.

"Every bone in my body is telling me not to open this can of worms, but I'm going to do it anyway and ask you what's up?" he said as he came over.

"Nothing, just waiting for Harry." I said, and he raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah, I thought you would have realised by now, I am the most perceptive person of other people's emotions that you will ever meet, and I resent the fact that you just attempted to lie to me. So, I will ask you again, what's up?" He said in a more pressing tone.

"Last night was our double date," I said with a sigh and continued, "And, well... Harry clearly had a problem with Jared from the get go, and at the end of the night, purposefully got his name wrong." Louis raised his eyes to the sky and let out an exasperated sigh.

"For fuck's sake!" He muttered to himself before looking back and speaking directly to me, "I'll go meet Taylor and tell her not to wait for you two because you're arguing."

"I was going to be nice about it and just speak to him like a mature-" I was cut off by Louis scoffing at her.

"Ha! Do you know Harry, or yourself for that matter, at all? I'm telling you, you're going to argue." He said bluntly before turning on his heel and making his way toward the gate. I folded my arms across my chest and scowled after him. Harry and I could have a mature conversation about this, and that's what we were going to do.

It was another five minutes before Harry's car pulled into the carpark and to it's normal space next to my own. He seemed to hesitate before getting out and when he did, he didn't make eye contact with me as he got his bag out of the boot.

"Hey Harry!" I was the first to speak, making sure to keep my tone friendly in an attempt to show I had no intention of this getting aggressive.

"Selena, hey." He said quietly, still not looking at me, "I thought you would have gone in by now, you're usually here much earlier.

"Yeah, I was waiting for you!" I forced a smile on my face, even though his innocent act was getting on my nerves a bit.

"I see, right, well let's go then." He tried to walk past me, but I reached out and stopped him by putting my hand on his chest. He looked at me for the first time, his face expressionless.

"Well, I waited because I want to talk to you about-"

"There is nothing to talk about, it was a simple mistake, I apologised, if your boyfriend is still butthurt, maybe he's too sensitive." he interrupted me and I felt a pang of annoyance.

"Oh Harry, drop the bull, will you?" I spat without thinking, which is when I saw something flash in his own eyes that I couldn't quite read, "You know what you did, and we both know there was no mistake about it, so now I want to know what your problem with Jared is?"

"Selena, I literally could not give less of a shit about Jared." He snapped, mirroring my tone. I was standing in front of him now, both of us glaring at one another.

"Then what the fuck was that last night? Your fucking moody ass attitude toward him all night was a disgrace!" I heard my voice go up an octave.

"Sorry, not all of us put on false niceties all night like Mr Fucking-Perfect! Some of us actually have personality and if my boredom at the lack of interesting conversation comes across as a moody attitude then I apologise!" He sneered. I felt my nails digging into the palms of my hands as my fists clenched as the anger inside me boiled over. I could see that Harry was still just barely in control of his own anger.

"False fucking niceties?" I screamed as I lost control of my temper, "They are required when you are trying to share conversation time with someone who can't bare sharing the spotlight for one bloody minute, you... you..." My emotions were in overdrive, making me stutter as I struggled to find the words through the ringing in my head, "You egotistical, self-centred bastard!"

"You think that's what I don't want to share?" Harry growled back at me. This caught me off guard though. If it wasn't the lack of attention, what the hell was he so mad about?

"What then?" I yelled right back at him. He opened his mouth to speak and then shut it again, the anger instantly leaving his eyes.

"It's nothing, listen, I'm sorry for how I behaved, it won't happen again and I would like another chance to make it right." he said, his voice quiet all of a sudden. I'm confused now. Why has he suddenly backed down, what was his problem? "Can we just let it go please, I really don't want to fight with you..." I felt myself calming down as he looked at me with big green puppy dog eyes.

"Fine... but you have to apologise to Jared aswell, he's picking me up tonight after my rehearsals with Charlie, so you can come see him then." He nodded and shoved his hands in his pockets as we walked into school in silence, neither of us sure what to say now

"So, I'll pick you up at six and we can just go back to mine and watch a film if you want?" Jared said on the other end of the line.

"Sounds good!" I hesitated, "Harry wants to come and apologise to you as well..." I added. The phone was silent for a minute before he spoke again.

"Fair enough, I appreciate that, I'll see you both then." He sounded like he wasn't over the moon at having to see Harry again, but I'm glad that he would put the effort in for me. Just as he was speaking, Charlie came into the room with a stack of papers and a guitar over his back. I motioned one minute to him as he began getting it all sorted out.

"I know you don't want to, but thank you! Anyway, Charlie is here so I have to start rehearsal, see you at six!" We said our goodbyes and clicked off the phone. I put it in my blazer pocket which was hanging over the back of my chair and turned to Charlie.

"Hey! I see you've had a few ideas since we last met up, then?" I said with a smile, gesturing to all of the papers that were now in scattered piles across the table. He grinned back at me.

"Yeah, I mean some of them I've been working on for a while, and some are covers that I have rewritten for our key and then the others are just unfinished ones." I stood up and took a seat closer to the table and started looking over them, humming a few bars to see what I thought. I picked up a few originals and a few covers and gave them to Charlie, before neatly gathering the rest of the paper into a pile.

"Ok, so I think we're better off sticking with stuff that's finished rather than trying to write more... don't need to add any more pressure." I said taking the pile that I handed to him and separating them out into their individual songs again, "We need a set that is roughly ten minutes long, which is about three songs? So, if we just narrow these six down, then we can get cracking?"

We spent the next hour and a half playing through the songs and making adjustments where needed just in case we were going to use it, and eventually narrowed it down to three. By the time it was only half five, but I had had enough of singing for the day and I was ready to call it a night.

"So, we're settled on We Don't Talk Anymore, Reminding Me and Good To You... You don't think we'll be penalised because they're all negative do you?" Charlie said, putting the guitar down.

"No, I think these are definitely showcasing the best parts of our voices," I smiled, stood up and started gathering up the papers, that were now scattered over the table so we would be able to get ready to go.

"You don't have to do that yet." Charlie said in a quiet voice.

"No, it's fine, if we're done we might as well get everything packed up and get gone, don't want to be here all night?" I laughed, excited to get to see Jared sooner than I thought, I would have to text him and tell him he could leave now.

I turned to give Charlie the papers and almost crashed into him, he was standing so close. I laughed awkwardly as I took a step back, but he mirrored the movement, closing the gap between us again. The hairs on the back of my neck began prickling as I became uncomfortable with the situation.

"Uhm, here." I said, holding the papers between us for him to take. He took them, smiled at me and without taking a step back, put them on the table.

"Thanks... So?" He said with a smile. I smiled nervously, glancing at the clock behind him on the wall. I still had another twenty minutes before Jared was due and even if he did get here early, as usual, he would never think to come looking for me.

"So, I should be going, my boyfriend will be here soon and I don't want him to worry about me..." I said, taking another step back and walking into a window sill, trying to sound in control, I could tell by his smile though that I had no control here. He took another step towards me and menacingly glanced at the clock and then back at me.

"You said six right, we have twenty minutes, I saw you looking at me during the song... I know what you were thinking..." He said as he leant towards me and put his hands on the windowsill, trapping me in. I could feel the panic rising in me as I tried to deny to myself what was happening.

"I wasn't thinking anything!" I mumbled, moving my head so that it was pressed against the window, I physically couldn't move any further away from him.

"It's ok Selena, you don't need to lie to me, we don't need to tell anyone..." He whispered with a smile as he gently pushed a piece of hair behind my ear, making me feel nauseous. I could hear my heart pumping fast in my ears and the alarm bells that were ringing in my head, it was after school hours, no one was even in the building, no one to call out for help to. He moved his head in and began kissing my neck as I pushed against him as hard as I could, begging for him not to, but he was stronger and reached up and pushed my hands back down to my side and held them there. I writhed beneath him, twisting my head side to side, doing anything I could to make him stop.

"Please, help." I called out to the empty building, a tear rolling down my cheek, praying for someone to come and get him off of me.


These are the songs I chose, just in case you have never come across any of them.

We Don't Talk Anymore
Reminding Me
Good To You

Hope you enjoyed this chapter even though it's sad, stressful and pretty grim... thank you so much for the support, rate, comment and subscribe to let me know what you think!

Lola xo


Omg I love it so much can’t wait to read mo

Bunnyboo Bunnyboo

Thank you so much for reading! Writing is my dream and I am obsessed with these characters and their stories so it's so important to me that it is told the right way... At the time when I started writing this it was a distraction because I was in a tough situation and I needed something to take my mind off of it. Now, I am in such a good place and I can see that this story hasn't been written the way that it should have been - the way I want it to be read and I don't want to spoil the ending on a sub-par version. Thank you for being so patient, I appreciate it so much and I hope that I do their story justice in my retelling.

Prinny1321 Prinny1321

Im staying till the end because this story is so good. Take your time ik how it is to be busy

Bunnyboo Bunnyboo

So good can’t wait to read more

Bunnyboo Bunnyboo

You’re welcome

Bunnyboo Bunnyboo