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Wilder Mind

Twenty Two.

Twenty Two.
Weeks later there was still radio silence.
No hellos in the office, no texts asking to get drinks, no calls to go to breakfast. Kaine has been completely silent. She's with Nate constantly now and he doesn't talk about her either. Part of me is just so empty without her constantly making fun of me. She doesn't acknowledge my existence, and she won't even talk to me about work things, she sends Helen instead. She doesn't even look my way, not that I see at least. It was painful not laughing with her. I looked off toward's her desk only to see she wasn't there.
"You packed for LA mate?" Harry asked me breaking me out of my thoughts.
"Yeah, I'm still wondering why they're letting us interview people though, nobody's gonna take us goons seriously." I said.
"I was thinking the same thing." he laughed.
"Do you get the feeling we're spend half of our lives on planes?" I asked.
"I'm getting a touch tired of flying I will say. Mostly I'm just tired of packing." he agreed.
"Did you ask Nate if he could bring us to the airport tomorrow?" I asked.
"No, I thought you were gonna." he said.
"Come on, let's both go over to him now." I said standing up.
We started walking through the cubes when I saw Kaine leaning over the cube talking to Nate. I stopped in my tracks and told Harry to go on by himself.
Sure she was avoiding me but I sure as hell wasn't going to go around her either. The larger the void between us became the more I was afraid she was serious about filing a report with human resources. I didn't want to test her patience in anyway especially around the office, but I missed her like hell.
I glanced back toward Nate's cube and Harry was standing next to Kaine talking to her. I could see his jaw tense up but then nod reluctantly. She shook her head and Nate shrugged his shoulders as if to say it wasn't his problem. The small group broke up and everyone went back to their desks.
"What'd he say?" I asked H.
"He said he's gotta bring Kaine to pick up her boyfriend at the airport and only wants to make one trip so we ride with him when they go or we find another ride." he said.
"I can be in the same car as her, I'm not the one who is holding this over her head. If she can handle being in the same car as me for hardly even an hour then this has become even more ridiculous than I initially thought it was." I complained.
"So are we riding with him?" he asked.
"Yes, it'd be silly of us not to." I said.
So the next morning around ten Nate drove by Harry's flat and picked the two of us up. Our flight wasn't until two but Everett was coming in around ten so we had to get to JFK earlier. We got outside and Kaine was already in the front seat avoiding eye contact with us. H tosses our duffles and carry-ons in the trunk while I hung out garment bags on the hook in the backseat.
It was convenient Everett was coming in the day me and Harry were leaving, it happened to be winter recess for the Texas schools so he was able to come up and visit her for the week. We'd be home on Friday so we could potentially hang around with him again but there was no way I was going to be invited.
"Thanks again for taking us." I said buckling my seat belt.
"No problem." he nodded.
"Sorry you guys have to wait around a while, but maybe you can see Ev before we head back." Kaine said.
"Yeah, it'd be nice to see him. Nate, you're gonna love the guy." Harry said a little nervous.
Kaine wasn't so keen on Harry lately just because he was with me constantly. I felt bad putting such a strain on everyone's relationships with her just because of the stupid shit I decided to go along with but it was inevitable.
"Um, Kaine, I think that we sh-" I began.
"Should act normal around him? Yes, but until he's in our presence I like the silence." she said.
"Okay." I nearly whispered.
The car fell silent besides the radio playing in the background. The whole ride was like this with Harry and Nate chatting about the business trip. I glanced up from my phone from time to time to look at Kaine who appeared to be napping in the front seat. Either that or was just trying to cut herself off from the rest of us to avoid anymore conversation.
We pulled up to the airport just as Kaine got the text that Everett had landed. H and I grabbed our things out of the car while Kaine talked to Nate through the window.
"I'll be back with him in like 20 minutes probably I'll text you." she said.
"Ready Kay?" H asked.
"Yeah he's gonna meet me somewhere in the lobby." she said.
"Do you want us to wait around with you?" I asked and she shrugged.
"We're not gonna leave you alone." he said.
"Kaine, are you cold?" I asked looking at her in just a long sleeved tee shirt.
"No, I'm okay." she lied.
I opened my duffle and tossed my old college sweatshirt her way.
"It's a little thin but you're gonna catch a cold without it." I said.
"Thank you." she said pulling it over her head.
Well, that was a start I guess. Harry sat between us on a bench inside the lobby waiting around for Everett to come. She was engrossed in her phone trying to keep the conversation to a minimum until she suddenly looked up toward H.
"How have thing with Charlotte been going?" she asked.
"Oh, uh I'm really not that sure. It seems like she isn't all that interested in me, only answers my messages like once or twice a week." he said.
"Have you gone out with her at all?" she asked.
"She took me running that freezing cold day and we've gone to brunch once but it's February. I feel like maybe we'd be seeing more of each other if she was interested." he shrugged.
"She can be like that, she's very eccentric, but she hasn't dated anyone in years. Maybe she's just feeling it out a little." Kay said.
"Maybe she's intimidated by you H, it's hard to date someone who has better hair than you. Maybe she's just envious of that mane of yours." I offered earning a laugh from both of them.
"Give her another try." she said.
"Alright, I will." he nodded.
Harry and Kaine chatted about his current situation while I sat back and surveyed the room. I looked off toward one of the corridors and saw a stressed looking Everett trying to carry all of his things. They were oblivious to his presence so I watched him struggle for a second longer until he got into earshot and stood up to call his name. He glanced up from his things and sighed in relief.
"Hey, Niall." he said as I approached.
"Need a hand?" I asked.
"Yeah please. Where's Kaine? Or is it you who's picking me up?" he asked skeptical.
"I'd say she's about three seconds behind me." I said taking a duffle out of his hands.
I silently counted down from three and as if on cue Kaine crashed into him hugging him tight. Harry followed behind her carrying all of our things and I took mine out of his hands.
"How 'ave you been mate?" Harry asked him shaking his hand.
"Good, good to see you guys again." he said halfheartedly.
"Well, you won't see us again until Friday night if you'd like so we'll be out of your hair." I said.
"I'll text you guys on Friday when you land to tell you where we are. Gotta take Ev out you know? It's his first time in the big city and who knows it better than someone who's been here since college." Kaine said to me catching me off guard.
"Yeah, of course. We'll take you to some cool places. Did you take the week off to hang out together Kay?" I asked.
"No, I've still gotta work but he'll keep himself busy doing touristy things during the day." she said.
"You can stop talking about me like I'm not here." Everett said putting his arm around her.
"Sorry." she smiled up at him.
"Well, we should let you guys get going, don't want to keep you in the airport all day." Harry said motioning toward the direction we had to go.
"Yeah, well I'll see you guys Friday then." he said as he shook our hands.
Kaine got out of Everett's grip and hugged Harry tightly then releasing him. She approached me, a little hesitantly, so I closed the space between us and she wrapped her arms around my neck while I hugged her waist. I let out a sigh of relief.
"Text me when you guys land." she said against my shoulder then let go of me.
"We will Kay, you can count on it." I said looking into her eyes.
"Bye guys." she said as we started walking away.
"See you Friday guys." I said turning around and waving.
"We'll be counting down the minutes." Harry called after them.
We waited our turn to get through the security queue and sat on a bench just a few feet away to lace our shoes back up.
"That's the most I've spoken to her since New Years." I said quietly.
"Pretty much me too." he said.
"It was still tense but I hope that might be the start of forgiving and forgetting." I said.
"Do you want to forget that though?" he asked.
"No. Of course I don't." I sighed.
"Well, if it makes you feel any better I don't think she does either. You don't hold a grudge this long if it didn't mean anything." H said.
"Don't get my hopes up man." I said.
"We just need to get you laid on this trip don't we." he laughed.
"Wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to me in the world. Haven't since Kira." I shrugged.
"Jesus." he shook his head.
We landed at LAX around five local time along with the other three people from Wolfe and found out that we had a driver in the pickup line. We were set up in a nice hotel about five minutes from the Wolfe HQ downtown. Me and H were unsurprisingly sharing a suite, we dropped our things off in our respective rooms and quickly cleaned ourselves up. Corporate was taking us to dinner and a Kings game tonight in their box and we didn't have much turn around time.
The LA weather was glorious compared to dreary ol' New York. I desperately wanted to put my shorts on but I knew that wasn't so smart considering I was headed to a hockey game. The weather about thirty degrees had be itching to do it, there was always tomorrow night.
By the time the game was over our jetlag had officially hit and we were down for the count. The next morning we woke up still on New York time which gave us plenty of time to get ready to head in to corporate. I suited up in one of my lighter ones and was tying my tie when H came out of his room fastening his watch.
"Spiffy." he said.
"Tie? No tie? I don't know what to do." I shrugged.
"Wear it there and if nobody else is wearing one take it off." he said affirmatively.
"You wearing one?" I asked.
"Nah, got this cool flower neck tie thing from Gucci when I got my New Years suit and it blends in to my black shirt so it doesn't stand out too much." he said.
"Of course you do." I said shaking my head at him.
"You think I should put my hair up?" he asked.
"I would probably, it looks a little more professional that way." I said.
He put his hair back in a bun before we left to meet up with the rest of the guys in the lobby and got escorted off to the building our corporate was housed in. Mr. Bailey and Mr. Reynolds who came to visit the New York branch were in the building lobby to greet us before taking us up to their floor.
"As you all can see we've got this great big space up here that we could fill with employees to expand our business." Mr. Bailey said taking us through the great big space.
"We're just gonna set you five up in offices for the next couple days along with five people from our end and just get down to interviewing a bunch of people. We got a couple hundred applicants for positions so we're just gonna have you guys see ten today and ten tomorrow. It'll be fun." Mr. Reynolds said. "We'll have you out of here by three today no problem."
"Thank you for having us here to help out." One of the older guys who came from NY said.
"No, thank you for helping us out, it'd take three more days to get through this process if we didn't have you guys." Reynolds said.
"It'll be fun to be on the other side of an interview for once." I laughed. "And thank you for the Kings game last night, that was good fun."
"Just treating our employees right." Bailey said. "Roger, Hank, Greg, we're gonna have you guys interviewing people for creative, copywrite, web, accounting, all that good stuff and then Harry and Niall since you're both a bit younger you'll be interviewing kids for internships and freelancing positions. Most of them are either still in college or coming right out and need some experience."
"Oh good. We didn't think anyone older than us would take us seriously." Harry said.
"We thought ahead for you." Reynolds laughed.
We were escorted off to separate offices and given our interviewing binders and talked through some basic things. I felt some power sitting behind a desk with a single chair in front of me. It made me feel more official and higher up in the food chain at Wolfe but it was all temporary. When we got back to New York I'd still be doing my same old web design job.
Reynolds gave me a temporary login on the computer and pulled up the schedule for the day glancing though it at all the universities people were coming from. I prepped for about a half hour before I heard the first candidate timidly knock at the door. I didn't know who was more nervous, them or me. I stood up behind the desk and buttoned my suit jacket and went to open the door.
"You must be Jack Baldwin?" I asked shaking his hand.
"Yeah, nice to meet you Mr. Horan." he said looking up at me.
Mr. Horan? I could get used to that. This kid was probably eighteen coming in for his first interview ever and you could tell he was nervous as all hell. This was how a lot of my candidates were that day but there were plenty to send through to the next round. I was done with my list of people when I got one more knock at my door.
"Niall, could you take one more for me?" one of the ladies from the corporate side asked.
"Yeah, sure, send them in." I said and she nodded.
I waited a couple minutes until I heard a light knock on my door. I pulled the door open and stepped back to let them in.
"Hi Mr. Horan, I'm Emma Stein." a young girl said reaching her hand out to me.
"Nice to meet you Emma." I said shaking it. "Please, have a seat."
"Thank you." she said as I walked around behind my desk.
"So, how old are you Emma?" I asked looking at her résumé.
"I'm eighteen, I'm in the middle of my second semester at the University of Southern California." she said.
"And what is your major?" I asked glancing over her previous employment.
"I'm in the computer science department." she said.
"We don't see many women pursuing computer science, why did you want to study it?" I said going through the question checklist in my head.
"Well, honestly I knew I could get scholarships and the payoff would be great in the end." she said and I laughed.
Her interview went on for another twenty minutes talking about what she would contribute to the company and what kind of employment she would be seeking after the internship. She passed my checklist with flying colors and at the end of the interview we just chatted for a while.
"What is your accent?" she asked.
"Irish." I said.
"You're pretty far from home don't you think?" she asked.
"You better believe it, I'm here from New York just conducting interviews. That's where the other branch is." I said.
"I actually have a cousin who works out there. She told me about this branch opening and told me I should apply. She loves working with the company." she said.
"Oh really? Who is it?" I asked.
"Her name's Kaine Westbrook, one of the receptionists I guess." Emma said and I choked a little. "She said she really loves everyone she works with. Do you know her?"
"Yeah." I began hesitantly. "She's one of my good friends actually, sweet girl."
"Good to hear. When you get back to New York tell her I say hi." she smiled.
"Will do, Emma. It was nice meeting you, you should be hearing from someone within the week about continuing the interviewing process." I said standing up and shaking her hand.
"It was nice meeting you too. It's too bad you're not staying at the LA branch, if I were to get an internship here it'd be a pleasure to work with you."
"I might be back to visit, you never know. Have a good rest of your day." I said.
"You too, Mr. Horan." she said.
As promised, it was three o'clock and we were free for the rest of the night. I had texted Kira earlier in the day and she sent a location for us to meet up with her and Ethan later tonight. H and I cleaned up and changed our clothes before sitting outside by the pool for a while.
"I could get used to this weather." H said sipping on a beer.
He was wearing his silly pink polka dot shirt again with skinny jeans but never looked more natural. The buttons were hardly done and his chest was out and his long hair laid free around his head. He was gonna be all the ladies attention at the bar tonight, not like that was unusual.
"It's definitely nicer than the city, and home for that matter too." I agreed.
"Maybe because Rhodes likes us so much he'll send us here a couple times a year to work, that would be wondrous." he said.
"I wouldn't get your hopes up mate." I laughed.
We got dinner at a brew house and head off to the bar that Kira sent us the location to called The Rodger Room. It was a very cool place and was already getting packed with people by 10. Especially for a Wednesday night.
I was a bit nervous to see her, especially with Ethan, but in the end I'd have to suck it up. When they arrived I noticed Ethan before her. He was had to miss being so tall but her bright blonde hair wasn't so far behind him as the approached our small table.
"Hey look at these city boys!" she said greeting us.
"Hey Kira." I said hugging her tight to me. "Hey Ethan, how are you guys?" I asked shaking his hand.
"All settled into our place about an hour from here. Mom and Dad were so happy to have me back here." she said getting ready to talk our ears off like she always used to.
"I'm gonna grab us some drinks." Ethan excused himself.
It was really so great to see her so happy and relaxed, a complete difference from the end of our relationship. She was so on edge with me all the time, now I knew for obvious reasons, but seeing her here, back in her home state, doing what she really loved was refreshing.
"How's work?" she asked me and H.
"It was pretty fun today actually. Got to interview a bunch of kids for internships. I can't believe I was ever that young doing what they're doing now." H said.
"I know, the 18-year-olds seemed like they were still in primary school I couldn't believe it." I agreed.
"How's work for you Kira?" Harry asked genuinely interested.
"I'm getting a bunch more casting calls here, I got in with a new agency and it's really just so so much better than there." she said.
"That's good, I'm glad for you." I said as Ethan slid into his side of the booth.
"How's Nate? Does he miss me dearly?" he joked.
"He's alright, yeah. He definitely preferred you to his new roommate I guess. He got someone off of Craigslist to move in with him so you can only imagine the type of guy that's in there." H said.
"That was literally the last piece of advice I gave him before I left, not to get a roommate off of there. Never listens now does he?" he laughed.
"Never, no way. Shortest attention span on the planet." I said.
Harry got up to grab us a round another of beers, and a vodka cranberry for Kira leaving me with the two of them.
"How's everyone else?" Kira asked me.
"Uh, family's good, they were glad to see me for Christmas." I said unsure of who she was asking about.
"How about your friends from work, besides Harry and Nate?" she asked. "You know, Liam, Louis. Kaine?" she slipped in.
"Yeah everyone's good. They're all alright." I said lying through my teeth about Kaine. "Could you excuse me a minute?" I asked.
"Oh, yeah go ahead." she said.
I got out from the booth and started walking past the bar top to the bathroom. Harry had all the drinks in his hand and stopped me before I could get any further.
"Where ya going?" he asked handing me a bottle.
"Just the bathroom, feel a little suffocated with them alone." I said.
"Alright, well hurry back, I don't want to get stuck with them." he laughed.
"Yeah, sure." I said.
I took a brief trip to the bathroom and splashed my face with some water. I didn't mind the idea of seeing Kira out here but when she started asking about Kaine and everyone I was trying to forget for the week I got a funny feeling. It just wasn't exactly how I planned this encounter to go.
I walked out of the bathroom and took a look around the bar. There was a woman who couldn't be older than me at a table near by who looked very put off by the man talking to her. She was as far away as she could possibly be from him while he was trying to lean even closer forward. I looked at her trying to see if could get her attention. After a second she glanced at me and back at him then at me again. I took that as a signal and approached their table with my beer in my hand.
"I'm back babe." I said kissing her temple and sliding up on the stool next to her. "You are?" I asked the large, rough looking man.
"Just looking out for her, shouldn't leave your gal alone, people get ideas." he said.
"Ah yes, people nothing like you. Nice meeting you but I'm back now, we don't need your company." I said dismissing him.
He tried to grab at the woman's hand to kiss it but she swiftly pulled it away and looked down at her drink rather than him. And it worked, he left her alone and walked off back to his buddies on the other side of the bar.
"Dear god thank you so much." she sighed when he was out of earshot.
"What, not into scary men twice your age, eh?" I smiled.
"Not really my type, no." she said biting her lip trying not to laugh.
"I'm Niall." I introduced myself.
"Kasey." she said back.
"And Miss Kasey, where on earth is your boyfriend or friends I'm assuming you're here with?" I asked.
"Friends were supposed to meet me here about ten minutes ago but obviously got held up." she answered.
"And your boyfriend?" I asked.
"Broke up with me yesterday thanks for rubbing salt in the wound." she gave a weak smile.
"I'm sorry to hear that." I said admiring her.
This girl, Kasey, had long sandy blonde hair down to the middle of her back and had freckles all over her cheeks. She had dark brown eyes and long, lean limbs. She looked as though she got to lay out in the sun all day, basically what someone thinks a Cali girl would look like.
"Yeah, well, it does suck a lot." she shrugged.
"If it makes you feel any better, you see that table with the two guys and the girl over there?" I asked pointing toward H, Ethan and Kira.
"Yes, who are they?" she asked.
"Well, my best friend is Harry, the one in that ridiculous polka dotted shirt but across the table is my ex-girlfriend, Kira with her current boyfriend who she was cheating on me with for the last four months of our relationship." I explained.
"What the hell are you doing being around her then?" she asked confused.
"I'm in town for business from New York and she moved out here at the end of last year. She texted when she found out I was in town and insisted we all get drinks." I said.
"That does not sound ideal at all." she laughed.
"Nope, it's most definitely not." I joined her.
"And do you have a girl back home then?" she asked.
"Eh, it's a complicated situation. There's this girl Kaine that is one of my really good friends and there's so much tension between us but she's got a boyfriend too. My love life has been a total shit show." I explained.
"Wait a second here, so there was Kira, and then Kaine and that's spelled with a K right?" she asked and I nodded. "Then there's little old me, Kasey, do you have a thing for girls who have names that start with a K?" she asked.
"What makes you think I'm interested in you?" I questioned trying to be all serious.
"I don't know, but it was worth a shot." she bit her lip.
"I suppose you might be right then, excellent realization." I smiled.
"Do you wanna get out of here?" she asked.
"Oh you don't know how bad I do." I said and chugged the rest of my beer down.
We got up off our stools and snuck out of the bar avoiding my table to the best of my abilities. Kasey hailed a cab while I texted Harry to let him know I left.
"8811 Burton please." she said sliding into the back of the cab we me close behind.
This wasn't something I would normally do, but considering circumstances and how long it has been I figured why the hell not. I pushed the hem of her thin dress up her leg and put my hand on her bare thigh, slowly rubbing it up and down on the drive.
"Do you think this is too quick for me to rebound with someone?" she whispered to me.
"Nope, get it over with, don't be like me and wait five months, aka right now." I whispered back.
I paid the cab fair and she lead the way up into the building. The lobby was deserted at 11:30 on a Wednesday which was lucky for us. Kasey pressed the elevator button and the doors opened immediately and we stepped in. As soon as they closed I pinned her against the wall and crashed my lips into hers. God did I need this.
She brought her hands up around my neck while I opened her mouth and furthered the kiss. I rolled my hips into hers just as the elevator dinged that we were at her floor. She let out a sigh before breaking the kiss and grabbing my hand pulling me off the lift. She opened up her door and immediately grabs the collar of my shirt pulling me inside by it while I laughed.
I kick my shoes off while she eagerly reconnects our lips and tries to unbutton my shirt.
"What makes you think I'm not like that guy who was bothering you at the bar earlier?" I asked between kisses.
"Nobody like him is nearly as charming as a sexy guy with a smooth accent." she said and I laughed. "And none of them have that adorable laugh like you do."
I connected my lips to her neck sucking at the skin bound to leave a few marks while she finished undoing my shirt and tossed it behind her. She broke away for a second to make sure her door was locked before leading us off to her bedroom my shirt getting left behind.
I grabbed her waist and lifted her up onto her dresser and got in between her legs. She reconnected our mouths and ran her hands through my hair while I slid my hands up her thighs hiking her dress back up. I caressed her ass pulling her up against my chest and then grabbing onto the back of her neck trying to get her as close to me as possible.
God she was hot, she was the perfect distraction right now and I knew I was the same for her. She pushed me back and sat at the foot of her bed carefully placing her heels to the side. She slowly scooted back toward the headboard and I followed her motions ending up on top of her. I slid my hands up the side of her body under her dress trying to get it off of her. She took the hint and aided me in pulling it over her head. I looked down her body taking in her curves that were concealed by the dress and bit my lip.
"Beautiful." I said.
"Oh shut up and get those pants off." she laughed playfully hitting my chest. "If they're not painted on that is."
"Now you shut up." I teased.
I got my jeans down my legs and tossed them and my socks off to the side before climbing back on top of her. I lowered my body to hers and reconnected our lips hovering over her. I moved one hand down to her torso started massaging her breast over her bra earning a low moan from her.
"Ah, fuck." she sighed out between kisses.
She reached around her back unclasping it and tossing it off to the side exposing her top half. Immediately I ran my thumb over her nipple and she moaned again against my mouth. I continued on and felt myself growing hard against her leg knowing I'd have to get going here soon. I pulled away from her after a while and started kissing all the way down her body. When I got to her lower stomach I looked up and she nodded letting me continue. I hooked my fingers in sides of her panties and slide them down her legs tossing them in the pile of clothes forming next to the bed leaving her completely bare.
While I'm at it rid myself of my underwear letting myself free and thank god I did because I really needed to. She flipped around pushing me up against the headboard straddling my lap and started palming my erection while reconnecting our lips. I groan in pleasure but only let her do this for a minute or so not wanting to embarrass myself by coming so soon. I hadn't been touched like this in too long. I kept one hand on the back of her neck keeping her close to me and slid my other one up her inner thigh reaching her core. I slip[ed a finger into her and god is she wet. I started rubbing her clit with my thumb while I added another finger and she is a moaning mess on top of me.
"Oh fucking hell, fuck Niall." she says grinding down onto my fingers moaning my name against my lips before I pull back from her and place my free hand over her mouth.
"You keep doing that and I'm gonna come just from hearing my name out of that pretty little mouth of yours." I said.
"I need you inside me right now." she mumbled against my hand making me smirk.
I pulled my hand out from under her while she reaches over into her bedside table grabbing a condom from the drawer. She teared opened the little packet and rolled it down over top of me teasingly slow. I put my hands on her hips and carefully guide her down onto me letting out a groan of relief.
"Fucking hell." I sighed as I filled her up.
She ground her hips into mine tormentingly slow moaning out my name again. I brought my hip up to meet hers with each movement she made and it felt so fucking good to be doing his again. She quickened her pace ever so slightly while I kissed up and down her neck and feeling her up. I kissed down her breasts and blew cool air on one of her nipples after sucking over it and that put her over the edge. She kept rolling into my hips while I held her close and she moaned my name out over and over again while I sucked on her neck.
"Oh fuck, oh my god, Niall, right there." she screamed out while a second later.
Seeing her feel this good was getting me close too but I had to last longer than this. She kept coming down hard on me and I knew I was hitting her spot just right over and over again. She was vocal and I knew that the people through these thing apartment walls must be hearing everything but that made it ten times hotter. I wiped away the sweat running down her forehead while I looked at her face that was covered in total pleasure.
"I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come." she said biting her lip continuing to come down hard on my cock making it as rough as she possibly could and I felt her body tense up in my arms knowing she was incredibly close. I moved my hand back down to where our bodies met and started rubbing her clit roughly while she screamed out my name for the whole city to hear. Her cunt clenched over me and she rode me out through her orgasm cursing obscenities loudly.
I removed myself from her and flipped us over so I was back on top and slid back inside her. She was just coming down from her first high while I started pounding into her from this new angle. I thrusted in and out of her quickly now that I knew she liked it like that and tried to reach as deep inside of her as I possibly could. My moans were getting louder and louder and I knew there was no way I was gonna last much longer than this.
"Fuck, fuck Kasey you feel so good." I cursed burying my face in her neck.
"I'm gonna come again holy shit, fuck." she cursed and continued her loud moaning.
I could feel myself coming undone with her and felt myself tense up knowing I was gonna come at any second. She screamed out in please as she started riding out her second orgasm and I felt her walls tight around me again my thrusts became sloppy and I finally released my load inside the condom yelling curse words and her name in her neck.
I really had to go on business trips more often.


This is a fun one hope you enjoy it!


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