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Wilder Mind



My alarm was going off but I was still too tired to shut it. I shoved my head under my pillow and I hoped to drown the sound out, it was no help.
I sighed and got out of bed and shut the alarm. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on my short walk to the bathroom and was frightened by what I saw. With that in mind I got into the shower and shaved the scruff off my face. I walked back out to my room and my bed looked more inviting than ever, but I had to decline it's invitation.
My closet was organized chaos and I could hardly ever find anything inside, but I settled on looking nice today with a suit jacket and dress pants seeing as I would be meeting a bunch of new people today. A bunch of new people I would be managing to be more accurate.
I walked through my flat to the kitchen and brewed my morning coffee and ate my dry granola. As I ate I watched the news and checked my email. My inbox was already flooding with all the work I was going to have to do in the office today. I groaned and regretted even checking what I'd have to do before work officially started for me.
I washed out my bowl and filled up another cup with coffee to take with me to work. It was going to be a long day. I gathered up my papers and put them in my knapsack from the sitting room and put on my boots. After checking that I had all of my belongings together I head out the door into the hall and locked up my door.
My commute to work was not long but I often hit traffic no matter what route I took to get there. Luckily this morning I left early enough that I could catch the early September sunrise and was just ahead of the bulk of people meaning I would shockingly be early for work. After my ten minute drive I pulled into the lot and parked in the closest spot I could find. The building was rather large and it housed 7 businesses other than ours. Each of the businesses had large staffs though so it tended to be difficult to find a decent spot in the mornings.
I walked into the large brick building and said hello to Jason the lobby manager. He looked up from his desk and gave me a weak smile before I continued over to the elevator bank. My agency, Wolfe House and Company, is on the tenth floor which is also the top. As I stepped into the elevator and hit the button I thought of my first day at the company over five years ago. I remember the nice group of designers I met took me up onto the roof for lunch the first day to look out on the city's skyline, and also to sneak beers and a smoke for a lot of them. I smiled at the memory and decided I would see if they would want to do the same with our new employees coming in today.
As I stepped out and unlocked the office door I noticed the subtle changes in the main room at the office that Rhodes must have done over night. Along the ledge by the windows there were several new Macs set up for the freelancers to work on and there was an extra seat up at the reception desk. When I got to the entrance to my cube I saw that I had a new name plaque that read "Niall Horan: Programmer & Supervisor." Harry had a similar one on his cube. I looked across the aisle and saw that the two employees we would be supervising would be sitting there. The low wall that separated Harry and I had become even lower so that I would be able to see his whole face.
I took a lap around the floor to see if there were any other changes in the office and noticed that conference room had a new table and there was a new smaller meeting space in the office next door that used to be empty. We really seemed to be making improvements around here.
I walked back over to my cube to fire up my computer as some of the other employees were coming in. Nate and Harry were among these people.
"Aye Horan, looking sharp." Harry joked while looking me up and down while Nate whistled at me.
"You don't look awful yourself." I said back to him.
The two guys took a similar approach trying to look nice for the new employees coming in. Harry sat down at his desk across from me and groaned.
"I'm not sure how to feel about this whole responsibility thing happening here. I'm shocked Rhodes is letting us watch over people." he commented.
"I know. I really thought he hated our guts." I laughed.
The clock struck 9 and Rhodes came strolling in with a train of new faces behind him. I glanced up from my screen and the website I was working on to see the group but disregarded it and moved my eyes back to my work. He'd introduce us to them all when he was ready.
A few more minutes passed when I saw some movement in my peripherals. Our trainees were here. I looked up to Harry who was nervously typing and gave him a small smile. He was as scared out of his mind as I was. Two guys about the same ages as us put their things in their cubes and then walked over across the aisle.
"Hello, I'm Liam Payne, I'm the new web designer." the guy with the coiffed hair said holding out his hand.
"I'm Niall, looks like I'm your supervisor." I said shaking it. "Welcome to Wolfe."
Liam went on to shake Harry's hand as well.
"And I'm Louis Tomlinson, the print guy." the other one said doing the same thing to me and Harry.
"Welcome to our little team." Harry smiled and shook his hand. "Us four are supposed to be working together and Rhodes hopes that we'll me the most productive employees out there, so like no pressure or anything."
The two guys laughed and we talked a little while longer just introducing ourselves more and about where we came from and our education. Louis was 29 and Liam had just turned 28. They were both footy fans and went to the same college and had been friends ever since. Their old jobs just weren't cutting it for them so they both applied here on a crapshoot and both got jobs, it was what they had wanted since they graduated.
We all worked uninterrupted on our separate projects up with a few questions here and there. I was completely focused on another template redo for a wine website and was completely in the coding zone. It was just a stream of consciousness that wasn't going to stop until I was done with the site. I glanced up at Harry briefly and saw him staring over my shoulder and didn't think anything of it until I felt a light tap on my shoulder.
I looked up to see a new face completely confused.
"Hey, I was told I was supposed to report to you if I had any problems, you're Niall, right?" a decently tall, short haired brunette woman asked me.
I stood up and briefly studied her. Her eyes were a light green and she wore a high neck blue dress she looked incredibly uncomfortable in along with a pair of stiff heels.
"Yeah, I'm Niall, but I think you might be mistaken. I'm not supervising any women I don't think, I'm only waiting on a bunch of freelancers and some guy named Kaine." I explained to her.
"I think you're the mistaken one because I'm Kaine. Kaine Westbrook." she said shaking my hand.
"You're Kaine?" Harry asked interrupting us.
"Yeah, sorry my name is so deceiving." she said sarcastically. "Mr. Rhodes didn't tell you all?"
"No, he didn't. He doesn't really love talking to us. I'm Harry." he said standing up and shaking her hand.
"Well, Kaine, what did you need help with?" I asked her.
"My computer login is not working and I was wondering if I could get some help." she stated.
"Yeah no problem, can I just finish up these last couple lines quick?" I asked.
"Yeah sure, no prob."
As I wrote my last few lines Kaine was watching over my shoulder and chatting with Harry. She complained about how much her feet hurt and how much she hated the dress. I smiled and saved my work.
"Alright let's go."
She exited the cube and waved hello to Louis and Liam and looked back to make sure I was following her.
"So what did you go to school for?" she asked me.
"Computer science so I think that maybe, just maybe, I can fix the login. But you know that's some pretty hard stuff, like rocket science and shit." I teased at her.
"That's not something they taught us lowly communications majors how to do." she joked back.
We got to the reception desk and I walked around the back with her.
"Hello Helen how's it going? How's this new one here doing?" I asked.
"I'm well thank you Niall. Thank god I have Miss Kaine here, I would be going crazy without her." Helen commented.
I sat behind Kaine's computer and changed the database she was trying to login into to the correct one then had her log in. It accepted and she was on our server.
"All set then?" I asked.
"Yeah thank you." she said opening her emails up.
"Anything else you need, Kaine, don't be afraid to ask." I said.
"Thanks, and you can call me Kay, either works." she commented.
"All right, Kay. I'll see you at lunch then." I smiled.
I walked through the cubes back over to Harry and sat back at my desk. Louis was showing off some of his design skills by hand lettering script in his sketchbook when I looked back up.
"I was not expecting Kaine to be a girl, man." Harry said to me.
"Me either I was completely caught off guard. I was expecting some stalky young guy with a buzzcut fresh out of college who jumped at the first job he could secure." I laughed.
"Well she did just graduate from school last spring. So she's only a year out." Louis said. "She hung around with me and Liam in training so we got to know her alright."
"But a girl named Kaine, interesting." Harry commented.
"She said we could call her Kay." I shrugged and looked back down to my screen.
A couple more hours of work until lunch time and that was all I had my mind on, besides the code I was working at. The day seemed to be dragging despite all the new excitement in the office.

Wolfe House & Co. was on the rise and so were the spirits in the office. For once.



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I love these little moments they have. Can't wait for things to get heated ;)

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