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Passion - One Direction Sexual Imagines

Chapter Three

Chapter Three - Louis Con't

| LOUIS'S P.O.V. |

(Y/N) sat up, a blush heating up your cute face. She bit her lip softly.
"Hey Lou?"
"Yes (Y/N)?" I hummed.
"I wanna..." she stuttered, "I wanna...lose it."
"Lose... 'it'? What's 'it'?"
"...my virginity."

Her voice was low and quiet as a mouse, but I heard her words clearly. They rang and thumped my head.

"W-what...?" I questioned.
"Louis. I only knew how to do... that because I have dated one guy. But I didn't give him my innocence. I wanted to wait until it was...right." She squeaked.
"No Louis don't say it. Don't say you're not enough. You're perfectly enough."

I exhaled and bit the inside of my cheek as I thought.

"...what's wrong? Am I not enough?" She asked sadly.
"Wh-what? God no! God no, (Y/N)! I just... can't comprehend why you'd want me, that's all."
"Because Louis. You're the only guy who hasn't broken my heart. Lou, my father broke my heart before you even made me shed a tear of pain!"
"Baby. Are you serious about this though? Have you thought this through?"
"Louis," she hums, "if I wasn't certain I wouldn't of said it. You know me well enough."

I was lost for words.

"It'd be an honor to lose it to you, love. I just... really don't want you to regret it." I whispered.

She pulled me close to her and raked her hand up my chest, coming to caress my cheek.

"Lou. Please... let me be the one." She begged, biting her lip softly.
"O-okay. I'm just... nervous." I stutter, scratching the back of my neck.
"Me too." She whispered

She took a deep breath and laid down. I nervously got off my bed and opened my night drawer.

"Lou-" she interrupted, "remember my Depo shot that I get?"
"U-um yeah that shot you get?"
"Louis it stops my periods completely, unless I miss it. I have no eggs baby. So..."
"So...?" I continued.
"I can't get pregnant unless I have eggs- and I have none that are open. Which means you're able to...go raw."
"Are you sure? Is that even safe?"
"Louis. Have you knocked anyone recently?"
"Um fuck no, I'm a virgin..."
"The only issue I can think of would be STD's. As long as no hoes have been... around your cock," she mumbled; grabbing hold of my dick. "We should be safe."

I gasped as my sensitivity shot up; her hand slowly rubbing me. She knelt over the bed's edge to suck on my tip, licking up pre-cum.

"Mm... fuck (Y/N)..."

She carefully wet me down

"Just be careful. And Lou... I... I'm supposed to bleed afterwards..." she whispered, embarrassed.
"Hun, no need to be embarrassed. Are you 100% sure you're wanting this?"
"Yes Louis. I'm sure."
"Please baby tell me if you need me to stop, okay?"
"Alright! Please baby I need you..." She begs.

I laid her down and moved her up; taking a spot next to her. She spread her legs and hid her face. I pumped myself a few times and knelt down, licking her clit to make... this... easier.

I nervously rubbed my tip against her entrance- freezing to take notice of her.

"(Y/N). Please look at me," I whispered. She uncovered her eyes, blush all over her face. "I.. I love you. I'm giving you my virginity because I love you."

We went silent.

"You... do?" She whispered.
"Yes, (Y/N). I've been too nervous."
"Shhh," she shushes me.

I bit my lip and nodded my head. I aimed my cock along her entrance.

I slowly pushed in- immense pleasure kicked over me; but a small cry of pain took over her face.

"S-sorry!" I called, worryingly.
"Baby. Keep going. Just pause because I need to adjust."

I focused my mind to her beautiful body, slowly inserting myself deeper. I paused until she nodded. God, I was only a quarter in and I already felt myself nearing.

I continued, halfway in. I grunted deeply as she tightened around me.

"Louis please," she begged, clearly in pain.

I hid my actions of worry and continued to push. I slipped in fully, quicker than I intended. She hissed in pain, gasping for air.

"J-just give me a second." She hushed.

I leaned down and left kisses along her stomach, grabbing her hand in mine and massaging it lightly.

"Okay Lou; you can move."

I nodded and slowly thrusted.

"Oh fuck," I moaned.

She bit her lip as she cringed in agony. She made a motion to keep going.

I continued that pace, slow and even. I was already getting hot and anxious. Her face started to fall from pain to pleasure.

"Mm...Louis," she hummed. "Go a little faster baby."

I nodded and moved quicker, groaning in ecstasy.

"God (Y/N) you feel so good,"
"You're so big Lou," she moaned. "Faster baby,"

I moved at my top pace, my skin clapping against hers. We mumbled curse words under our breaths. I let out a loud, uncontrolled moan.

"F-fuck (Y/N) you're so tight I'm getting close!"
"Me, me too Louis- please baby fuck me!"

She moaned loudly and moved her hips in rhythm with me.

"Oh god baby girl like that-" I hissed.

I moved sloppily and felt myself nearing.

"L-Louis I'm gonna cum-"
"Cum for me baby!"

I fucked her roughly, using my empty hand to massage her clit. She covered her mouth, barely hiding her scream.

I felt her spill over my cock as I shot deeply.

"O-oh god," I hushed.

I pulled out and took a moment to look at her. Like she said, she started to bleed.

"Hold on, love," I rushed.

I peeked outside into the hallways, mother was nowhere to be seen. I ran to the loo and grabbed a towel. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror; red and sweaty. I shut the bedroom door behind me.

She lay on the bed, hot and panting. I walked over to her and cleaned her up, adding pressure to help with the pain she's feeling.

"Lou," she called.

I moved closer to her. She planted a passionate, endearing kiss against my lips. I melted into the kiss and felt myself dissipate.

"I love you too," she whispered.



As suggested, loves.



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Yessss do a part 2! Love this

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