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The One Direction Marriage Institute

Chapter 1 Intro

Dear Contestant,
Hey girls welcome to the One Direction Marriage Institute. Here you will compete against 14 other girls for the heart of one of the members of One Direction. There will be fun activities plus challenges for everyone to do, but there are also some rules you must follow in order to make it to the winners circle, after all there can only be 5 winners. If you break a rule you will be given a warning, after that if you break the rules again you must pack and leave immediately. Here are the rules. 1. No bullying others or staff. 2. No fighting with others or staff. 3. No back talking staff. 4. No stealing from others or staff. 5. No outside guests. 6. Everyone must be their bed at midnight. 7. Everyone must be up and completing their chores and getting ready for breakfast. 8. No sneaking off to the guys"s house. 9. No foul language. 10. No drugs or alcohol. 11. No weapons. 12. No leaving the building without permission. 13. You must compete in all the activities and challenges. Finally 14. No food or drinks in your rooms.
You will be staying for 5 months, and in those 5 months you must complete 5 phases. Each month on the 1st and the 10th you will be given a challenge to complete. If you complete the challenge you will move forward in your phase. Each phase has two parts a beginners part and a advance part. You must complete the challenges in both parts of the phase in order to move to a different phase. If you don't complete the challenge you will have to stay where your at until you complete the challenge. once you complete the challenge you will be able to move on to the next part or phase. If you fail the challenge three times in a row you will be eliminated and asked to pack and leave immediately. The phases are as follows. Phase 1, The Fan Phase. In this phase you will complete challenges that will prove how much of a fan you really are to the guys, because there are a lot of fake fans out there in the world who come off as fans. Phase 2, The Friend Phase. In this phase you will complete challenges to show how good of a friend you are to the guys. Phase 3, The Girlfriend Phase. In this phase you will complete challenges to show the guys how good of a girlfriend you would be. Phase 4, The Fiance Phase. In this phase you will be completing challenges that will show the guys just how good of a fiance you would be. Phase 5 the final phase is The Wife phase. In this phase you will be doing challenges that will prove to the guys what kind of wife you will be. At the end of the 5th month the ones who are in the final stage of phase 5 will be the winners. If there is more than 5 winners at the end, then we will let the guys choose who they want to be with, and the others will receive $500,00.
Each girl will have her own bedroom, and bathroom. There will also be a house manager that you must obey. She will be conducting the phases and challenges. There will also be kitchen staff that will cook every meal in the house. Once you reach the girlfriend phase you will be going on actual dates with the boys. After your date the boys will rate you on how well you did on the date. This will also be added to your score on your challenges during this phase. If for any reason that you are feeling homesick, sad, or even depressed you may request to speak with any of the guys in the private room. You will get visitation from family and friends on Fridays of every week. The visitations won't start until you have been here for two weeks. You will also get to call home at 8:00 p.m. every night, but you will only get 30 minutes. These calls will start the second night that you are here. You will also be rewarded for competing your challenges on the first try. Phase 1 you will be able to spend the day at the institute watching movies in the theatre in private with the boy of your choice, but you must be in the advance part of phase 1 for this reward. Phase 2 you will get to out to lunch with the guy of your choice, but you must be in the advance part of the phase for this reward. Phase 3 you will be able to to spend the day at the boys house, but you must be in the advance part of the phase. Phase 4 you will get to spend 1 night at the boys house, but you must be in the advance part of the phase. Phase 5 you will be rewarded with spending a week at the boys house, but you must be in the advance part of the phase. There will be a bus that will pick everyone up at the airport when you arrive. We are mailing out your tickets right now, so you should get them by March 25th. If not please call (123) 456-7890 and ask for Mandy, she will get everything straightened out. The date and time of your flight will be on the ticket. Everyone should arrive at the airport by 5:00 p.m. on March 30th. The competitions will begin on April 1st. Best of luck to you.
Tammy White (Administrator at One Direction Marriage Institute)
This is the letter i received today in the mail. A week ago I had signed up to enter into the One Direction Marriage for a chance to marry one of the members of One Direction. I entering for a chance to marry Harry Styles. He is my favorite, but don't get me wrong I love all the boys, but Harry just holds a special place in my heart. They are only taking 15 girls, and I guess I was chosen as one of the 15. To say that I'm excited is an understatement. Well I guess I should go pack my bags for the trip to New York. That is where the institute is located. Oh my bad before I go pack I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Sapphire Swan. I am 19 years old, and I love, love, love One Direction. They are my world. I currently live with my mom. She is really supportive of me with this contest, and is real happy for me. I will miss her so much when I leave for New York. I really don't have many friends, and I get bullied all the time, People are always calling me a nerd,don't they know that really hurts. Oh and I am also poor. My mom doesn't make much money at her job, and she doesn't work that many hours. I have tried to get a job myself, but in this town there isn't many jobs hiring. We barely make enough money to pay the bills each month. I hope that I will win this competition and be able to help my mom out. I'm not just doing this for me, but I'm doing it for her also. Well I guess I should go pack now, wish me luck



I like where the story is going so far. Good Job, can't wait for the next chapter!