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Chapter 8: Not A Good Night

Chapter 8: Not A Good Night (Harry’s P.O.V.)

The night was dragging on. I should have been asleep by now, but I could only lay on top of the covers; my eyes fixed to my phone screen. Why hadn’t she messaged me yet? It wasn’t like Taylor not to say good night. Even when she had a busy not when she was still in university, she would text me well before she fell asleep telling me that she wanted to tell me good night in case she passed out on her school books.

My mind wondered back to how she was acting in the recording studio earlier. She had been so distant. She hadn’t even wanted to talk to me and the tone that she used with “I’m fine” wasn’t.

I reached my head out, stopping myself before my hand could wrap around the small plastic device. What did I do? Was it even me? Taylor had been through so much in the last year, was there something else I didn’t know about her? I had hoped that the secrets were behind us once Louis and I had learned about that dick of asshole who thought he owned them. But then again, Ann had been the one to tell us, not Taylor.

I shook my head. That had been two months ago. All of that was behind us.

My bedroom door creaked open then as Louis’s voice sounded from the door. “Hey man, you still away?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “What’s up?”

“I thought I would tell you that Taylor was passed out when I dropped Ann off. I guess you were right.”

‘Or was I?’ I couldn’t help but think, before pushing the thought aside. “Good, she needs her rest.”

Louis could hear the blankness in my tone. “Is everything okay?”

I turned my head and gave him a smile, “Yeah, just tired.” I forced myself to yawn, before a really one escaped right after.

A small chuckle left Louis as he started to pull the door shut, “Okay, just checking. Night.”

“Night,” I responded before the latch clicked shut. I stretched out and tried to clear my head for sleep, but my eyes landed on my phone screen again.

So she really had gone to sleep without saying good night. My chest ached a little as I reached over and picked up the phone. I opened my messages and started typing in our messages.

Good night. I love you.

I stared at the message for a minute, before erasing it. I placed my phone back on the nightstand and turned away from it.




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