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Chapter 5: Hopeful Plans

Chapter 5: Hopeful Plans (Louis’s P.O.V.)

I’m not sure what is wrong, but something was. Harry was living in his mind for the rest of the recording session. His heart wasn’t in the vocals, but it wasn’t bad enough for Philip to notice. I was trying to focus on the happiness that Ann was experiencing right now. She had done so well no the board while the rest of us were on lunch that Philip had offered her an internship. She was acting like a child on Christmas morning.

Taylor was happy for her too, but she was in her mind just as bad as Harry. She would smile and laugh with Ann, but she would drift off again as soon as she was no longer included in the conversation.

By time we were done for the day, I couldn’t tell if the day had gone by fast or drug by at an unbearable speed. I did know that I was hungry again by time we left and I could hear Ann’s stomach growling next to me in the van.

“When do you start your internship?” Liam asked from the seat behind me.

“Monday,” Ann was trying to keep herself from bouncing up and down in the seat, but I could feel the tension in her hand. She was just too excited.

Before we knew it, the van was parked outside the girls’ new flat and Harry and I were escorting Ann and Taylor up the stairs. Abruptly, I stopped Ann on the stairs.

She turned and looked back at me in confusion, “What’s up?”

“Do you feel like going out?”

She raised her eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

I reached up and grabbed her hand, giving it a little squeeze. “What do you think about going out for dinner? We can celebrate your internship together.”

She squeezed my hand back with a smile on her face, “That sounds good.”

She turned and headed back up the stairs, dragging me up behind her. We found Harry and Taylor standing in front of the door, waiting on us. They stood on either side of the door; their eyes going between the top of the stairs and the floor. My unease came back as I could sense the awkwardness in the air. Taylor unlocked the door and went inside. Ann and I followed her, but Harry didn’t move.

“I’ll be out here when you are ready to go, Lou.”

I gave him a sad look before the door closed behind me. As soon as Taylor had walked into her room, I stopped Ann again. “Do you know what is up between though two?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “No. You have any ideas?”

I shook my head, thinking for a moment. There had to be something that we could do to figure out what was wrong between those two or maybe fix it.

“Would you be against making that a double date tonight?”

She tilted her head at me for a moment, before a small smile began to spread across her face. “Do you want to go ask Harry so he can ask Taylor?”

I returned her smile, “That’s what I was thinking.”

I gave her hand another squeeze before letting go and turning back toward the front door. I found Harry leaning against the doorframe with his eyes trained on his shoe laces.


My voice broke him from his trace as he turned his head to look at me. “Ready?”

He pushed himself off the wall with his hands in his pockets.

“Actually,” I started, “I was wondering if you and Taylor would like to join Ann and I on a date tonight. We were going to go grab something to eat to celebrate her internship.”

His gaze moved away from me as he was in deep thought. The trouble glistened in his eyes before he looked back at me and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t think so.”

My hopes died down, “Why not?”

He shrugged his shoulders again, “I think Taylor is still tired from yesterday. I figured she might want to rest.”

“Do you want me to go ask her?”

“No,” he shrugged again as he moved toward the steps. “Just let her rest.”

I stood there and watched his curly hair disappear as he descended the stairs. He didn’t even turn his head when he said, “I’ll be in the van when you are ready.”


And here is the Monday update for you guys! Should be able to go up to two updates in a few weeks! Thanks for reading and I love hearing from you guys.



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