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Beating Heart

t h i r t y f o u r - family.

//loyalty makes you family//

The common creak of the door being opened makes my heart skip over a beat. I clutch the thick blanket in my hand, making sure my face is hidden from my intruder. Heavy footsteps fill the room, sending billions of goosebumps to my pale, cold skin.

A heat source suddenly appears beside me, I can easily feel it through the cover. It's quite familiar to that night Harry visited me unexpectedly. I don't know if I'm prepared to see him, or well hear him.

A finger locked on the hem of the blanket and slowly began to peel it away from my tear stained face. I didn't use much force to stop it, there's no point in trying anymore. Everything I thought seems like a lie now that I've seen the truth.

The coldness of the room covered my face and I squeezed my eyes tighter, preventing any ability to see right now. A warm palm cupped the side of my face, the pad of a thumb slowly stroking my cheek bone.

One of the dusty floorboards squeaked, along with a small dip in the mattress. I shook it off and focused my full attention on the hand placed against my skin.

The clearing of someone's throat distracts me suddenly. I know it's Harry, who else would it be? The thing is, I don't want it to see him - I don't want to be near him. Yet, despite all my new hatred of his presence, I don't stop him nor do I try to escape.

"My love.." His deep voice speaks in a mumble, breaking the silence. My heart picks up its pace and violently begins to pound in my chest. "I've missed you so much." He adds, just as gentle as his previous words.

At first I thought he had disappeared because the room grew silent again, if it weren't for his hand on me I would have figured he was gone. I gulp gently, hoping he didn't hear me but it's entirely to quiet for him not to hear it.

"I understand.. if you're afraid.. or if you hate me." Harry spoke, his other hand carefully lies on the top of my head now, his fingers skillfully caressing my hair. "You don't know.. how bad I wanted to tell you.. But, it isn't an easy thing." He continues to talk to me, but I don't dare complain - his voice is soothing.

Slowly, I removed my hand from underneath the blanket. I inched it closer and closer to Harry's arm by the second, while still keeping my movements slow.

"Your cheek is as red as a tomato.. And your.. your neck has a few bruises on it." Harry states, for some reason I feel like that was meant for his ears only. I ignore my thought as my hand curls around his wrist. A nervous exhale left through my nose.

"I should've came to see you earlier.. This would have never happened." He sighed deeply, his fingertips rubbing over my ear as his thumb slowly slides across my cheek. The air is quiet again, only the sound of my unsteady breathing mixed with Harry's deep inhales are heard.

The ends of my fingers dig deep into his skin, he's like a fire - warm and full of comfort. I felt his presence get closer, the squeaky mattress helps me assume he had his elbows supporting his weight.

"Please say something." His raspy voice poured into my ears and I couldn't resist myself from biting the inside of my cheek, something about this man drives me insane and I don't even know what it is or why.

"Please." His plea was softly said, his thumb applying a bit of pressure now but it was nice. I swallowed the huge lump in my throat, mentally organizing my words. I licked my chapped lips a few times, preparing myself for this next step.

"I.. don't know.. what to say." I admit in a small voice, no amount of hardcore preparation could have prevented me from being nervous. "Anything is fine.. I just need to hear your voice, angel." Harry chuckled softly, creating a light smile on my lips.

"There's that pretty smile." He murmured while his hand went a little lower, his thumb playing near the corner of my mouth. "Julianne.." I took a deep breath as I heard him say my name - its been so long since his voice has spoken it. My heart fluttered and the butterflies in my stomach went wild.

"Can you open those beautiful eyes for me?" He asked so kindly, one of his fingers began to twirl a strand of my hair. I froze as his words sank in, I've never actually clearly seen him before. What's in store for me? I give him a small shake of my head, I can't do this.

What color are his eyes? I bet they're a light shade, nothing dark or deep.

"Please.. You've been wanting to see me.. I'm here now." Harry insisted, it seems like he wants this more than I do now. Is that a good thing? Does this mean no more darkness? No more secrets? No more hiding?

"Baby, please." The words left his mouth in a mutter and I felt my heart race as I realized he was talking to me. The pet names he's already called me still have me buzzing, and now this one will drive me up the walls.

Without any more hesitation, my eyelids give in to his plea and slowly open. The orange sunlight blaring through the window almost blinded me. I bolted my eyes shut for a few seconds, giving them time to revive after being close to death.

I flutter my eyelids open, adjusting to the lighting in the room. I come to my senses and look straight in front of me - a face so foreign to my eyes.


His eyes are green. My heart began to jump in my chest, he's the most beautiful person I've ever laid my eyes on.

His dark hair is long and curly, flowing freely and ending a few inches past his board shoulders. His eyebrows knit together as he stared at me, his eyes are so gorgeous.

Harry's skin is tanner than mine, and a lot warmer - the amount of warmth makes sense to me now. His lips are pink and the bottom one is plump and between his teeth. I saw the faint marks of dimples in his cheeks, but the major thing caught my eye.

Was this the reason he didn't want me to see him?

On the left side of his face, beginning a tiny space away from the middle of his ear - extending diagonally across his face, dodging the dimple in his cheek, and ending just below the corner of his mouth, a scar. A deep, heavily noticeable scar.

Just above his right eyebrow, there's a much more faint mark, not as deep and puncturing as the other.

Harry's heavy breathing filled my ears as he continued to stare at me, quite like I'm doing to him. "You haven't blinked." He lifts the right corner of his mouth, a half smile given to me as he displays one of his deep dimples.

"Do I frighten you?" His facial expressions fell to a more serious setting. His eyebrows deeply furrowed at me, his eyes were dead set on mine - searching for the answer to his words.

The question I need to ask myself is am I actually okay with everything?

Of course, I'm not very fond of the fact the person my heart longs for turned into a huge monster a few hours ago. Yet, even with knowing that he isn't normal nor nice at all, something is screaming at me - convincing me that there is no reason to be scared.

I blink a few times, refreshening my dry eyes. Harry's tongue peeks out from his mouth and swipes over first his bottom lip then the top one. "I.. I don't know." My voice is soft, making me appear a tad frightened - which I actually am..

His piercing orbs glisten in the early morning light. The room grows silent as I watch him change positions. His hand slides off my neck and falls onto the mattress, forcing me to release his wrist. My eyes follow to its new location, curious to know why he moves it.

My anxious heart is on the brink of exploding as I watch him turn his hand over and slide it underneath mine, his fingertips rubbing my palm as he lifts if off the cover.

"There's no reason to be afraid of me. I'd never hurt you, Julianne." His smooth voice spills into the quiet air, making blood flow to my cheeks - the way he says my name makes my spine tingle.

Harry's hand clutches mine tight while the other is still tangled, his fingers braiding and twisting into my hair. My eyes roam to meet his, I come to find that they are now softened, but still coated with worry.

"I'm glad I.. I don't have to hide.. It broke my heart.. to do that to you." Harry spoke, a small smile on his perfectly chiseled face. My heart jumped ahead of my mind, and within seconds I hear my voice reply to him.

"How long will you stay with me?" Not only was it a whisper, but it was a huge leap of courage. Harry let out a gentle chuckle, squeezing my hand tighter. He wets his lips quickly, a rather amused smile on his lips.

"As long as you want me to, angel." He gave me a feathery wink. I took in a huge breath, preparing myself for what I was about to say, and for the answer I receive.

"What.. what if I want.. you to stay.. forever?" I nervously question, green eyes still pouring over into mine. A faint layer of redness came over his cheeks - was it even possible to make this man blush? It must be, because I just did it.

"Then I'll stay forever, my love."



The evening flew in fast, it doesn't seem like it should be nearing five-thirty in the afternoon.

Gently, I close the door to as I step out of the bedroom. Whatver is cooking in the kitchen is putting off a marvellous smell, it would be a sin not to go investigate. Besides, Julianne has been asleep for a very long time, it didn't take her long to drift off.

"Well looky here!" Perrie smirks as I step into the kitchen. I give her a playful eyeroll before walking towards the stove, where Sophia is slaving away.

"Haven't seen you in a while, pumpkin. How are you?" She says as I appear by her side, peering down in the pots to see what she was preparing. "Pretty relaxed, for now at least. What are you fixing up?" I ask with an obviously large amount of curiosity.

She laughs a few times, "There are potatoes in the oven. Corn, rice, carrots, and macaroni and cheese on the stove top, and Niall's got steaks going on the grill." My stomach growls at the sound of those words, damn this makes me feel like I'm starving.

"When's the last time you at? You look like you're about to jump into the pots!" Perrie said as I back away from the food, I hope it won't be much longer until it's ready.

I pull out one of the bar stools and prop my elbows on the cold marble of the island. Perrie stands across from me, awaiting my answer.

"Fuck I don't know.. Probably about twelve hours ago. That deer was fucking dumb.. didn't even run from me." I shrug lightly, being with Julianne is the only thing I really am concerned about.

"Well get ready to eat tonight! We made enough for seconds." Sophia smiles over her shoulder before focusing on the food. "Shit, I'm starving." I mumble, slightly annoyed at myself for not hunting more earlier - but I have bugger priorities. Julianne.

"You need to start hunting more, or at least eatting more here." Perrie reminds me of the same ol' stuff they tell me. " 'm fine." I sigh as I look down at my hands - both of which were on Julianne minutes ago, I regret leaving my girl.

Her hair is so soft, I couldn't stop myself from letting my fingers twirl around in it. Her hand gripping my wrist, keeping my anchored beside her - gosh, she drives my heart insane. I could sit in there with her for the rest of my life. Forever. As long as she wants.

"How did she react to it?" Perrie's voice drags me from my thoughts. I look up to find her staring at my scar. A harsh gulp falls down my throat, I hate talking about it - but if Julianne ever questioned me about it, I wouldn't mind telling her.

"She.. She stared at it, but didn't say anything." I partially inform her on what happened. I could sense the fear in her body, especially when she opened my eyes and saw me clearly for the very first time.

"Will Julianne be joining us tonight?" Zayn's voice entered the room, following a round of footsteps. He walks past me and joins Perrie on the other side of the island. "I doubt it." I clear my throat, my voice was scratchy just then.

"How come?" Zayn furrowd his brows like he has no clue at all about what could happen. " 'm not risking anything." I tell them, I've deeply comtemplated this all day long and it's definitely a negative.

"Oh come on, Hazza! She done fine the last time!" Sophia comes close to whining, a stomp of her foot comes in addition. "Except for her outburst." Zayn says exactly what I was going to mention. "Which was Harry's fault." Perrie chimes in, I know exactly what they're trying to do - make me cave in.

They pulled this stunt the first time, when they wanted Julianne to have dinner with them. They told me they all wanted her to fit in and feel accepted and all that bullshit. I fell for it, only because I knew Julianne liked everyone, well all but one, and I wanted her to have a nice time.

"It's not entirely Julianne's safety that's bothering me." I correct their thoughts, taking them quite by surprise. Sophia steps beside Perrie and raises her eyebrows at me, they're all clearly intrigued by what I said.

"Afraid you'll must a nut." Zayn laughs at me, getting a giggle out of the girls at well. "No. Afraid I'll rip someone's head off." I clench my jaw at the thought of doing just what I feared. Liam is a part of my family, he's been here for me longer than anyone besides Gemma.

But with people like us, there's a line you don't dare cross. And I highly feel like he will, he's already on the edge of it.

Liam is part of my pack, my fucking family. I love him - but you don't cross that goddamn line.

I fight for what I love, and Julianne is what I fucking love - and if ripping off his fucking head is what will end the fight, then I'll do it.

Family or not.


So this is just the start :) as long as you guys want this story to continue of course. Let me know.

Also.. Feedback? Updates soon.


I love it

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super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

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Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

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Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

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Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

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