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Chapter 3

Louis rose immediately out of his slump to greet his father eye-to-eye. There was no embrace, casual salutations, or any such light hearted cheeriness on the Prince’s part. He recognized his superior and earnestly succumbed to rank.

With his head high, chin up, shoulders back, and belly sucked in, Louis nodded curtly towards his father and remained standing until the King had reached his own chair and comfortably took his seat. Louis wanted deeply to retain his formal manner and rigid posture, keep this ordeal completely business and squared off promptly; but something wasn’t quite right. Other than staring straight into stress lines and fatigue bags, like Louis expected as a result of an all-nighter, his father’s demeanor was positively…cheery.

In fact, the dopey expression the King kept throwing his way as he adjusted was actually somewhat unnerving.

It remained silent in the office as the servant on hand refilled the King’s coffee mug and sorted a tray of breakfast pastries and fruit. Louis already knew how rude it would have been to break the silence first and chose to wait to be addressed instead. However, he now wished more than anything he could just excuse himself and come back when it appeared his father wasn’t worked up on the high of sleep deprivation.

To his surprise the King happily thanked the servant profusely for the extra creamers he was brought and didn’t hesitate to relieve the man of any other tasks he had for the day.

“Great charisma in that man right there” his father spoke aloud, “been up since the wee hours with me, way past his normal work schedule, to be my office runner. Had a fresh pot on hand and letters to the post faster than I could blink I’ll tell you that.

Wonderful. Wonderful worker. “

The King sipped thoughtfully from his prepared mug, blinked once then added “We’re very blessed Louis.”

The whole situation had completely taken the prince off guard. These humbling statements he was hearing were a complete 180 from the urgent discussion he was waiting on. What was he even summoned here for?

“Yeah…. I mean yes. Yes I suppose so.”

“Everything tends to run just like clockwork these days. It’s just extraordinary. Our workers, our people, our family; why we’re all happy wouldn’t you say? And healthy as well, to boot. I couldn’t be prouder of the Arcadians, no prouder to be an Arcadian, and have the privilege to guard such an impressive country. Everything functions, everything falls smoothly into place. It’s bring me so much joy, I must say, to be able to pass this privilege on to my own flesh and blood. And much relief to bestow such an easy transition!”

Finally. Louis breathed in deeply. Here we go.

“Your mother and I rest so much easier watching you successfully adjust, son. It makes all the pressure we realize we throw on you seem way more innocent. Less guilt driven as the lessons have gotten ridiculously tough. We just…we want you to feel as prepared as possible, help you any amount we can, while we can.

The monarchy isn’t worried about the inauguration Lou, like I can’t help but guess you may think. We have no reason to be. All of the preparations these past few years have been outstanding. I probably don’t let this be said enough, but son, I wanted it to be known, that what I’m most proud of, is you.

You’ve shown so much growth; so much capability in every session we’ve handed out. It’s remarkable, it really is.”

The prince was now hunched over the edge of his seat with bated breath. His father paused heavily with the weight of his words.

“How much do you love your country Louis?”

“Um, what?”

“Arcadia, Lou. It’s imperative that I, the leader of this great land, have the assurance from my predecessor. That I, like my father before me, can willingly hand over my thrown without a hint of regret. The good of the nation needs the priority. That sacrifices, if and when they are necessary, are made without a hint of hesitation.

So I must ask you again son: how much do you love your country?”

Louis didn’t give the hesitation this second time. “With my entire heart, sir.”

“Are you prepared to put your people first, as is your responsibility?”


“And do you understand that such sacrifices may be made sooner than later, that life happens whether we are adjusted or not?”

“Yes, sir.”

His father gave him a reassured nod, very pleased with the response given. “Arcadia needs you Louis. Your people need a sacrifice. Now.”


You such a great writer! You have the talent keep up the good work :)

Beautiful_MOFO Beautiful_MOFO
Update I have to know what happens!! I love yor writing by the way it's brilliant
I love this and I hope you update again soon!
Thewayshefell Thewayshefell
@KerriMadison Thank you! Means a lot to hear [: When I began writing this I never really had a decided year to base it off of. There is no modern technology for any appliances, transportation, comfort, or entertainment, but the characters express a very "modern" attitude. I always just consider their setting as "parallel universe". I don't think it will ever coincide with an actual time era.
okaynicole okaynicole
Love it so far! I was just wondering what time it was set in?
KerriMadison KerriMadison